Gov. Cuomo Hires McKinsey & Company to Create “Trump-Proof” Plan For New York

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Gov. Cuomo’s hypocracy is on full display with comments condemning alleged Trump tyranny.

U.S.A.-( When one makes a pact with the Devil, one shouldn’t expect to receive anything approaching a fair deal. It doesn’t happen. Never would. It is always a deal from the bottom. Yet, Andrew Cuomo has decided to make just such a pact with the Devil. He did so just recently. It has come to light in the last few days. Who is this Devil? Well, the Devil goes by many names. One of the Devil’s names is McKinsey. Why would Cuomo make such a deal?

Andrew Cuomo, a Radical Left Collectivist has recently looked to McKinsey to assist the State to recover its edge as a major financial center, given that the Chinese Coronavirus has ravaged the City’s economic vitality. That is rather odd, don’t you think, considering that China unleashed the virus on our Nation, and McKinsey is in league and has been in league with the source of our Nation’s recent woe, and greatest foe, China.

Can Cuomo reasonably expect McKinsey & Company would really come to the assistance of the people of New York? What would that even look like? What does Cuomo have in mind? Will Cuomo let New York’s residents in on Cuomo’s deal with McKinsey? How much taxpayer money is Cuomo expending for McKinsey’s “assistance?” These are just a few of the questions we would like to pose to Andrew Cuomo?

The website Nation and State recently posted an article by The Epoch Times:

“The headline in The Hill screams out: “New York state hires McKinsey to create science-based, ‘Trump-proof’ plan for the safe economic reopening.”

“Okay, we live in an era where propaganda dominates our media to an almost unprecedented degree, but this is beyond the proverbial pale and headed for Alpha Centauri.

McKinsey? Whose science are we talking about here? The Wuhan Institute of Virology—the laboratory consensus now accepts, from whence the pandemic that destroyed the health and economies of nearly the entire globe emanated? It would seem so.

To put it bluntly, McKinsey & Company, the giant American consulting firm with 127 offices worldwide and some 27,000 employees, has been in bed with communist China for decades.

But don’t believe me. Believe the unstintingly liberal New York Times that did an extensive exposé of the company in 2018 entitled “How McKinsey Has Raised the Stature of Totalitarian Governments”:

McKinsey advises a good swatch of China’s state-owned companies, including those building the artificial islands in the South China Sea that the United States and much of the West, not to mention the World Bank, holds to be illegal. These islands are an integral part of the escalating Chinese military threat.

McKinsey has also been deeply involved with China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, a program many see as the linchpin of communist imperialist expansionism. The company has reassured Third World countries about China’s “benign” intentions with this project in places as far flung as Malaysia only to find themselves embroiled in corruption scandals, according to the Times.

Domestically, McKinsey, quite recently (November 2019), has also been dealing with a criminal inquiry over bankruptcy case conduct.

But even more troubling than the degree to which the company is alleged to have skirted the edges of the law is its formative, and in some ways decisive, role in a once-accepted concept that has lately come under tremendous scrutiny because of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behavior—globalism.

In a Tablet article—‘The Coronavirus Didn’t Cause This Crisis By Itself. McKinsey Helped’— Michael Lind wrote:

‘If we ignore our ritual partisan debates and try to be as objective as possible, I think we can agree that the pandemic has exposed two weaknesses in contemporary American society: the loss of critical manufacturing capabilities and the decline of the one-earner family.”

See also the article in The Federalist, “Cuomo’s Handpicked Consulting Firm Has Shady Past With China.”

In all this turmoil impacting our Nation, Americans must remain steadfast. We are in the midst of a war to be sure. But the Chinese Coronavirus is one major battle within that war. The outcome of the war itself will determine whether our Nation remains true to its origin or loses everything; whether our Nation does indeed return to greatness or, instead, is reduced to a hollowed-out shell.

Will our Constitution remain untouched, revered, exalted, or will it be erased and replaced? Will our Nation’s name, ‘The United States of America,’ truly continue to refer to a powerful, independent nation-state where the American people are sovereign, not the Federal Government, or will our Country’s name be reduced t0 an empty phrase, devoid of import and purpose, an expression the Neoliberal Globalist Elites scoff at while bantering among themselves; referencing the Nation’s name as a joke they tell each other on occasion, their orchestrated deception on Americans finally accomplished; at last, complete?

