INTERCEPTED: Everytown’s Big Bucks Beg to Flip Texas

Anti-gunners are raising money in an effort to by elections. (Dave Workman photo)

U.S.A.-( As reported by AmmoLand News a few days ago, anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety—which he helped found with a $50 million cash infusion—is targeting Texas for takeover by gun prohibitionist politicians, and now the Everytown “Victory Fund” is begging for bucks via email to make it happen.

Ammoland has intercepted an email appeal message to possible donors that says this:

“Do you think gun safety is a winning issue in Texas? We do.

That’s why we’re focusing on winning Texas in a BIG way this election year. People doubted we could win elections and pass stronger gun laws in states like Nevada and Virginia, but with your help Everytown proved the doubters wrong by electing gun sense champions and passing meaningful gun safety laws.

“Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Victory Fund are spending $60 million to advance gun safety this election year across the country, up and down the ballot. And our effort to protect and expand our Gun Sense Majority in the U.S. House runs right through Texas. That’s why we will run digital and TV advertising and invest in growing our grassroots power in critical Texas congressional districts.

“If we’re going to secure big victories in Texas, we need your support. Fuel the Everytown Victory Fund’s fight to win big this election year in Texas and across the country.

“We’re working on flipping seven congressional districts to elect Gun Sense Candidates and protecting two of our Gun Sense Champions already in Congress — Reps. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and Colin Allred.

“We know voters overwhelmingly support stronger gun laws. We know we can reach voters directly online, on TV, in the mail, with a phone call or a knock on their door. And we know we can defeat the NRA and win in Texas.

“Our campaign — Gun Sense Majority: Texas — is ready to win this year. Are you? Donate today to make sure gun safety wins at the ballot box in 2020 across the country.

“Thank you for being with us,

“Chris Carr

“Everytown Victory Fund”

As noted by Alan Gottlieb at the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms earlier in the week, former New York City mayor and now Democrat presidential candidate Bloomberg is essentially attempting a “leveraged buyout” of the Second Amendment.

Many in the grassroots gun rights movement might say a more accurate description would be a “hostile takeover” of the Bill of Rights.

As reported earlier, Bloomberg has had a rough week in politics, seeing Everytown’s effort to secure a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in Virginia come up short, followed by a failure by anti-gun-rights Washington State lawmakers to pass a ban on so-called “high capacity magazines” and a restrictive concealed carry training requirement fail.

But now Washington State Democrat lawmakers are trying a last-minute resurrection of the ban with the introduction of House Bill 2947, a “Hail Mary” attempt to make their gun restriction a reality.

The new legislation, according to an alert from the National Rifle Association, “bans the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of magazines that hold more than fifteen rounds of ammunition. It appropriates funds for the State Patrol to conduct a “buy-back.” Those who own non-compliant magazines prior to the ban are only allowed to possess them on their own property and in other limited instances such as at licensed shooting ranges or while hunting. Restricted magazines have to be transported unloaded and locked separately from firearms and stored at home locked, making them unavailable for self-defense.”

This bill is sponsored by eight Democrats, five of whom have taken modest contributions from either the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility and in two cases, the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, according to Public Disclosure Commission records viewed online by Ammoland. The Alliance has posted a glowing message of support on its website.

Back in Texas, anti-gunners seem convinced that with enough money they can slap Everytown’s brand on enough ballots to turn everything south of the Red River bright blue in November.


Bad Week for Bloomberg in VA, WA and NV as Trump Wins Dem Debate

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books #add on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Its not gun safety, what they want is tyrant safety. Once the firearms are taken away tyrants can run rampant


Even tyrants aren’t safe in the country they create, someone else will boot them out without notice.


I dont have sufficient respect for politicians leadership ability, to-day. I used too, but they took it away. I expect most gun owners,whether it be grampas old dble barrel 10 ga. or the 22 they got for a 13th. birthday. Then maybe its more modern in the form of those dreaded black guns, Those gun owners,and I WILL NOT COMPLY with anti gun laws. I come to a conclusion that anti-gun politicians should be banned from public office…….for life.


I am a proud member of GOA!

Wild Bill

@hippy, Me too, but I am embarrassed to say that I am a Patron Life Member of NRA. I wonder which of LaPew’s suits that I paid for.


You overlook all the good they have done and still do. Shame on you.

