ATF Warns Police of The “Boogaloo Movement” ~ VIDEOS

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND-( Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Baltimore field office, in conjunction with the Baltimore Police Department, has issued an “Officer Safety Bulletin” warning police departments of the “Boogaloo movement.”

According to the bulletin, the agency has noticed people posting on private social media groups about the “Boogaloo” by “individuals who identify with extreme second amendment rights.” The notice says the law enforcement agencies have seen threats against federal and local law enforcement officials in these posts. It warns that these social media posts expect a second American Civil War.

The Boogaloo is a meme about a second American Civil War/Revolutionary war. The meme takes its name from the 1984 movie, “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo #ad.” Social media users sometimes refer to it as the “Big Igloo.” The meme has become a sign of protest against what gun owners see as an ever-encroaching government. Gun rights advocates have shown up to rallies across the country wearing Hawaiian shirts.

ATF Officer Safety Bulletin BooGaloo Threat Warning Doc1
ATF Officer Safety Bulletin BooGaloo Threat Warning Doc1
ATF Officer Safety Bulletin BooGaloo Threat Warning Doc2
ATF Officer Safety Bulletin BooGaloo Threat Warning Doc2

No violence has broken out at any of these pro-rights rallies. In January, several thousand people were wearing Hawaiian shirts at the VCDL Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia. Despite the massive number of flower print shirts, there wasn’t a single act of violence. Multiple gun-related companies now sell Hawaiian shirts, including mainstream companies like 5.11 Tactical. KAE also offers a “Boogaloo” Cerakoting package for firearms.

The bulletin goes on to warn police that people wearing Hawaiian shirts may possess “multiple types of weapons.”

It warns law enforcement that an American flag with an igloo instead of stars and a flower pattern replacing one of the stripes might be a sign of danger. It does go on to caution officers that someone wearing a Hawaiian shirt doesn’t give them probable cause to conduct an investigation.

AmmoLand News spoke to a Baltimore beat cop who was not authorized to talk about the bulletin, but he shared his thoughts with AmmoLand. He told us that he and other officers think that the bulletin is laughable and shows the disconnect between the higher-ups and the rank and file officers. He points out that he owns a few Hawaiian shirts himself.

The ATF and other government agencies have a history of questionable research when it comes to domestic extremism. In the FBI’s “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools” publication, the agency list playing video games like “Call of Duty” as a sign of extremism. The majority of teenagers play video games at least casually.

According to a classified FBI Document titled “IMV Frequently Asked Questions,” the FBI warns that individuals with military or law enforcement experience are a risk for extremism. In the same document, the government says that using encryption, IP-anonymizers, and password-protected websites is a sign of extremism. These actions are highly recommended by network security experts to protect or identity online.

Bureau of Justice Assistance Terrorism Indicators, State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training PDF

ATF Warns Police of The “Boogaloo Movement”

In documents obtained by Gun Owners of America about the program called State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT), the Department of Justice classifies anyone who buys “military-style weapons, clothing, or equipment” as suspicious. It goes even further by stating that anyone who purchases large quantities of ammunition or who fires automatic firearms as also suspicious.

Gun rights advocates feel that documents like the “Boogaloo Movement Officer Safety Bulletin” is yet another targeted action by the federal government against law-abiding gun owners.


The ATF and Baltimore police would not comment on the leaked bulletin citing that they did not write the bulletin for public consumption.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC, and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Wild Bill

Be on the lookout for anyone wearing BATFE shirts. That is the surest sign of potential terrorist activity.

Greg K

Spot On!

Deplorable Bill

All of this from the batfe who’s job is to subvert and deny the 2A for every American citizen regardless of the oath they took to protect the nation, the people and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. So now they say anyone who buys ammo or uses a semi auto anything is suspicious? The atfe has been a state run terrorist organization from the moment they came into being —– from a memo. They should be disbanded or demoted to A.T. The atfe should be made to pay for every weapon they took, every second class citizen… Read more »


they have NO constitutional basis for meddling in ANY of the three product categories that give rise to their alphabet soup name. No authority over alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. End their miserable and treasonous existence. Their little programme to “let” firearms magically find their way across our southern boundary and into the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel is the proof they should not exist. If I were president, the first thing I’d do is draft an EO to disband the entire organisation. ALL three “branches” of it. It is part of the executive branch of government, and EO’s are for… Read more »


In addition we would have to resort back to shooting looters and hanging felons in the Public Square because the recidivism of a felon using a firearm to commit crimes would explode. Of course I fully agree with and support Uncle Ted Nugent’s method of dealing with violent felons the first time around and just shooting them to death, saving the taxpayers collectively trillions of dollars in bogus appeals and life sentencing practices. Caught in a robbery? BOOM! Case closed. But the namby-pamby way of dealing with violent felons assuming that you’re going to be able to reform them in… Read more »


“The agency has noticed posting by *individuals who identify with extreme second amendment rights*.”

