Protect Your Property With Lockdown Gear

Protect Your Property With Lockdown Gear
Protect Your Property With Lockdown Gear

U.S.A.-( If you’ve been paying attention to the news, looting and rioting have become popular. Intentions aside, any responsible homeowner who has a reason for concern for their property and how to defend their loved ones should be considering the right equipment for their home. The Lockdown brand from American Outdoor Brands (AOB) is the homeowner’s accessory defense brand & gun storage must-know line of equipment.

Strategic and subtle placement of your home defense handguns is not just a thought anymore. With the insanity of a faithless world, you never know when you’ll need to take a stand in your own home. In Plain Sight is a line of growing furniture you can use for aesthetically and functionally improving your home. The line holds two shelves that feature a concealed magnetic latch that opens a hidden compartment. Hide your pistols in strategic areas around the house. Built with quality wood, AOB also included an LED light for nighttime access. The In Plain Sight shelves come in two colors, white and a beautiful stained walnut to match your chosen color scheme in the home. 

The White Shelf is $109.99

Lockdown Gear
In Plain Sight, White Shelf

The Stained Shelf is $129.99

Lockdown Gear
In Plain Sight, Stained Shelf

Trigger locks are not new; however, the engineers at AOB took this traditional piece of equipment and enhanced several features to ensure absolute security. If someone wants to try hard enough, they can crack open a traditional tripper lock. The Lockdown Trigger-Lock has a programable combination and a key lock option built into the product. By utilizing a heavy bolt in the trigger guard, the wrong person physically cannot break the trigger lock open. The California Department of Justice even certifies this product. These are simple upgrades to your collection of firearms and safety gear, with a $29.99 for three. 

Check Out The Lockdown Trigger Gaurd, 3-Pack.

Lockdown Gear
Lockdown Trigger Lock

The Lockdown brand is known for being a gun vault storage and organization brand. One of their newest products is the Automatic Dehumidifier Engineered with an ultra-efficient thermo-electric process, water drains into a holding tank or directly to your drain with the built-in hose connection. The Automatic Digital Control turns the unit on only when the humidity gets high over your desired set limit and turns it off when it’s back under control. It is small and compact weighing 3.69 lbs with dimensions of 11” L x 7” W x 5.25” D. The holding tank can hold up to 1.5L or 400ml per day. 

Keeping your gun vault a peak condition is easy with the automatic Dehumifyer by Lockdown for $109.99

Lockdown Gear
Automatic Dehumidifier

Keeping your home and guns protected is vital in today’s environment. The Lockdown brand has the right tools for the job and is affordable for the modern homeowner. 

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$89.79 on Optics Planet for the lowest priced one!