Knife Deals: Schrade 3 Piece Folding Knife Combo Set $18.95, You Save 36% OFF

Schrade 3 Piece Folding Knife Combo Set
Schrade 3 Piece Folding Knife Combo Set

USA – -( LA Police Gear has a three (3) Pack of Schrade Folding Knives Combo Set for only $18.95. That is $6.31 each and you save 36% off the MSRP. Act quickly as it says they only have thirty (30) units left, so this will sell out. Check prices here or here if you can find them in stock.Buy Now Gun Deals

This Schrade 3 Piece Combo Set features three high quality folding knives for 1 low price. A great item for camping, hunting, and general EDC. Give it as a gift or get one just for yourself.


  • 3 Stainless steel folding knives including plain edge, serrated, and tanto blades
  • Textured polymer handles provide lightweight strength and a superior grip
  • Each knife comes equipped with a stainless steel pocket clip for comfortable EDC

Schrade 3 Piece Folding Knife Combo Set.

Knife Deals: Schrade 3 Piece Folding Knife Combo Set $18.95, You Save 36% OFF

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Made in China…………….I’ll pass. Old Timer, Schrade, Uncle Henry sold out to China years ago. If it ain’t got “USA” on it, you won’t find it at my house from now on. Looking at “Made In” tags gets depressing. It amazes me just how much formerly made in America stuff has been outsourced to the Chi-comms. It’s downright disgusting.


Wills 10 4! I was looking for Made in USA on these so thanks for the help…I know it’s frustrating finding USA goods but I do my best. We gave it all away and we need to claw back…when I tell my grandkids this, they look at me sideways…it’s going to be a tough climb back but it needs to be done or they won’t have grandchildren of their own.

Wild Bill

@Wills, A company named McKinsey and Company, who sell nothing but advice, convinced American manufacturers to have their products made in China by cheap chinese labor, rather than expensive America labor. Prices, here in America, stayed the same; profits went way up; and American consumers remained in the dark. McKinsey and Company also advised the Chinese Communist government how to take advantage of American law to get these contracts. China has put all of its profits into its military and intelligence apparatus. The communists are now challenging us for military dominance in the world. McKinsey is currently advising the Chinese… Read more »


This is something I was not aware of! Awesome. I’ll be checking out “McKinsey and Company”. Ten will get you twenty that they’re 100% Khazarian owned. It fits their profile to a “T”. In this vein, are you aware of the “CeDe” company? Not “corporation”, company. This entity is NOT incorporated, Not verified, and not licensed to do, perform, or make, ANYTHING! And yet they are the largest company on Earth, with no record of who even runs it! It is the company that holds your stocks for you if you have a broker. Thus their net worth at any… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Interesting. I have lots of stock certificates so that I can pass them on to my heirs w/o government knowledge. All you have to do is sign the back, in advance, and show the recipient what to fill in, when the stock certificate comes to them.
I don’t know anything about CeDe. Got a link?


No links. No websites. The whole thing just exists in the shadows, happy that no one can pry into their affairs since they aren’t even known to exist. But any search will turn up lots from any site that has to do with stocks. Like this one: All you need to confirm and do your own diligence and find out more about them than you really want to know, is those four letters c e d and e. Naturally you won’t get useful information about them from the stock exchanges. They are in on keeping cede’s secrets. They profit… Read more »


BTW, that works very well for heirs. If the owner has signed, and the buyer fills in their part… well, then your heirs don’t mind at all waiting for the certs to come back in their own name. But if you just want to trade them and buy something else today… e.i. “to play the market”, then cede is the only way. Otherwise you’d have to find a buyer… but then there needs be escrow accounts or some such, because if the transaction is of any size, your buyer won’t want to pay until the certs come back reissued in… Read more »


@WB – Shipping costs figure heavily into success of direct-to-consumer producers in China. For international packages USPS only gets paid for last mile delivery at rate applicable in source country – result is that seller in China can ship anywhere in the US for less than it costs us to send the same package domestically.

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Another good reason to buy nothing that comes from China.