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
Barry Morris Goldwater

Greg K

They need to explain “extreme second amendment rights.”

However, let’s rip that sentence apart. They are “Noticing Postings, with whom we are ‘identifying,’ and they arbitrarily declare it ‘extreme.” The hypocritical is, they acknowledge our “Rights,” and then demonize said rights…all in one sentence. Constitutionally, they shouldn’t even exist.

Every bit of it; None of their flippin’ business!

Wild Bill

, On my way out to set up round pen panels, but I had to stop and say Bravo, before I head out!


– In their minds anyone who thinks that they have an rights is an extremist.


What the hell are “extreme second amendment rights”? The second amendment is like a light switch – it’s either on or it’s off. You can’t have a light “extremely on”. Stupid. To the left, everything is shades of gray. There are no degrees to the right to bear arms. Either you bear them, or you don’t.


Extreme Second Ammendment rights? There is nothing more American than demanding liberty from a tyrannical government.

The only extreme thing discussed in this article is the government propaganda which attempts to label Americans as terrorists.


The ATF and other government agencies have a history of questionable (Insert anything here…anything).


first question, do these people actually read the crap they write and put out for consumption and think it is legitimate? second, why are they in charge of anything if they think like that? if so, then every law abiding citizen is a potential extremist. “individuals who identify with extreme second amendment rights.” what is extreme or wrong with supporting any of our Constitutional rights? oh yea, we are not bowing and capitulating to our government overlords. “The notice says the law enforcement agencies have seen threats against federal and local law enforcement officials in these posts.” gee whiz, can’t… Read more »


Oh, great, now my normal go-to-work attire is going to get me labeled as an extremist. I have worn Hawaiian shirts during the summer for years!


Put on your HowAya shirt, arm up, and carry on. Hold yer head high whilst you’re at it.


Antifa is doing it’s best to implicate 2 A supporters as reactionary yokels and the MSM is falling in with them. Don’t help them out by acting dumb. Let them get caught in their own web of lies.


The ATF has always been against the 2nd A. Through no fault of Ammoland, I’d bet my money this is just another one of their baiting tricks. I spend a lot of time on social media and see very little indication of these accusations.

Greg K

“Hawaiian Shirts?” “Be on the lookout for anyone wearing Hawaiian.”

Are they kidding with this? There was some cat carrying an M107, for Pete’s sake! In NC about 2 weeks ago, a dude was packing a Deuce! Neither of those scare me one bit, and obviously the ATF aren’t worried about them either. What is that telling you…Think about it!

PS The dude packing the Deuce scares me a lot more without the rifle. That’s one tough m’fer.


Seems to me like any sort of support for our country is labeled as “nationalistic extremism” and “domestic terrorism”. Gimme a break!

Big George

The BATFE has always known that the bastion of terrorism for the ‘boogaloo movement’ is on Maui! I’ve heard their headquarters is located in Kaanapali at Hilo Hattie’s shirt store in Lahaina! Boy, you just can’t fool those BATFE agents! I’ve attached a photo of the ring leader of the ‘boogaloo movement’ taken covertly by an undercover agent!


Vacationed in Maui twice. Didn’t buy a shirt but I wear my Maui hat all the time. I I have driven the entire perimeter of the island. That road to Hana is no joke. And then the road around the eastern portion of the north part of the Island may even be worse. Beautiful place. The Big Island is great too with its many different climate areas. Don’t plan on going back any time soon. Guess I should have gotten a shirt. Oh well, there is always online shopping.

Wild Bill

, Hilo Hattie’s … I haven’t heard that name in a lot of years.

Wild Bill

IF the BATFE were really interested in finding signs of terrorism all they would have to do is look out of their window. I think that the difference between the way white people “take to the streets” and black people “take to the streets” is instructive. This is why blacks have political power all out of proportion with their numbers.

Arizona Don

The Russian hoax was actively promoted for over three years by communists posing as democrats. I did not think it could get any worse. It did! Than the Wuhan coronavirus came along and we closed down our economy (for what now seems to be a useless reason). Again I thought it could not get any worse. It did! Than a ignorant police officer literally murdered a man for no reason whatsoever. So first legal and quite legitimate demonstrations began but suddenly they were accompanied by riot and looting which had absolutely no connections whatsoever with the murder of George Floyd.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV, Close enough, brother!

Greg K

Am respectfully adding to Bill’s assessment…All Revolutions and Civil Wars tend to need help from outside the country of origin. While this may not be the case in this country, it is important to be on the correct side of History. Bill has this right.