Wild Bill

@J, WLP realized, long ago, that he could collect more donations, have a greater income, and nicer life, if he always had am opponent. For the river of money that has been sent to the NRA, all of our opponents and the very notion of unconstitutional “gun” control could have been completely extinguished.
Instead, WLP has kept our opponents alive, and turned the NRA into his personal cash cow.
Oh, and I have done far more shameful things than any little missive written here.


All the good, if you want to call it good I don’t, is trying to take credit after GOA, etc. has done the work.

Wild Bill

@DW, Member of both, and JPFO, TSRA, and CRPA! You are a busy guy!


@WB; I am NOT embarrassed to say that I am a Benefactor Life member. I AM embarrassed to say that ‘Lil’ Wayne is still sitting on his throne of lies. He and his minions are the problem – not the NRA! The NRA is an organization that’s supposed to be doing nothing but good work supporting the 2nd. It has been hijacked and there are good people trying to straighten this mess out. If the USA gets hijacked by Bloomberg or one of his ilk will you say you’re embarrassed to be an American? I don’t think so. You’d try… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TLS, Message acknowledged.


@TLS Agree with you wholeheartedly. As I’ve said in the past, the NRA gets nothing from me again until they clean house. I paid for my Life Membership in ’76 and it wasn’t long until I realized they were failing. Even then I kept working my way up the ladder to become a Benefactor, thinking it might help. WRONG!


I have in the last 3 weeks gotten letters from WP to get a life membership at a lower price, I’m not going to pay for a new suit for him, still a member but leaving a way out on my own terms!!!!!!!!!


DITTO’s for years I have been also, NRA too just because the LEFT thinks they are the power of the D.C. whores.NO organization is the POWER broker for we the PEOPLE.IF there were NO Pro Gun advocates, our rifles will speak for us.


Don’t let this discussion devolve onto a “throw NRA overboard” Tea Party. This is about an attack on our liberty through the 2nd Amendment. They focus on certain States bcuz they’ve been infiltrating them for years with sheep who’d rather be protected than have the capability to defend themselves. The key to defeating them is at the ballot box which means getting the word out to all those folks who will otherwise sit out the election and allow these communists to win. Everybody knows the consequences of them winning and it ain’t pretty. Because they’ll be taking my guns one… Read more »


Charlton Heston said it best “From My Cold DEAD Hand”. In Texas, gun control means hit what you are aiming at.

Maj Elmore
Army of the Republic of TEXAS


It’s fast approaching the BULLET BOX.


Apathy, is a big problem in this country, and that is what the left is totally counting on. I call apathy, “laziness” with the intent to do nothing because someone else will do it for me if I just sit here on my hands, then when everything goes south I can say; “I didn’t do it.” Those who sit elections out will pay far more than their limited understanding of consequences will allow them to see.


It never ceases to amaze me just how easy someone fleeing from one country and or state because of its policies, can turn around and set up camp under those same failed policies but actively work to enforce them. Europe is still going through this with those immigrants hailing from the Middle East who not only set up shop under Sharia Law, but then demand, and get, protections by the host country. This is not immigration, it’s not even assimilation, but is in fact the beginnings of a hostile takeover only now they are in charge. And therein lies the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@StW, Water head immigrants! That is funny!


Flipping the Texas State Legislature isn’t the same thing as flipping “TEXANS”.

Remember Gonzales October 2,1835
“Come And Take It”


FEAR OF WHAT IS RIGHT! What are you afraid of? I will tell what I fear, the erosion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Without Due Process in which the foundations of this country have existed upon for over two centuries. The re-interpretation, and the re-defining of these original documents is a perverted insult to the legal citizens of the United States. Many U.S. Families, including mine, since the inception of these documents have shed their blood to protect these foundations, and continue to do so in the present day. Our forefathers did not arm the American people… Read more »


People in every state should be asking the politicians why they are protecting the criminal element from these laws? Anyone with any “common sense” would know the criminal element will not obey any law the left can think up.
Simply because the criminal knows the left is on their side.


I never like Democratic policies,now I hate Democrats(really a misnomer) they are COMMUNISTS.
Every law they pass is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and is not to be OBEYED even to the point of a war.
The Feds cannot pr-empt the 2A, and neither can the states,they are cruising for a Revolution,a lot faster that they know.Their Top dogs will be the first ones to go.


