The Perils of Obedience & How We Can Defend Our Freedom ~ VIDEO

The Perils of Obedience
The Perils of Obedience & the Milgram Experiment

U.S.A.-( I had been saving the idea I put forth to you now for a rainy day.  I wanted to avoid scaring anyone as I challenged you to think properly through a subject fraught with controversy.  I personally see this very simply, but too few do.

As I pen notes such as these, I know I’m writing to an educated and steadfast crowd of patriots.  What I’m unable to quantify is just how deeply you all believe in your civil rights.  Scarce among you are those who don’t recognize “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” as goes one of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous quotes.  We continue to see various states, government sanctions, and high-powered proclamations telling us what we can and cannot do and that doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety ~ Benjamin Franklin

Do you know where your rights come from?  As much as I’m itching to tell you, I’m going to resist.

This question you should know, but if you don’t, search long and hard for the answer.  I’ll offer you a hint.  I will share with you where rights DO NOT come from.  Rights don’t come from man.  Why?  Any right conveyed to you by man is one that man himself will most assuredly curtail or remove.  Think about it.  Anything granted by man can be removed by man.  Are you comfortable with the idea that your civil rights are offered up by a seemingly benevolent government when that government is comprised of men that can later negate them at will?  What about only negating them when people are growing sick?  Would that make you more comfortable?  …And just how sick would you need to be in order for a man – the man – to remove your rights?  Re-cue Ben Franklin’s quote from above.

I’ve studied the origin of rights and I’ve also thought through how those in positions of perceived authority offer you the notion that when they’re in charge your submission is not only encouraged, but correct.  During my research, I ran across a study from Yale in the 60s by a psychologist named Stanley Milgram.  Milgram was concerned that acts of genocide, like those he’d followed during the Nuremberg War Criminal trials, post-WWII, could be propagated over and over should a people adhere to obedience.  But it wasn’t simply obedience at the core of the concern.  It was obedience to authority that was problematic for Milgram.  Thus, he devised a procedure to offer a test to see how people randomly chose would respond to the power of authority.

The experiment surrounded increasing electric shocks, a “learner,” a “teacher,” and of course an “experimenter” who was dressed in a lab coat, complete with a clipboard, and all the accouterments necessary to ooze “authority” over the unsuspecting subjects.  The rates of shock were labeled and the highest rates were clearly labeled as a danger to health.

Milgram sought to quantify how far people would go in terms of obedience while harming another person.  Milgram appeared equally interested in how easily influenced or coerced people would become by those in perceived positions of authority.

He believed this would indicate an answer to his question of how likely another atrocity like those committed by Germans in WWII would be.  Below is a video of the experiment with conclusions at the end.  I suggest you watch it in its entirety.

Milgram summed his findings in an article titled, “The Perils of Obedience” which is easily found with a Google search.  Granted, many have criticized Milgram for the testing locale, the use of only men, and some other variables.  However, the point was not lost on me, when I saw the rates of shock people were offering coupled with far too many that completed that testing in full.

Authority will make you do things you never thought you would or could actually do.  Authority isn’t automatically bad.  We just have to be darned careful about Whose authority we’re submitting to and whose we are not.  Don’t hear what I’m not saying.  I am not for one moment suggesting you ignore best practices when dealing with a highly communicable disease.  I’m of the opinion that only a few of us actually benefit from a restriction, as the balance of us love our neighbors, friends, and family enough we can do what is best without the hand of government on our shoulders.  What I am placing before you is the necessary mandate to guard your liberty from attack.  In times such as these, we see opportunistic politicians and self-proclaimed experts exercising their authority too far and wide.  Be careful and think through what you’re being told to do.  Watch and compare how states outside your own handle things.

St. Augustine – “libido dominandi” – the lust to dominate – Writing during the collapse of the Roman Empire, St. Augustine offered vital insight into the core premise of freedom. A man was no longer a slave by nature or by law according to St. Augustine. No. His freedom was a function of his moral state. A man had as many masters as he had vices. This precept is the foundation for an intricate form of social control over man and continues to grow nearly unchecked today.

Augustine of Hippo – 13Nov 354 – 28Aug 430 AD

I encourage you all to love your neighbor as yourself.  I’ve read that before and many know where.  Don’t place them or yourself at risk.  But diligently observe the authority figures in our state and nation. Watch both their actions and their attitudes. Are they seemingly eager or reluctant to exercise power over their fellow citizens? Do they incline toward liberty and personal responsibility or do they default to strict regimentation, enforced by the government’s police powers?  Those are character traits of which you should be mindful, and they indicate the core of a person. We must choose our representatives and public servants wisely.

