5 New Gun Control Laws Just Took Effect in the US!

VA Gov Northam ID2A
Governor Northam is up to his old, anti-American tricks again. IMG IdahoSAA.org

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- While Idaho enjoys the expansion of Constitutional Carry, July 1st was a terrible day for the Second Amendment in one state.

At midnight on July 1st, massive infringements on the right to keep and bear arms took effect in the Commonwealth of Virginia — a state that has been a bastion of freedom for hundreds of years.

And as you’ll see, these are not minor changes.

These are the kind of gun control laws that radical socialists dream about, the kind of laws that put otherwise law abiding gun owners in prison!

As of this morning, if you buy more than one handgun in a month, you could be headed to prison for a year, as Virginia has re-enacted their ‘One Gun a Month’ law.

As of this morning, if you give a gun to your adult grandson without first obtaining government permission, you could be headed to prison for a year, as Virginia has enacted ‘Universal Gun Registration.’

As of this morning, if you have children in your home and have a handgun near your bed for self-defense, you could be headed to prison for a year, thanks to Virginia’s new ‘Safe Storage’ laws.

As of this morning, cities across the Commonwealth can ban guns on all city property and at all city events, leaving you utterly defenseless against a madman who targets the venue knowing it’s a ‘Gun Free Zone.’

As of this morning, if a bitter ex-spouse or other personal enemy wants to make up a claim against you in a secret ex-parte court hearing, your guns could be seized before you have been charged or convicted of a crime because Virginia is now a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ state.

Take a good, hard look at this list. Because this is exactly what radical socialist lawmakers in Boise would love to try and pass into law here. And with Michael Bloomberg directly targeting Idaho now, they are gaining power every single day.

And sadly, this is only half of the gun control laws that took effect last week in Virginia, as Bloomberg-backed radicals routed the Second Amendment earlier this year in Richmond.

In denial, some gun rights groups are hoping to find relief in the courts. But that’s a fool’s errand as everyone knows. In fact, multiple court appeals have already been rejected in Virginia over the last few months.

Others are blindly skipping along, happy that the politicians in Richmond didn’t pass a ban on AR-15’s or 30 round magazines. Some organizations in Virginia went so far as to claim victory in 2020, because this bill was defeated.

(Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a series of gun control bills into law this year that will put otherwise law-abiding gun owners into prison, and he’s not done yet.)

This, also, is nonsense.

The Virginia playbook is how the left always operates! They throw 15-20 gun control bills against the wall — allowing a few of them to be sacrificed on the altar of distraction — and then pass 90% of their overall agenda!

And while some gun owners are cheering the 10% of freedom they saved, radical socialists know that they passed 90% of their agenda and that they will be right back in the Capitol next session looking for the remaining 10%.

In fact, Governor Northam has already promised that passing an ‘assault weapons’ ban would be his top priority in 2021.

And now that they’ve destroyed much of the Second Amendment in Virginia, Michael Bloomberg’s organization is mobilized in Idaho and they are doing what they can stop the restoration of the 2nd Amendment here. 

The only way we are going to stop this socialist takeover and protect our precious right to keep and bear arms is if gun owners stand together and FIGHT BACK!

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.

Our website can be located at www.idahosaa.org.

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The only defense left in states like Virginia is open defiance by lesser magistrates. If your sheriff, your county board of supervisors and your municipal authorities refuse to enforce these laws and prevent other agencies from enforcing these laws they will be rendered moot. Remember, as a juror your first duty is to protect and defend the Constitution. As a juror you can render moot any law that violates the Constitution. Lawyers and judges don’t want you to hear that truth because contained within that truth, that one central truth, is the real Power to the People.

Last edited 2 years ago by nrringlee

It’s called jury nullification. Judges and prosecutors hate it so much that if an attorney even mentions it during a trial they will be cited with contempt and a mistrial may be declared, yet it is THE most powerful tool available to the individual juror. If you are that juror, never utter the word “nullification” as a reason for voting not guilty. Simply say the State did not present a compelling case (if you are asked by anyone, including your fellow jurors) and stick to that alone. They can never replace you on those grounds and for that reason.


Vanns40. Correct! Additionally, during jury selection, never let attorneys know that you are an intelligent, knowledgeable, thinking person. Attorneys prefer idiots whom they can lead around by the nose.


No matter how many laws past, present or in the future, Criminals will ignore them all.

uncle dudley

Every time this gun haters picture is shown we need to see the two other photo’s next to him of his college days in a KKK robe or the black face.
The people need reminded of his disdain for others.


Gun control by its self is racist enough.

Rebel VA

The bastard makes me want to puke. Vote conservative!

Rebel VA

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!


he would have been hanged already if this was 30 or 40 yrs ago.its time we prepared to protect our families and fight back!!


There’s nothing worse that political megalomania. There’s nothing worse than having your own countrymen, assume power over you and take away the liberty and life that has provided security and stability. There’s nothing worse, than those who stand up against every moral value that created this nation. There’s nothing worse than the Democrats posing as moserates hiding knives behind their backs. There is also none worse than back stabbing GOP who are actually Dems in R’s clothing. So there will be yet another great war here at home till the constitution is the rule of law and we enforce laws… Read more »


I don’t know that they should be abolished. I like them up front where I can keep an eye on them.


I can understand that sentiment as I have little issue with the rank and file, ignorance shouldnt be a crime.
The leaders however are public servants, that swore to uphold the Constitution and they have been derelict in that duty at best, often actively undermining it willfully. Which is generally considered to be treason and the penalty for treason, as outlined by the Constitution is death.

Rebel VA

The bastard is a criminal because he ignores the constitution of the usa and the state of virginia.


It seems that someday, in some regions, a Luau Party is inevitable.


Ansel Hazen

Yep, wore my boogaloo shirt to some gatherings over the weekend.


I’m sorry but 1st HAHAHAHA i told you all so! These laws have been in place in New Jersey for as long as i can remember.All these states committing treason to pass these laws upon its citizens should be doing all they can to “Remove” those responsible!!! I grew up in a anti-gun state and thought about leaving it! But thats nopt how we effect change in America!!! Its time the Patriots of this country got up off their arm chairs and finally show up in person to fight for their rights! Stop running or change will “never” come for… Read more »


Good for Idaho. As for Virginia, time to move to a free state or remember the lessons of our founders: that tyrants and yardarms were made for each other.


All of this trash is boilerplate copied from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Gun control in California really got started with the Mulford Act, signed by Ronald the Magnificent Reagan when he was governnor. That act banned open carry among other things and was in direct response to a disciplined group of black men who marched on the capital while openly, and safely carrying firearms, The old “black man with a gun” mandingo mentality took hold of the once Golden State and they willingly gave up their rights to prevent a vilified minority from exercising theirs. This is progressive reactionary… Read more »


Remember, gun control was never supposed to apply to whites, but only minorities.


I’d never heard of I2AA. As a citizen of the vast wilderness of North Idaho, I feel left out.


well, don’t hunker down in the northern wilds of your state alone and disengaged. Find out about them and somehow get active. Laws passed in Boise WILL affect YOU way up the Panhandle.


I looked them up. The party poopers require a fee to join.