West Virginia Knife Law Preemption Bill Passed Senate

West Virginia Knife Law Preemption Bill Passed Senate

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- West Virginia SB 96 that would expand the state’s firearms preemption statute to include “deadly weapons,” including knives, was passed by the Senate with an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 30-2. It has been sent to the House.

Thanks to everyone who uses Knife Rights’ Legislative Action Center to email Senators in support of this bill.

Knife Rights will let you know when it is time to contact the legislature on this bill.

Preemption prevents enforcement of existing local knife ordinances and prohibits new ordinances, more restrictive than state law which only serves to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state.

Knife Rights passed the nation’s first Knife Law Preemption bill in Arizona in 2010 and has since passed preemption bills in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

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Knife Rights (www.KnifeRights.org) is America’s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization, working towards a Sharper Future for all knife owners. Knife Rights is dedicated to providing knife owners an effective voice in public policy. Become a Knife Rights member and make a contribution to support the fight for your knife rights. Visit www.kniferights.org

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Let them take my gun, my knife, my pepper spray, my bat or my whatever, and I’ll rub Tabasco Sauce in their eyes! Point being: they are trying to regulate life and that ain’t going to happen because it can’t.


Ain’t getting my pig sticker either


“There are no illegal pocket knives in Arizona. Basically, you can own any type of blade you want and carry it concealed or in the open without worry. There are no municipal laws so you won’t have to worry about cops the next town over harassing you for something that is legal in your hometown.” https://knifeup.com/arizona-knife-laws/ Section 1. Title 13, chapter 31, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 13-3120, to read: 13-3120. Knives regulated by state; state preemption; definitions A. “A political subdivision of this state shall not enact any ordinance, rule or tax relating to the transportation,… Read more »


This is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL and protected by the 2A!!!.
Why don’t some Atty s that know the Laws SCOTUS has ruled on come to the aid of this BS?.


Michigan allows pretty much any thing short of dual edged knives, dirks and daggers (cutting knives OK, poking knives a no-no). HOWEVER, vagueness in the written law about “Intent” makes it a very bad idea to use a cutting implement for self defense. DGU can be seen in the courts as reasonable and civilized, cutting your attacker makes you a wannabe Viking Berserker with a blood lust. I do carry a small pocket knife most all the time, it is not suitable for, and will never be used for self defense.


I live in Michigan, also. And I carry, shall we say, more than one knife, at all times. Plus my firearm, which is for self defense. My knives are intended for more mundane things. But I guarantee that if ever needed, I would most certainly use a knife for defense, whether to keep from losing my gun, or because I could not get my gun out.
I generally avoid carrying a non folding knife, such as a Mora Knife, which I love, and have a few.


It’s illegal for ANY STATE to BAN any edged weapon that can be and/or has been used in military use.They are ALL covered under the 2A.