The Future Of Your Second Amendment is At Risk in this Election #GUNVOTE ~ VIDEO

The Future Of Your Second Amendment is At Risk in this Election #GUNVOTE

Colorado, USA – -( Dear Second Amendment Supporter,

This upcoming election is crucial to the future of the Second Amendment and the ability of all Americans to keep and bear arms. The Colorado State Shooting Association asks you to take action by urging your members, family, and friends to register and vote for pro-gun candidates on November 3rd.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: The anti-gunners have made clear that they will, among other things, ban so-called “assault weapons,” criminalize private firearm transfers, bankrupt the firearm industry, and even require federal gun owner licensing and registration. These efforts will cripple our right to self-defense.

The choice could not be clearer. We need your help getting out the vote. If we lose this election, we may very well lose our fundamental right to protect ourselves, our families, and each other with the firearm of our choice. We encourage your members, friends, and family to share this message.

Yours in Freedom,

Colorado State Shooting Association

Colorado State Shooting Association

The Colorado State Shooting Association was established in 1926 and is the official NRA state association for Colorado. The three areas on which the CSSA focuses are: 1. Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights 2. Firearm safety 3. Sponsoring competitions.

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Funny how this “sky is falling” fearmongering happens every election and I’m told I have to vote for R otherwise D will take all of my guns. Meanwhile, my 2A rights get violated no matter which one is in office and, in fact, they’ve been violated more by the Rs in my 36 years than by the Ds. I’m not voting for your guy so he can screw me a little less than the other guy. At least when a D is in office the Rs grow a spine and fight their gun control. I’ll vote for a true 2A… Read more »


Ballot shenanigans in California???
EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — We are Working to Verify


Democrat leaders are terrorists!


Every election the doomsday sayers start with your 2A rights will be demolished, ban “assault” rifles, gun confiscation, etc, etc. Meanwhile, Obama did nothing and when Trump and the Republicans had the majority they did nothing, except ban bump stocks and don’t forget our savior saying “Take the guns first, go through due process second,”. It’s all a shell game. Gun rights aren’t going anywhere. If they keep you scared you’ll fall into line and be a good little citizen. Meanwhile they’re burning our cities, assaulting cops and trying to impose their marxist will on the populace.

Dave in Fairfax

There’s a big difference. Before the Dems denied that it was their goal, now it’s part of their platform and an anti-gun czar has been named who has stated his intent. They have also filled the top of the ticket whioth people who have repeatedly stated their intent to get rid of guns. Those are big differences.

uncommon sense

Meanwhile, RINO Trump says “I’m protecting your 2A” while he has schlonged the 2A more bigly than Obama. And you cheer.

RINO Trump has done MORE gun control than Obama. And he still wants even more.


I think I smell a Dam troll.

uncommon sense

I think truth has triggered you, snowflake.

Dave in Fairfax

I don’t remember cheering when he pushed bumpstock or trigger bans. Come to think of it, I don’t remember cheering when he pushed red flag laws. Perhaps you could refresh my memory.

uncommon sense

Fair enough. But you are an editor on a website that shills for RINO Trump, the more bigly socialist gun grabber than Obama.

Dave in Fairfax

I’m sorry that you feel that way. We try not to “shill” for anyone. The fact that we have diverse opinions shows regularly when some of the writers pen articles in favor of the NRA. This IS a Pro-gun, Pro-2A website, If you feel differently feel free to submit an article on a subject that you feel is appropriate.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

Go back to Obama, as a state senator he was all for a ban on handguns, a ban on ‘assault weapons’, and a mandatory waiting period on purchases but it never happened. Even though in his first 2 years he had congress he did nothing. He had Feinstein.Why? Because he was worried about his reelection. Why didn’t he do anything in his last 4 years? Besides not having congress he was worried about his successor and the chances of a democrat being elected after instituting any restrictions. Now to Trump and his first 2 years with a republican majority. What… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Not true at all. In Virginia this year, after the Democrats got power in both legislative houses, they did pass numerous laws that restrict our RKBA. If not for the VCDL and a huge public turn-out, it would have been much worse. We will be in a hellacious fight until we can get pro-rights legislators back in office. However, they did succeed in making the Capitol a GFZ (it never was previously), and enacting legislation that removed pre-emption, allowing localities to pass “gun control” ordinances, which a few have already done.


I live in Virginia, I was there, stayed at the Omni Hotel. I know what they’ve done. Most of the preemption effect is in those localities where the locals voted in the idiots. The rest of us live in areas with common sense and our local governments have adopted no local gun control ordinances. I live out in the northern neck, there’s no gun control out here and our local LEO’s and city and county councils have vowed not to uphold this nonsense. It’ll never happen on a federal level, especially if Trump gets Barrett in the Supreme Court. Once… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by PsychoUSMC

You missed a few of the infringements and outright crimes that Biden has promised to execute if he manages to steal the election. 1) 50% tax on ammo and 30% tax on firearms. 2) Silencers, standard mags and “assault weapons” are banned from future manufacture. The rules are so loose, a pistol with a threaded barrel is a “assault weapon”, as are most semi-auto rifles. 3) To keep what you have, you will need to pay $200 per item (mag, suppressor or “assault weapon”) and register it with the ATF, along with travel restrictions, etc, 4) To keep or buy… Read more »

uncle dudley

Some folks don’t understand how the congress works, when one party is in control of the house of representatives the speaker of the house is elected by the members, that speaker decides which bills make it to the floor for voting on, just because they belong to say the republican party doesn’t mean all gun issues will get a vote if the speaker doesn’t want it, same goes for the senate, this is where pressure by the citizens comes in to influence their congress members. Congress people are always looking at getting reelected so they don’t want to piss off… Read more »

uncommon sense

RINO Trump has done MORE gun control than Obama….with no resistance. And he still wants more.

Is that MAGA? Is that WINNING?

Maybe…if you’re a leftist masquerading as a constitutional conservative of any sort.


So, what are you suggesting? Shall we all vote for a known anti-gun Biden-Harris ticket? Trump has done more to support the 2A than any president we have seen in a long time. Maybe not perfect, given the bumpstockj issue, but pro-2A to a much greater extent than you’re going to get out go the libs.

uncommon sense

RINO Trump has done more gun control than Obama, and he still wants to do even more. How do you figure he has done more to support 2A than any president you have seen in a long time? Oh right, you’re a cultist rube who believes the hype….the mere words of a lifelong NY liberal conman….words that have NOT been backed up by his actions. Remember when Obama said “take the guns first, then due process second?” Oh wait, that was RINO Trump. And when RINO Trump said that, only about 5 states had red flag laws. Now about 20… Read more »