NRA Annual Meeting Cancelled: COVID-19 Fears


NRA Annual Meeting Cancelled: COVID-19 Fears
NRA Annual Meeting Cancelled: COVID-19 Fears

Fairfax, VA – -( Important Update: NRA Annual Meeting Cancellation

With our 149th Annual Meeting scheduled for next month in Nashville, we realize many NRA members and meeting guests have questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential impact on our convention.

We have been closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Tennessee Department of Health. In fact, earlier today, a state of emergency was declared in Tennessee.

Therefore, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, planned for April 16 – 19 in Nashville.

This applies to all events and scheduled programs, including the NRA-ILA Forum. We sincerely regret the need for this action, particularly for our many loyal members who join us for this annual celebration of the NRA and our constitutional freedoms. Details regarding a rescheduled NRA Members’ Meeting will be forthcoming.

Under the direction of NRA President Carolyn Meadows, the NRA Board of Directors is working with the Office of the Secretary in relation to board elections, meetings, and the like.

Please know that we did not reach this decision lightly. We were ultimately guided by our responsibility to help ensure the safety and well-being of our NRA members, guests, and the surrounding community.

Please coordinate directly with any hotels, airlines or others who have assisted with your travel arrangements. Most companies have announced plans to accommodate travelers dealing with event cancellations.

Please visit for additional news and information regarding NRA activities. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.



While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world.  Visit:

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A miracle from hell (aka China) saved LaPierre from the embarrassing press interviews about low convention turnout and plunging membership numbers. It is as clear as ever that Wayne has no interest in saving the NRA by resigning along with his lackey board members. He’d rather stay until the organization is dead and he floats down with his golden parachute.

Green Mtn. Boy

Wayne La Pew Pew saved by the beer virus.

Ej harbet

Wu flu! Lest we forget where it came from


Authorities in N.Y. and D.C. are busy making arrangements to secure a facility for future NRA BOD meetings.

Ej harbet

Nope,they arent! Would you remove a knife from your worst enemys back???
The nra is right where government wants it,crippled


LaPierre is thanking God for the Corona virus and continuing to bilk NRA members out of their dues for another year.

Watch um

If you don’t have something positive to say, keep your comments to yourself. And that applies double if you are not a NRA m member.


Shooter one, please observe the above behavior. This is WHY this issue cannot be discussed in a civil way. Because Wayne LaTrine’s “followers” (cult of personality) will not allow such. It’s either their way, or the highway. Unfortunately for these misguided ones, they prefer to ride this sinking ship all the way to the bottom.
Once ones have chosen suicide, it is largely a futile task to attempt to talk them out of it. Remember, a civil conversation requires TWO civil participants. One just won’t cut the mustard!


Corona Virus won’t infect Wayne out of professional courtesy.


At least with a cancellation no Officer has to answer any questions about why LaPierre is still employed.


Sadly, most of the comments here about LaPierre are right on and also sadly it can’t be discussed civilly. As gun owners and sportsmen we all need to band together and fight this monster of gun control, confiscation minded people. How do we educate these people that think a gun has the ability to shoot without some uneducated person pulling the trigger? If we don’t stop it there is going to be another “civil war” and we don’t want that. It has to stop before it reaches that point. I believe all gun owners need to be ready. Arm up,… Read more »

jack mac

All citizens willing to defend our rights and lives need to be ready to be attacked. This includes those willing citizens not yet “gun owners” and those free citizens already denied the right. We are at a disadvantage having a government with the power to deny rights to individual free citizens.


About winning their hears and minds… They don’t want to hear that. You cannot change a position (statement) and you cannot fix stupid.

Ej harbet

Nogotiating rights away,the Corona virus infecting the 2nd amendment.


Ok, let’s fix the headline. Not out of “fear” but taking “a precaution”. There is a big difference.


True dat!

Watch um

Thank you sir for your civil comment.

Watch um

I joined and get more junk mail from the GOA than the NRA.


You noticed that too? It just isn’t in a troll to ever follow their own advice. They think others are for listening, THEY only rattle off whatever drivvel occurs to them next. It must be a reallll big empty inside of their heads huh? 🙂


Probably just the same old puppeteer with a new sock puppet…


If you watch the writing style it becomes possible to figure out the various puppeteers. Certain ones like the same words, and combinations of words, throughout their various puppets. When a new puppet likes the same phrases as one of the old ones did, you’ll have your answer.