China Threatens Free Constitutional Republic: Attack to our Nation from Without

China Threatens Free Constitutional Republic: Attack to our Nation from Without, iStock-1202233296
China Threatens Free Constitutional Republic: Attack to our Nation from Without, iStock-1202233296

U.S.A.-( “Much of the debate about China’s rise in recent years has focused on the potential dangers China could pose as an eventual peer competitor to the United States bent on challenging the existing international order. But another issue is far more pressing. For at least the next decade, while China remains relatively weak compared to the United States, there is a real danger that Beijing and Washington will find themselves in a crisis that could quickly escalate to military conflict. Unlike a long-term great-power strategic rivalry that might or might not develop down the road, the danger of a crisis involving the two nuclear-armed countries is a tangible, near-term concern—and the events of the past few years suggest the risk might be increasing.” Introduction to article, titled, “China’s Real and Present Danger: Now Is the Time for Washington to Worry,” appearing in Foreign Affairs, September/October 2013, (seven-plus years before the deadly Chinese Coronovirus outbreak)

Xi Jinping, the current Premier of the autocratic Communist Chinese Government, headquartered in Beijing, intends for China to supplant the United States as the preeminent world economic and military power. This isn’t mere wild speculation. It’s ice-cold fact. Evidence of this fact is legion: in academic treatises, in textbooks, in periodicals, in news accounts; and in a multitude of commentary and analysis on the internet.

The virulent Chinese Coronavirus arose outside the United States, in the Wuhan Province of China. That, too, isn’t mere speculation. It’s ice cold fact. No one can legitimately deny this; not that Premier Xi’s Government hasn’t tried, claiming that the Chinese Coronavirus originated in the U.S. The British newspaper, The Guardian, reports Chinese propagandists for the Chinese “news” paper, the “People’s Daily,” ridiculously claiming that:

“‘The US has finally acknowledged that among those who had died of the influenza previously were cases of the coronavirus. The true source of the virus was the US!’ one commentator said. ‘The US owes the world, especially China, an apology,’ another said. “American coronavirus,” one wrote.

China also ludicrously asserts that American soldiers brought the virus to China. Yet, even The New York Times that reported China’s claim, pointed to the utter absurdity of it.

Try as Premier Xi might to offload responsibility for the viral plague on to the United States, the Chinese Coronavirus must be placed squarely at the feet of China. That fact is clear and inescapable.

But two matters aren’t clear: first, how the Chinese Coronavirus happened to manifest and propagate itself in China; and, second, how the Chinese Coronavirus happened to propagate and to disseminate rapidly across the world. Was the origin of the virus and its massive spread to the rest of the world due to accident? reckless disregard? Negligence? Diabolical design on the part of China’s autocratic Government?

Whether or to what extent the unleashing of the viral pandemic on America and the world was due to naivety, or to indifference, or to reckless disregard, or to gross or ordinary negligence, or to outright cold, calculating, malevolent design on the part of the autocratic Communist regime of Xi Jinping, one matter is indisputable and irrefutable: Premier Xi’s Communist regime bears initial and ultimate responsibility for the horror unleashed here, at home, and around the world, and specifically, for the Government’s failure to timely warn the U.S. and the rest of the world of the new anomalous virus that can lead to deadly pneumonia in its victims.

Why do we accuse Premier Xi and the Government of China?

We do so because of what we do know, as events unfolded. In the next segment, the Arbalest Quarrel lays out the evidence for rightfully placing singular blame for the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic on Premier Xi and upon his ruthless Autocratic Communist Regime.

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It’s no coincidence that the Chinese Virus emerged in Wuhan, the site of a level IV biological warfare lab. If this scourge was due to bats, it would have shown up long ago. This is an attack on the world in an attempt to unbalance their enemies and change the status quo.


The mom and pop shops that we’ve strangled out into extinction now appears to be not-so wise. Shipping our jobs over seas has weakened us and made us more susceptible to pandemics. Do we really know how long a virus can live on products coming from foreign shores? How long do we have to wait for things we needed like yesterday.
Just one person sick in a giant warehouse handling packages and sending them to your house. Makes you think about it.

