The Clarys Review the GPS Double Pistol Range Bag


GPS-Double Pistol Range Bag 01
The GPS Double Pistol Range Bag is available in several colors and patterns, including Pryme 1  Blackout Camo.

USA – -( The GPS Double Pistol Range Bag makes going to the range to burn some powder and punch a few holes in paper targets easy and efficient.  It has two padded internal pockets large enough to store large frame handguns, with their optics and rail attachments attached.  And, if necessary, you can drop a third handgun in the middle, between the pockets. Or, you can add in several boxes of additional ammunition.  The zippered top uses YKK brand zippers and is lockable for transport. Note the orange and black “pulls” on each zipper for ease of use.

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GPS Range Bag Open 02
The GPS Range Bag holds multiple handguns, magazines and boxes of ammunition.

The front side holds seven full-size magazines with a flap that protects them from weather or accidental removal.  MOLLE webbing on the flap for additional accessories if desired.

The shooting glasses case hanging off to the side has a hard side to prevent crushing.  On the backside of the case is a pouch for earplugs. Both the case and pouch have the patented Visual I.D. Icons.  And the case is removable if desired.

GPS Range Bag Front 03
The GPS Range Bag accommodates seven magazines.

The backside features two zippered pockets for shooting accessories or extra ammunition.

GPS Range Bag Back 04
The GPS Range Bag is a handy, affordable piece of gear.

This bag is also perfect for storing your concealed carry in the truck.  Depending where you shop, you can pick up this bag for as little as $33,   That is a real bargain, given its quality and versatility.


Jim and Mary Clary
Jim and Mary Clary

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over six hundred published articles (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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Great looking bag. Does anyone have an idea of where to GET it?

Jim, please add a link or two for that specific bag or model number.

Reviews should at least have that info, otherwise, they are useless except for clicks, which shows a lack of respect for the readers and the site on the reviewer’s part. I see this review is posted on other sites as well, verbatim. Ammoland needs to have some level of minimum content for reviewers.


I’ve always wanted a “range bad”. I just didn’t know they were a thing… 🙂