No Chris, We don’t support it or you COMMUNIST pigs. Bloomturd’s $$ is not buying Texas voters(some political whores? sure, there’s always a few whores around). BETO being the Madam,(and look what happened to that turd!) We do not have CRIME problems in Texas we have COMMUNIST problems in Texas. So get your asses OUT of Texas before you get thrown out or worse. Texas Patriots and gun owners do not take to YANKEE JEW PRICKS trying to screw with our POLITICS. You can see how well Bloomturd is doing with his winning personality and wit in the Dem debates,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Dos, While I admire your enthusiasm, I am sure that you are aware of the flood of liberals coming from ruined states like CA, Mass, Conn. NJ etc to Texas. They are bringing their liberal notions with them. We can not keep them out, but we can solidify our state constitution and laws before the libtards have time to act. I hope.


WB This is so true, it has taken longer in Pa for this mind set, but lately it is taking a hold that they are moving into the state, because their travel time to NY, and NJ is easy to live with! They destroyed some of the local economies by saying that they wanted Full Time Fire Dept’s, Curbing, Public Street Lights, Sewage, and the list goes on, the local economy has suffered that the locals can’t think about living there any more, where jobs are not pushing the wages to match those in NY or NJ, and the mid-set… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV, Less payroll cost is more for WLP.

Wild Bill

@OV, That is most certainly true! Where can I get some of those? I should not complain because there are only two more working days until Monday.

Ansel Hazen

Here’s a little help to get the message across. Print and mail as many as you can.


Where can we print them?


He Has Already made Progress in Florida…….. PATRIOTS IN FLORIDA WAKE UP! Bloomberg has already bought our Republican Senate President Bill Galvano. Bloomberg is using him to destroy the Florida Republican Party! Look at the amount of Money Bloomberg gave to Galvano’s pac To write SB-7028. Dates and Details: 10/26/18 Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund P. O. Box 4184 New York NY 10163 political org. 300,000.00 09/04/18 Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund P. O. Box 4184 New York NY 10163 political org. 200,000.00 This Radio station is right in galvanoes Home District Call The Morning Road Show with… Read more »


Looks like if it’s a war they want a war they will get they must not think they will be the first to go Traitors will be the first to be exterminated
You don’t touch the Constitution any of it
Bloomberg will die with his money stuffed up his ass

Wild Bill

@OV, Epstein. His island was one of smaller islands in the Virgin Islands. It was purchased from Denmark by the US, and is under US jurisdiction.


Sadly they are still shooting themselves, I got a BEGGING MAILER as thick as a People magazine yesterday that got thrown in the trash before I even opened it.FULL COLOR,cost at least $0.50 to print and send.
Every mailer like that they send costs 20+ million dollars or more and they get back a THIRD less in donations.

jack mac

TSRA should be pushing for Texas becoming a 2nd Amendment sanctuary. Do you know of organizations in Texas promoting this?

Wild Bill

@jm, My county sheriff just declared my county a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Maybe, county by county, we’ll get er done!


Bill, we evidently are both Texans,glad to know you are also.Native born here.

Wild Bill

@Dos, The army kept sending me to the garden spots of the world, but I got here as soon as I could.


There are 35+ counties already declared 2A Sanctuary Counties, and Collin is a 2A CONSTITUTIONAL county.They wanted no part in the name SANCTUARY due to it’s origin(illegals and Cali).
It’s the sixth largest county in the state the fastest growing, and has over a million people in it.
Problem is we are being Cali fornicated and the damned Western Californian liberals sick of the shit hole they left, will try and change US into another turd bowl like they left,why they do this s beyond me.

Arizona Don

If what happened in Virginia when so called democrats were elected Texas should want no part of that. However, Texas is not the most gun friendly state in the US. Perhaps that is why these so called democrats are making their move in Texas. If Texas were the most gun friendly state I doubt they would make such a move. To the best of my knowledge Texas does not even have constitutional carry yet. It makes no difference what anyone tells you any state requiring a special permit to carry concealed is promoting gun registration. Furthermore, anyone who thinks the… Read more »


These days I’m distrustful of any legislation the current NRA leadership, i.e. Wayne LaPierre, is backing. “Centralized Control” is, and always has been, incompatible with individual freedoms.

“The goal here is simply to have one centralized list of gun-owning permit holders. All the better for thieves to target them. Or efficiently suspend their permits. Or even — again turning to New Zealand — use the database to confiscate firearms after banning them.”


ALICE HAS retired we have a NEW Legislative Director.I have spoken to him already, and told him where this thing is going if we do not get off our collective asses.He agreed.


Stick to predicting lottery numbers; you will have better luck.


Good old Cluck the Schmuck!

Wild Bill

@Clark, Back to the negative waves. Must be the hangover. Stick to MD2020 and you will have better luck … punctuating.