Some guy

China attacked us with a bioweapon, period. And the whole time their allies the democrats have defended them. Time to take action!


covid-19 is all about politics, brought about by the democrats. They (the democrats), along with the MSM, lay the ground rules. Trump has to play by those rules – it’s his way of giving the stupid bastards enough rope.

We bankrupt and jobless civilians are the price that must be paid. But why not? 50 years of voter apathy has allowed the stupid democrat bastards to proliferate to this point – who else can we blame?


Watch this documentary for where the virus originated. We should cancel all debt held by China and seize all Chinese owned property in the US as compensation, then sue them for any outstanding balance.


If the Wuflu was deliberately unleashed we should decapitate the CCP in addition to the steps you list.

Wild Bill

@Q, Just stop letting our CEO’s exporting jobs to China, and the Chinese would go back to being a poor nation. Richard Millhouse Nixon opened up Communist China because he thought that the Communists would get rich, fat, and sloppy, like us.
Instead, the Communists put every wan of profit into their war machine and intelligence apparatus.
We created the monster, slowly. We have to get out of this slowly and quietly.


Its up to U.S. “We the People” to bankrupt China.


The reason Nixon went to China was to break up the Russia/China alliance, which he did. Clinton going on his Pacific Rim trip was to pick up all the political donations he had to legally give back because they were from foreign nations. It was Clinton who got China a favored nation status to get them going. The rest is history and here we are today.


Sometimes when the narrative doesn’t fit the facts one has to smell a democrat. The far left has been trying to get at President Trump from day one. Each attempt has been proven to be a sham and then they try again. My question is how low will they go and who will they sacrifice to get there? One of the major highlights was the economy, what better way to make that go away by creating a national crisis with no regard to the American people? So it’s apparent that the left hasn’t reached bottom yet, but they’re running out… Read more »


I’ve been saying the Dems had a hand in this since this started. Schiff hasn’t come up after impeach was over, he is one made up phone call(whistle blower), till now he comes to light again. I believe he’s back from having a hand in get pandemic started. When is Pres. Trump going to start making Dems pay up for we the people in their trianny.


China has just proved that it no longer has to build up, or rely on, its military. It can bring the entire world to its knees with just a little biological warfare.
Next they’ll prove that they can make you love them for doing it.


Those in the bio-feedback trade have been seeing covid-19 for about two years now.

It wouldn’t be the first time our government lied to us, would it?

Some guy

Go spout your CCP/DNC treason somewhere else you piece of traitorous garbage.


Really you have all the facts ? I would not put it past some nefarious characters in our Govt. as we have seen in the past. Anthrax scare ,MK Ultra, etc. What happened to the Bidens corruption ? Seemed to drop from the news. There could be many scenarios to what happened. I would say keep a open mind & study the evidence IF it’s ever presented to us. Ft Dietreck does not have a good track record friend. And now they want MANDATORY vaccines.

Dave in Fairfax

OV, If chips ever really are put in, think hard about running a super magnet over the area that they’re implanted. You can kill almost any electronics with a good magnet. Think about what happens if your cell phone is next to your credit cards and it rings. Take a cheap flash drive and run a kitchen fridge magnet over it and see if it works ever again.


ChiComs studied and realized anything was possible. (D) party set the template in motion using unheard of outrageous schemes and scams to harm the elected president and country. Russian hoax, domestic FISC approved spying,lies, fabricated evidence, destruction of the Supreme Court nomination, turning theft and corruption of the Obama/Biden era into Impeachment crimes against the President for discovering it and being concerned. Democrats do seemed aligned with Chines Communist if it assists in bringing down the Trump Presidency. A major enemy lurks in the halls of D.C. Globalist selling out the USA complicit also in aiding China.

