The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election: An Election Like No Other In History

The Biden-Harris ticket could spell the end of the Second Amendment if elected. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said, repeatedly, that this election is a battle for the soul of the Nation. See, e.g., USAToday story. In all other respects, they are both duplicitous liars, often contradicting themselves, positing the most ludicrous and monstrous of ideas. But they are dead-on right in their assertion that the coming election amounts to a battle for the soul of the Nation. And, if Satan wants our Nation’s soul, then Biden and Harris are his agents, intent on obtaining it for him, gladly wresting it kicking and screaming, if necessary, from the Nation’s psyche.

At no other point in time, since the opening salvo of muskets marking the commencement of the American Revolutionary War in 1775, a war against the tyranny of King George III, a war that gave birth to the most powerful, most prosperous, and most beneficent Nation on Earth, have we Americans—the beneficiaries of the sacrifices made by those founders of our Nation, the first Patriots, and of the millions of soldiers who have fought and of the many who died to protect and preserve our Nation since—faced our truest test of faith.

Will The Counterrevolution Of 2020 Undo The Successful Revolution Of 1776?

A general election is rapidly approaching to choose a U.S. President. The election of a U.S. President is as much a historical tradition as a Constitutional requirement under the Twelfth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The upcoming election will determine not only which Party controls the critically important Executive Branch of Government, but which will control the all-important U.S. Senate.

This is no ordinary U.S. Presidential election. For this election will determine, once and likely for all subsequent time, whether our Nation continues to exist in the form the framers of our Constitution constructed and intended for it, a free Constitutional Republic where the people themselves are sovereign and where Government exists to serve the people, not the other way around, or whether Americans capitulate to ruthless, jealous forces both here at home and abroad, who have made patently clear their desire and intention to dismantle it.

This isn’t hyperbole notwithstanding that many Americans, those seemingly sensible middle and upper-middle class Americans who define themselves as socially and politically liberal—and who may, or may not, object to the antics of the Radical Marxists and Anarchists who have been rioting and causing general mayhem in our Cities for months on end—think that a Biden/Harris White House and a Democrat-controlled Senate, along with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, doesn’t portend the end of our Republic, but simply a return to normalcy. But, in that, these ostensibly sensible, pragmatic middle and upper-middle class Americans are dead wrong.

Unbeknownst to these Americans, a war is being waged against the United States. This war has been taking place for decades and it’s a war that is rapidly coming to a head. This war is being fought between two factions.

One faction consists of those Americans who seek to preserve our Nation as handed down to us by the founders of it: an independent sovereign Nation-State and free Constitutional Republic grounded in a formal Constitution, governed by the American people themselves—through their elected representatives. The other faction consists of Counterrevolutionaries: those who are dead-set intent on tearing our free Constitutional Republic down, and constructing an entirely new Order—a true Marxist State—not to be seriously construed as a genuine sovereign, independent nation at all, one that is defined by geographical borders.

The Counterrevolutionaries have in mind an ambitious project. They seek to create an amalgam, comprising the remains of western nation-states, where the governments of these nation-states exist are paper relics, as the real dictates of these nations—these geographical regions, emanate from Brussels. This is apparent from an analysis of the governing authority of the purported nation-states comprising the European Union. The Western titans of industry and finance are the true rulers of this new Order, governing the world through their proxies.

The European Union constitutes the germ of these Counterrevolutionary’s grand design. Other western nations are to be brought into the EU’s orbit, including the Commonwealth Nations. But the Counterrevolutionaries real prize, the one they covet most of all, is the United States.

With its technological expertise and vast natural resources, along with its extensive and unparalleled array of military, police, and intelligence apparatuses, the forces that crush intend to bring the United States into their fold.

The Chinese Communist empire has its own designs, ambitions, and objectives for the Nation, and Joe Biden is their “Manchurian” Candidate in a very real sense. China has bought and paid for him and they intend to profit handsomely from him.

Communist China’s aims are primarily geopolitical and military. The aims of the Counterrevolutionary Western titans of industry and finance are, as they essentially have always been—monetary—but they cannot ignore the import of geopolitical and military dominance lest they be run over by China. The formation of an uneasy world Dyarchy appears to be on the horizon for the world.

Of the mass of the commonalty in Europe, the Commonwealth Nations and of the commonality of China, and of Russia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, they are already doomed. It is no accident the poor, impoverished, or outright lazy, would make a mad dash for the United States.

And, what of the citizenry of the United States. At the moment all that stands between them and annihilation, is their fundamental, natural, unalienable, illimitable, and immutable, right of free speech right and right to keep and bear arms—rights bestowed on man by the Divine Creator himself, as etched in stone in the Nation’s Bill of Rights. Both these crucial God-given rights are being whittled away to nothing.