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McKinsey tops the list of Communist China enablers. This is why progressive politicians will look to them to “solve” problems created by a President who sees the clear and present danger of Communist Chinese Collusion and the progressive collusion classes in America. Corporate America to include national media combine with a unionized federal bureaucracy to work with Communist China to subvert our Republic and eliminate our liberty. That is the problem.


Cuomo The Communist . . . At it again!!! Cuomo does not give a S**T that McKinsey is a lackey for the Communist Chinese!!! They fit right into Cuomo’s Communist agenda!

Will Flatt

Cuomo, and McKinsey & Co. need to be charged with TREASON, tried speedily, and promptly HUNG – no endless appeals!!


Below the tough guy image, that Governor Cuomo cultivated over many years, is an ordinary, run-of-the-mill liberal Democrat. After all, he was born into it and learned from his father.


Yup. I remember the Motto: Vote for Cuomo not the Homo.

Green Mtn. Boy

Andy the Commie Cuomo made his deal with the devil of Marxism long ago and he will certainly go to that hell and I for will feel nothing for him, he made his bed.


I would like to have read a much wider prism of expression that incorporated the entirety of the political shift that promoted the dissembling of our industrial production, paid for its moving to lower wage markets, and guaranteed the absence of financial loss should any occur in the transfer, and WHY the massive shift to CHINA. This didn’t happen in a vacuum though perhaps behind closed doors. The underpinning shift, it seems to me, to be an intended destruction of the foundation of the USA as a system that offers a well balanced measure between the Individual and the State.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WR, Verbose and contrived, but correct. Richard Shithouse Nixon “opened” China, and through Taiwan under the bus. Now, their are more than seven thousand lobbyists (professional bribers) in Washington, DC. Chinese labor is cheap some is even slave labor. Peter Walker and McKinsey Co. advises American businesses to reduce labor costs by using Chinese labor. That is why the massive shift of jobs to China.


@WB, Hello brother. Yes I have a tendency to be verbose, it is a sometimes weakness. Contrive though, no. As you noted the wider view of this subject is so dam poignant. Yes low wage China and all that McKinsey has done for sure; however, the focus on China by the BANKERS seems to be an intended skewing of power that had only been there unpolished. These past 40 years they have become our virtual equal as a power player with a significant distinction when it comes to action. They do not have conscience only their goals and objectives in… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WR, Virtual equal? No, we know China’s Achilles Heel. We can win this but we can’t let Peter Walker and McKinsey aid China.

Dr. Smith

I was hoping for more. When I read “alleged Trump tyranny,” I thought the author was going to explain and cite where Cuomo (the baby killer) had actually used those words or expressed them in other words. Nothing. Perhaps another article was intended to go with the photo?


Tucker interviews McKinsey. worth watching if you are unfamiliar with the man


That is Peter Walker. McKinsey is the name of the company.

Wild Bill

@Hoss, I agree that it is important to get the names of our globalist and domestic traitors correct for the future. We don’t want any of them to slip through our fingers.


@WB, Let’s just add another to our watch, okay. I just saw a piece on the internet that a company took out a patent on the corona virus in 2006. I already forgot the name, but it is ‘headed’ by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Conspiracy theory or fact? I am believing the latter.


You are correct and they have also taken out a patent on the forthcoming vaccine. That Foundation is omnipresent in all matters of global health and finance and funds our NIH for whom Dr. Fauci is employed.

Lastly our military will not accept anyone in service who tests positive with Covid 19. What does that tell you?


BIrds of a feather flock together.


A science-based Trump proof plan seems to be an oxymoron. Hasn’t some, if not all, that’s been put in place the last two months been based on now discredited so-called scientific models and related speculation by the learned bureaucrat/scientists leading this destroy the nation movement? They couldn’t get him with all the underhanded actions previously debunked, so now the Democrat/deep state cartel is attempting to nail Trump by reducing freedom in the lives of everyday people, using model- based”science” rather than actual data.