Oh CRAP! I didn’t realize I was such an extreme radical. I check off a lot of those boxes.
Hawaiin shirt
ex SF
IP-anonymizers (aka VPN)
password protected sites (like this one)
AR-15’s (yes, multiple)
Ammo by the case
all checks only need the igloo patch (FLOWERS? Really?) and full auto and I’ll be FULLY radicalized.

Big George

Sgt., to be fully radicalized you’ll need a cool last name too like their ring leader ‘Tom Magnum’!!, and preferably gun related; ‘Sgt. Winchester’ or ‘Sgt. Browning’! FYI, I prefer Hawaiian shirts with parrots!


Remember when a Rand Paul bumper sticker made you a potential domestic terrorist?


During the era of our founding, one of the battle cries the Brits hated and feared was “NO KING BUT KING JESUS” It was considered treasonous, as they thought their Kind King George Three was the only king. Hmm.. Seems Herod had a similar bout of confusion a while back, too.

I’d bet that today a bumper sticker saying that would be quickly deemed treasonous, perticularly as far as the would be kings of tyranny are concerned.


There’s a second CIVIL WAR brewing, and it ain’t gun advocates pushing and driving it. It’s liberals and all those idiots burning down their own neighborhoods over the Floyd getting arrest for committing a possible felony and then resisting. Lawlessness and evil fills the hearts and minds of the people doing these things; which could easily turn into a second civil war!


@ vbird – horrific as riots and looting are, they do not excuse police brutality or murder under color of authority. If you excuse this even, be prepared to be RFL’d, and subjected to mortem vilification. I prefer that ten guilty men go free over one innocent be unjustly punished. Video shows Floyd was not resisting – and he was innocent under the law as he had not been found guilt by a jury. Perhaps you’d prefer to live under KGB type police state, but most of us prefer freedom, liberty, justice for all, all requiring due process protections from… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Finnky, So what do you propose for all the arsonists, looters, and non-social distancers? You going to let them go free? The riots are a farcical cover story for garden variety thieves.


@WB – Easiest one first, non-social distances either get sick or they don’t. Natures punishment if necessary. Arsonists should be burned at the stake and looters strung up by their genitals in the public square. Those peacefully protesting should be allowed to protest, and like the peaceful protesters in Virginia they should be heard. I’m shown some pretty horrific videos of police brutality, supposedly justified by general proximity to a previous riot. One person going so far as arguing that difference to how VA protestors were handled is due to systemic racism. I carefully explained that difference is based on… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Now, is the perfect time for the Libtard Revolt because the administration is conservative. But I predict that a full on second Civil War won’t happen because war takes lots of thought, lots of energy, lots of organization, and lots of logistics. Today’s youth can not start a lawn mower, much less a revolution.


I am going to have to remember to remove that banner at the bottom of the page so I can see what I have posted did in fact post. “Most researchers tend to believe that an objective and internationally accepted definition of terrorism can never be agreed upon; after all, they say, ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’ The question of who is a terrorist, according to this school of thought, depends entirely on the subjective outlook of the definer. This article argues that an objective definition of terrorism is not only possible; it is also indispensable to… Read more »


Based on the shirts, the whole population of Hawaii is on high alert for locals and tourists. I’ve been reading these Anti-Terrorist pronouncements at various sites for many years and can’t help getting a laugh. As if ninety percent of the population is going to change their habits, watch for trailing cars, or do counter terrorism surveillance. The average person operates in Condition White (completely clueless about their surrounding environment). I try to operate in Condition Yellow (Be observant, but not paranoid). I can’t count the number of times I’ve steered friends, family, and myself out of situations just by… Read more »


The problem is not with the BOLOs so much as they are a problem with the management relying on their “intelligence analysts” putting out actual intelligence and passing this off as gospel. The rank and file tend to look at most of these as a bad SNL skit while the higher ups eat them up with a big spoon and clamor for seconds and thirds. I always found it ironic that the agency that supplied guns to Mexican cartels was putting out shit like this talking about the threats of Mexican cartels with guns.


CW2 Let’s Boogaloo. It’s coming to a city near you, soon.


Watch for a red flag event where the agents are wearing Hawaiian Shirts. The BATFE just set the stage.


@andersencs – Not to worry, they’ll blame it on “right wing extremists” and use as an excuse to ban reading the bill of rights or owning multiple firearms. No concern for fact that such bans would criminalize vast majority of LEO as well as combat vets.

Wild Bill

@USA, Their concern for us is so touching. Like shop owners can not figure that lock up inventory thing by themselves. Put a sign out front that says “Black owned business.” And place armed guards.
BATFE was created by a memo and goes away by rescinding that memo.


They are getting a pretty good helping hand from leftwing whites.


