Speer Introduces a New Line of Gold Dot Personal Protection Rifle Ammunition

Speer Introduces a New Line of Gold Dot Personal Protection Rifle Ammunition
Speer Introduces a New Line of Gold Dot Personal Protection Rifle Ammunition

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Speer Gold Dot Handgun ammunition’s reliability has made it the No. 1 choice for law enforcement. Now Speer is offering the same performance for self-defense rifle applications. New Gold Dot Rifle ammunition is engineered to provide industry-leading performance in FBI protocol testing through barrels less than 16 inches long. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

The bullets loaded in the New Gold Dot Rifle ammunition line are built using Speer’s exclusive Uni-Cor method. The jacket is bonded to the core one atom at a time, virtually eliminating core-jacket separation and creating a projectile that’s accurate, tough and consistent through all common barriers.

Features & Benefits

  • New self-defense rifle loads optimized for peak FBI protocol performance though barrels shorter than 16 inches
  • 75-grain 223 Rem. recommended for 1-in-9-inch barrel twist or faster
  • 55-grain 223 Rem. option offers reduced penetration for less risk to bystanders
  • Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers
  • Extremely uniform jacket maximizes accuracy
  • Gold Dot technology virtually eliminates core-jacket separation
  • Nickel-plated brass
  • Reliable, sensitive primer

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • 24468 / Gold Dot Rifle 223 Rem. 55 grain 3600 fps, .251G1 BC, 20-count / $25.99
  • 24461 / Gold Dot Rifle 223 Rem. 62 grain 2750 fps, .310 G1 BC, 20-count / $25.99
  • 24469 / Gold Dot Rifle 223 Rem. 75 grain 2775 fps, .400 G1 BC, 20-count / $26.99
  • 24462 / Gold Dot Rifle 300 BLK 150 grain 1900 fps, .330 G1 BC, 20-count / $30.99
  • 24467 / Gold Dot Rifle 308 Win. 150 grain 2820 fps, .414 G1 BC, 20-count / $30.99

About SpeerSpeer

Speer ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Speer. For more information on all products from Speer or to shop online, visit www.speer-ammo.com

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Personally I don’t care WHAT the ammo vendors (any) develop/promote as ‘new” or ‘astounding’ or whatever the hell is the latest buzz word so they can peddle ammo at stupid-ass prices! I’ve got ammo I reload that’ll put a hole in any intruder they’ll NEVER live through in SEVERAL CALIBERS and it sure as hell isn’t at the prices listed here or anywhere! pistol or rifle! Answer this, how many rounds of plain old .22 hollow points can an intruder take in the head before they’re dead or shit their pants for being shot and give up? Assuming your aim… Read more »


Same ammo different part numbers. Velocities are for a 24 inch barrel.
One part number for LE and another for GDPP.

Deplorable Bill

The specs for the 55g gold dot, 223 rifle ammo states 3,220 F.P.S. NOT 3,600 F.P.S. Thought so.

Arm up, carry on.

Deplorable Bill

Wow, 3,600 F.P.S. for a 55g, 223 load in a 16″ barrel? If that’s not a typo, it’s better than any hand load I have ever come up with. Usually, with a short, 16″ barrel and a 55g bullet, I get just over 3,200F.P.S. I can get just under 3,400 F.P.S. with a 40g bullet in a 16″ barrel. In an urban environment, the 40g is what I recommend because it won’t over penetrate through a pig, my chosen test medium. This makes it a top load for urban varmints.

Arm up, carry on.


@DB – Isn’t 40g restricted to slow twist barrels? No first hand knowledge, but have heard they can disintegrate from centrifugal forces when “over spun”. Seems unlikely given that they are only turning in vicinity of 4k rpm and small diameter reduces effects – but plausible, if barely. Most likely scenario I envision would be thin walled HP expanding in flight, increasing drag, turbulence and instability while drastically reducing penetration if you actually hit anything. Ask because I’ve got a 1 in 7 twist barrel. Works to limits of my ability with cheap 55 FMJ, which is all I’ve tested.… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Fin, you are correct, you can over spin a bullet. A lot of my gear is 16″ and the 40’s do work well in each. Nozzlers have worked better than Hornadys in my experience. I have not been able to get 40’s to work for beans in a mini 14. They would yaw at 25 yds. Four decades ago when I was first learning, a friend was showing me how to load lead bullets in a 30-30. VERY light bullets and so over loaded they would not put a hole in a paper target at 50 Yds. There was sign… Read more »


And then there is pushing .224″ 55gr soft points at 4600fps using sabots in a 30-06. At 100 yards there was generally a “swirl” of lead “paint” from the bullet hole to maybe 1/2 inch out from it. This was molten lead coming off the melting exposed lead point. I have done a lot of weird gun stuff in the last 51 years.


Thanks @DB. Good info to have. Maybe my 1/7 works because it’s a 10.5” pistol. Short barrel reducing velocity resulting in lower spin, additionally I’ve usually shot cheap (underpowered) ammo out of it. If my numbers are right, velocity loss from 10” compared to 16” is a bit over 10%, yielding rotation roughly equivalent to 8” twist in a carbine. Air resistance slows forward velocity as the bullet punches a hole through the air. Rotation moves little air, so very little energy is lost in flight. Math works out so that at muzzle linear kinetic energy is larger than rotational,… Read more »


4,000 rpm?? You may wish to double-check your math homework. Many bullets spin at 300,000 rpm and faster.


@CiM – TY. Should have said rps, bullet going 3000 feet per minute would not be very effective.


Bill: Now you’ve gone and done it. Shooting a poor helpless animal? And using a gun (GASP) to do it! The mad mommies & PETA, not to mention a dozen other groups will be marching on your hacienda as we speak! Might I humbly suggest you offer them BLT’s for lunch?:)


Does 75g 223 really have higher velocity than 62g? Sounds like either magic or some odd loading choices. Either option is unlikely…

Edit – checked Speer’s website. They do list 2775 for 75g, but 62g shows 3000 fps. Much more reasonable. Too bad they don’t show velocities for more realistic barrel lengths. What is the point of showing results from 24″ barrel when they are marketing it for “short” barrels under 16″.

Matt in Oklahoma

I hope this stuffs easier to find than the Hornady SBR ammo I’ve been using


What length barrels for the stated velocity?


What happened to the 5.7x28mm ammo that Speer promised months ago when this line was announced? Not seeing that here. Not happening? Whatever became of “in depth” reporting and articles? No mention at all.