Deplorable Bill

Wars have begun over much less loss of life. Having a modest understanding of level 4 bio weapons labs and how strict protocols are about safety, you will have a difficult time convincing me this outbreak is/was an accident. There’s more. Remember a couple years back when a border patrolman intercepted a humongous shipment of fentanyl in dust form that was large enough to kill every living soul in the U.S.A.? I submit to you that was to be used as a weapon and not for general druggie use. It was just too big, too much to be used for… Read more »


My jaw drops at articles like these. Apparently people aren’t very interested in reading articles about science, just articles about how people *feel* about science. If an alien invasion threatened to wipe out the human race, I am confident we would get busy arguing about whether it was the Dems or the Pubs to blame, or maybe a foreign government. Pandemics are not new, respiratory diseases are not new, and government has little to nothing to do with them. Thinking that government had the power to stop or contain this and failed because reasons x and y is simply desire… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

N95 masks – Now that the CDC is giving out a 45 min “How to Make a Mask” plan, I figure I’d better give you a better one. This is the distilled how-to that I was e-mailing out. You’ll end up with a mask that actually protects YOU. CDC’s masks are simple spit hoods. Get a PURPLE Filtrete filter from Walmart (furnace filter) and take it apart, you will have a HUGE amount of the white filter material from the inside. A single layer, flattened out, inside your mask turns it into a real mask with near N95 capability. You… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

gcm, Da nada. I hate to see the gov handing out misinformation, especially when doing it right is nearly as easy. Just make sure you use the right filters, the purple pack ones filter virii. Like I said, it’s good works, something i kinda believe in. Have a good Easter or Passover, as the case may be.

Ej harbet

We recently sent a warning using 3 ohio class subs loaded with enough firepower to erase china! The warning was not heeded!

Dave in Fairfax

GUYS, Lay off CFG, she was right about it not being spelled properly in the article, I fixed it. You just didn’t see the incorrect spelling, she did. It was originally spelled Coronovirus rather than coronavirus. She was emphasizing the incorrect letter.


Must not be an American virus, if we can’t spell it right. See there the last letter was ‘sposed to be capitalized. Most America words don’t end that way. Good thing ConfusedForeignGirl pointed that out.


It’s getting scary out here folks. Do y’all remember TWO YEARS AGO when we had such a really bad flu year that we shut down the whole country? Well of course you don’t. Unless you were unfortunate enough to lose someone close to you to influenza related causes you didn’t even remember that just 2 short years ago was a really bad flu year. Well we are quickly approaching 25% of the death toll from the flu just TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO! Not even a quarter of the deaths and the whole nation is in an intentionally media-stoked panic—this is… Read more »

uncle dudley

Maybe Adam Schiff will blame Russia and Trump for starting this.


It’s CoronA. Not CoronO. If you can’t even spell the damn thing right, maybe write about a different topic.

Green Mtn. Boy

Or Wu Flu,China virus and even the creeping China crud so what’s your point, perhaps Leftard somewhere else

Wild Bill

@CFG, The spelling of the name of the virus has nothing to do with what the Chinese Communist party is up to. So … what is really bothering you?

Dave in Fairfax

WB, I suspect that she was annoyed by the lack of due diligence.

Greg K

Bad day? Tired of your inalienable rights being violated? We’re all there with ya. Read through it and it was only mis-spelt one time. Because my proper English detector was activated, I noticed that the proper form for “It’s CoronA. Not CoronO,” is actually the similar thoughts form of “It’s CoronA; not CoronO.”


Actually, chick, it’s also correctly spelled without capitalizing the ‘a’. Corona is a family of virus among many of long known and well categorized viral families. This particular strain is correctly identified as SARS-CoV-2, whilst the illness it causes is diagnosed as CoVID-19.

[A Physician who’s also a Surgeon is more mindful of correct details.]

Go squeeze your pimples and read a book.

Dave in Fairfax

CFG, I’m sorry they jumped you on this, see my comment a few minutes ago at the top of the comment section. They didn’t have all the background and made some unwarranted assumptions. You are right that the author should have 2X checked the spelling. The gist of the article, however, is unchanged. The virus source remains China and we do need to be leery of their intent.


ChiCom Flu IMO.

Ej harbet

Stir fry and die! Bless you mr frady

jack mac

Let’s just call and spell it the Wuflu.

Dave in Fairfax

OV, Yup, Who’s laughing now.