I began this communication to you all with a reference to saving this sentiment for a rainy day.  I was reminded today in an op/ed offered by Andrew Napolitano titled “Coronavirus fear lets government assault our freedom in violation of Constitution“, what St. Augustine branded, “libido dominandi” – the lust to dominate – when the government chooses between liberty and force.

Where do you think they’ll land if the government entertains this false choice?  Be very careful my friends, it is pouring outside.


About Michael Ware:

Michael Ware

Michael is a Christian husband and father to two children. He owns and operates Controlled Chaos Arms, a premier custom weapons shop in the Midwest. He serves as Chairman of the board of Directors at the Iowa Firearms Coalition. The pursuit of truth drives him in research and his writing.

Michael enjoys shooting, hunting, and fishing throughout the Midwest and Rockies. An avid outdoorsman and tireless supporter of all Second Amendment virtues, he can be found in his gun shop, in a tree stand with his kids, or on Capitol Hill lobbying in support of Freedom and Liberty at any given time.

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Wait a minute ! I thought it was I that was “Promoting Tyranny ” ! The Revelator told you so. Now that we actually see people not just ” Promoting Tyranny” , but actually putting it in to action and making it a reality, maybe some people might reassess how guilty I am in terms of actual promotion for just posing a question. I just asked a question, and you determined that I was no where close to being pro-gun ! I tried to defend myself but it seemed to just make things worse. So, I went under cover. I… Read more »


One step at a time, GO AMERICA.

Wild Bill

@consider, I went back and reviewed your back and forth missives with Rev on 6 Dec 2019. What I noted was that your writing style is so verbose that your message gets lost. No reader likes to wade through a morass of writing to get to the point. It is off putting. Perhaps you could be more concisely to the point. V/r.


Thank you for the constructive criticism Wild Bill


I’m sorry USA, but any money that I have to give away goes to GOA.


so with all those supporters, why do they need taxpayer funding. cut it off!!!


There are some on this site who could benefit from the wisdom in this article. You know who you are.


And, long before this experiment the dangers of a “standing army” were understood. … Now we have militarized police … current anecdotes suggest some of these LEOs willingly use force to ensure compliance with unlawful “social edicts” of local tyrants and governors … any force being by definition “disproportionate” to the claimed acts of “civil disobedience”. … At what point in time will the public start interfering with the unlawful actions of LEOs ? … Or will cell phone videos become non events to those not physically present, and / or LEOs will be allowed to confiscate those cell phones… Read more »


Thanks for your article Michael. More of us should contemplate the fact that God is the only authority we consider relevant.

Wild Bill

@Old, And God is the only one that teaches morality, which in turn precludes the vicious acts that only government is capable of.


Very eye-opening. It definetley forces me to reconsider how the police would behave in a gun confiscation.

Wild Bill

@GF, it will happen in the cities first, giving us time to form a plan and act.


The most advanced super high tech surveillance/militarized police state the world has ever seen is IN PLACE AND READY TO BE USED AGAINST US!
The Nazi Gestapo could not have even DREAMED of such capability!
So, are these government enforcers “OUR HERO’S”?
Or, are they THE PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST STATE GESTAPO, ready and willing to enforce the taking of our freedoms.
In progressive states across the country, police ENFORCE the suppression, and some places nullification, of the second Amendment.
It’s the LAW, Constitution be damned.
American Freedoms be damned, and taken.


The Nazis were brought here after the war. Where do you think they set up shop ? They surely didn’t change their ways. Look at Rod Rosenstein & Himmler. And his sister works at National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).


@USA, Right on! The players in this Covid-19 fiasco are being called out more and more each day. Take Fauci out of his self imposed safety net and his life could be in danger. That goes for Bill and Melinda, too.


Again…many politicians,deep in their souls, are godless.

moe mensale

Once again you post half truths and misleading items. The CDC does not receive private funding from outside sources. It’s an agency of the Dept of HHS and receives all its funding through Congress. It’s annual budget is ~$12 billion. The CDC Foundation, however, does receive private funding, which is what your graphic shows. The Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization separate from the CDC and not a federal agency. It’s latest donations amounted to ~$90 million. That’s about 3/4 of 1% of the CDC’s budget. Do the CDC and the CDC Foundation work together? Most assuredly. But that’s… Read more »


So what’s your point @Moe, you make a distinction without a difference. Follow the money my brother and the two entities cited become a marriage that allows for the interests of one to influence the other.In a similar manner there is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust…….His point is well taken my brother