That was an actual movie? I couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds of that clip. I appreciate the sentiment behind the movement, but they seriously need to rebrand!


…or decide to use a peacock as their symbol of a warfighting bird?

Ansel Hazen

I suspect the authors of this document would quite possibly pee themselves were they to find out many members of these “extreme nationalist” groups come from military and 3 letter agency backgrounds. They have seen the BS our government engages in first hand and are just as fed up as any ordinary citizen.


“Start The Boog, Tector.” – Lyle Gorch, probably.
The dogs you save may be your own.

Some guy

There’s a way to put a stop to all this bullshit, let’s just do it already……. BOOGALOO 7/4/20

American Cynic

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but a good Hawaiian shirt is a must have when carrying concealed. The untucked floral pattern is quite busy and makes it difficult to detect printing.
If anyone disagrees, and can elucidate a good reason, let’s hear it.


Don’t let them see this one. They might freak out, even though I had it years before I even heard of Boogaloo…

jack mac

Citizens are being left with one last method to stop the violating of the 2nd Amendment. The violators have only one way to prevent citizens from using the last method.

a.x. perez

Hawaiian shirts are popular with undercover police, especially since they can carry a “piece” under them. A surprising number of latinos in the Southwest who are not gangsters speak pocho instead of standard Spanish. I’m sure many Texans who don’t belong to racist groups have a distinct accent. Gimme a break.

Get Out

IMOA, they were watching the wrong group, maybe Antifa should of been watched closer.


Mr Crump, Kudos on yet another great article. To the rest of you I am wholly ashamed that you missed the focus of the entirety of this information?!?

What do Jimmy Buffett fans wear?
Parrotheads can easily identify other Parrotheads by their bright floral-pattered clothing. Whether you go for the classic Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo or a tropical-print dress, keep the island vibes flowing with something that says “vacation.”Aug 11, 2017 › what-t…
What to Wear to a Jimmy Buffet Concert | 10Best



Mr Crump, Kudos on yet another great article! To the rest of you, I am truly ashamed that you missed the focus of this entire article!?!

What do Jimmy Buffett fans wear?
Parrotheads can easily identify other Parrotheads by their bright floral-pattered clothing. Whether you go for the classic Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo or a tropical-print dress, keep the island vibes flowing with something that says “vacation.”Aug 11, 2017 › what-t…
What to Wear to a Jimmy Buffet Concert | 10Best





@USA – It’s not a “conspiracy theory” if it is correct. Then it is just politics as usual.

Matt in Oklahoma

I’m not seeing anything wrong with what they said. They are correct in that some normal beat cop with soft armor and a handgun can find himself in deep poo when one of these rallies goes sideways because some idiot from either side does the wrong thing and he’s facing better armor, better guns and is outnumbered and no one is sure who’s shooting who. It’s just one of them bulletins not even done by a law enforcement agent but rather an analyst and is really a “duh no sh..” kinda bulletin that anyone working as an officer can figure… Read more »


Sorry Matt, but when a government agency puts out what would otherwise be considered fodder for a Saturday Night Live scenario we should all be concerned. Hawaiian shirts? Really? I’ve got five original ones in the closet that are 35 years old. You’re telling me that if I wear one and carry, either openly or concealed, law enforcement should pay special attention to me? This would be laughable in the extreme if it had not originated from an agency with a history of abusing the Second Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens. Need I remind you and everyone else of… Read more »


Next, they’ll be checking our underwear (or lack thereof). Anybody going commando is a terrorist. Anyone wearing black underwear is dangerous. What’s next?


Red BVD’s………


@T – Aren’t reds synonymous with communists?

Thus ATF approves?

Greg K

Matt, read through it gain…pay special attention to those Field Checks and Residential Criteria. Ham Radio Operators? Come on!

Heed the Call-up

I have not yet found any credible source to verify this – only videos from gun rights bloggers repeating the same info, and often the same video. Does any one have a credible source for this?

Heed the Call-up

USA, but, seriously, there does not appear to be any credible source. This whole meme was started by a video, and the firearm rights bloggers took the bait. If there is a valid source for this, there should be corroborating evidence to be found.

So, you have no proof that this meme has any validity, that’s what I assumed, as I could not find any. This makes 2A supporters look like fools.


@USA – Just how sparsely populated an area do you live in – how many cops work within 25 miles of you? Have spoken with OK deputies whom claim their nearest backup is often over an hour away, so you may be right. OTOH I live in city area with well over a million people within 25 miles of me as I write this. My city is but a piece of this and they have over 400 officers (of whom I’ve maybe met 5 over 20+ years) add neighboring cities, sheriffs’ departments, and all other LEO and being known to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Quietly sell and get out of the kill zone. You are in an indefensible area.