Open Letter to Montana Governor Bullock RE: Covid 19 Hunting Restrictions?


No Hunting, No Fishing, No Nothing Sign
Open Letter to Montana Governor Bullock RE: Covid 19 Hunting Restrictions?

Montana – -( Dear Governor Bullock,

Some Montanans fear that you and those in your circle could be considering a moratorium on all hunting as a part of Montana’s response to Covid 19. If this may seem far-fetched, we remember that you always claimed to support the Second Amendment, yet when recently seeking the nomination for President you argued in favor of banning certain guns and magazines. Given that history, it’s not such a stretch for Montanans to fear you might try to stop hunting.

No! Just no. The people of Montana have waited and complied with surprising patience as you rolled out various incursions into civil liberties under the guise of fighting this virus. But, no hunting? No way! That’s the double-yellow line.

  • First, the idea is nonsensical. Hunting is an outdoor activity that is typically done solo, with exaggerated “social distancing.
  • Second, if the economy continues the way it is going, many Montana people will need hunting to feed their families. Winter is coming.

– Third, Montana people will NOT comply. Yes, there is a point beyond which the tolerance of Montanan people simply will not go. By trying to stop hunting you would just create more outlaws and disrespect for government and law, as happened during Prohibition.

  • Fourth, lacking hunting license revenue, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks would just come whining to the Legislature for general fund, taxpayer money to maintain or expand its mission.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, taxpayer money will be dwindling. Plus, in the private sector, about which you may care, lots of small businesses would miss out on the many millions of income derived from hunting season and hunting activity.

You should drop the idea of a moratorium on hunting like a red hot rock. Really! It’s a spectacularly bad idea.


Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

Montana Shooting Sports Association
About the Montana Shooting Sports Association:

Montana Shooting Sports Association is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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Hunters are Obviously hunting the wrong “Animals’.

Green Mtn. Boy

Those are the only animals referred to in the 2 nd. amendment


Mmmmm, long pork.


I live in CA, and here’s my reply to Governor Numbnuts-Newsom and his “Mandates”. I spent all day yesterday turkey hunting. The day before, I was out on the quad all day coyote hunting. Sat, I was at a “Secret Pistol Match”. Last week, I went coyote hunting 3 times. I’m going to the range today to shoot too. No, I’m not complying with the governments “mandates”.


v in CA.,way to go man!


As a concerned MT citizen, last week I wrote a email to Bollocks suggesting he should step aside, cower in a corner, and ask South Dakota governor Noem handle the CCPvirus plans for Montana. I also emailed Gov. Noem and ask her to please move to MT and become our governor.


Gov. Noem is what all governors should be like!

Green Mtn. Boy

Sounds as if Montanas need to toss Governor Bullock out on his Leftard ear as he’s not using it to listen to the people.


It is surprising that so many states have banned, or are considering a ban on outdoor activities, like fishing and hunting which more often than not are solo activities or which involve only a couple or few individuals (less than 5 or 6). It’s more an exercise in “flexing their authority” to demonstrate their (governors) power over the citizens, as the “threat” of COVID 19 (98+% recovery rate) is hollow at best.


Apparently enough voters fell for this guys line of BS to get him elected. Next time do your homework and elect someone who represents your political stance.


Welcome to “Medical Martial Law!”


Maybe He will do something boneheaded like Michigan Governor did. She issued an order not allowing motorized boats. In Michigan!! The Great Lakes state!! Yep fishing is OK but you gotta row or paddle.
Maybe he will allow hunting only if you walk to get there or go by horse back. Wouldn’t want you to have to put gas in your tank you might catch something. That’s Michigan’s Governor’s excuse.


Not too many decades ago, one would think that such an edict would never occur in any state of our union. The fact that it has occurred in Montana should be particularly alarming, just as the placement of “stop sticks” in the churches of Kentucky.


Hunting is a human natural right just as it is for animals! I am sure the bears and other meat/fish eaters won’t obey signs! Someone jobless cuz Corona.. Groceryless Cuz Corona has a right to feed their family especially on their property or tax payer property! Game Wardens are NOT essential!


Dear Montana:

What in the hell were you thinking in electing this guy?




Will, I think that happened in VA. also, although it is possible us country folk in VA. are outnumbered by city liberals! We need all rural folks to vote against the democrats in VA.! And in presidential election also!


Will, I agree with you on that. We will find out who has the most voters in VA. in 2021! I hope it is our side! Before the 2017 election VA. had 66 Republicans/ 34 demoncrats in the house. We lost big time, hope we can get back a majority!

China Berry

If you are talking about hunting in your own backyard, sure. If you are talking about people from all over the state and country converging on some tiny town cause it has the best elk hunting, not so much.


Silly boy, elk do NOT congregate in “tiny towns” except in the snowflake cartoons. Bullwinkle does NOT live in Montana. He lives on Hollywood.


Sure they do, right along with the Moose. Wait. Oh, you’re talking about animals.