If sleazy, Manchurian Joe and the sordid, horrid Kamala get into Office and if the contemptible, deceitful Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority leader, we Americans—who have, to date, seen but a foretaste of erosion of their fundamental, illimitable, immutable, inalienable right of free speech and right to keep and bear arms— will see these rights not only sharply curtailed, but obliterated, extinguished.

An armed citizenry and a citizenry that speaks its own mind cannot long remain in tyranny. Such rights are inconsistent with the objectives of the tenets of Collectivism and cannot be condoned and, so, must not, will not be tolerated. The threat posed to the rulers of the New World Order, and the uniform, exacting order they impose on the commonalty would not be possible. Their New World Order would all come crashing down.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines ‘counterrevolution’ as ‘a revolution whose aim is the deposition and reversal of a political or social system set up by a previous revolution.’ That is precisely what is taking place in our Nation today.

Ruthless, malicious, malevolent, antagonistic forces both inside and outside the United States are responsible for the unrest and violence emanating in our Nation’s Cities today.

These extraordinarily, inordinately powerful, wealthy, devious, malignant forces have orchestrated, bankrolled, fomented, and provoked a Counterrevolution in our Nation. And this Counterrevolution, along with the Chinese Communist Coronavirus plague, is metastasizing across the Nation, encouraged by placid, weak, and favorably disposed politicians; milked by a seditious Press, supportive of, and receptive and responsive to the aims of the Destructors of our Nation

You will note that the definition of ‘counterrevolution’ doesn’t mention or even allude to the use of firearms.

This present war isn’t being fought with guns and cannons—at least not yet—but that is likely to change if the forces that dare crush Americans into submission do take complete control of the reins of Government.

But the absence of the use of firearms at the moment is not to say or to suggest that the present Counterrevolution—the Revolt against the American Revolution—isn’t being waged with weapons. For there exist many kinds of weapons. This Counterrevolution is at the moment being fought with words, conveyed with great effect through the most potent information dissemination engine yet devised by man: The Internet.

The Internet has, just in the space of a few decades, grown into a behemoth. Thousands of Petabytes of data—information—are continually disseminated around the world. It is both a new battlefield and turf to the Counterrevolutionaries that intend to gain control over. But can they? Will they?

It is virtually impossible for one person or one organization to gain complete, exclusive control over the internet But, a few powerful technology companies, true behemoths, have nonetheless, through the space of two or three decades, gained control over broad swaths of it. Their names are known to the public—Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter. The inner workings of these multi-layered Goliaths are tightly guarded, unfathomable, formidable.

These technology goliaths are an empire unto themselves, contained by and constrained by no Nation, their tentacles large and sprawling, entangling the world in their embrace.

The originators of these beasts and their chief executive officers have forged an unholy alliance with Globalist Billionaires in finance and industry both here and around the world and they have entered into pacts with China. They, together, plan to take control over the resources of our Nation, jettisoning the Nation’s institutions, its culture, its traditions, its history, the very Constitutional framework of it—leaving the Nation a dry, barren husk, an empty shell; its people subjugated, thoroughly demoralized, wholly or primarily dependent on Government largess, reduced to abject penury and servitude.

And therethrough they are being assisted with the help of a massive Fifth Column in our Nation—comprising Democrats and Bush-centric Republicans in Congress; a massive federal Bureaucracy, the Administrative Deep State; rabid, radical Marxist and Anarchist groups, and the Marxist intelligentsia; and a compliant, obsequious, sympathetic Press.

With unimaginable wealth and tenacity, the forces that seek to crush our Nation and its people into submission can succeed, and they intend to succeed, and they will succeed if they take control of the Executive Branch of Government along with the U.S. Senate.

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Question for Joe Biden on Gun Control. How could his son, Hunter Biden, get a hand gun legally? Hunter is a chronic drug abuser. Did he fraud a 4473? It has been reported that his ex-sister-in-law, aka lover, aka first cousin, aka sister threw his hand gun in to a trash can at a supermarkt. The gun has yet to be recovered. Hunter, a prohibited person, had the gun safely stashed under the seat of his car when his squeeze found it. So Joe, you are talking about taking my guns. Retired Marine, 30 years, numerous combat awards, honorably retired… Read more »

WI Patriot

It’s only going to get worse…subsequent elections will be fraught with violence and fraud…


What would Biden and Harris know about “souls”? They both
sold theirs years ago.


Can anybody here say with a straight face? “I’m voting for Biden”



Shame on any AMERICAN who votes for a traitor like Biden!


In just a few more days the fate of America will be known. I can’t wait, I am so tired of the same old B.S. over and over, day after day. Let’s just get it over with. Either we will have more riots, looting and murder and our government takes out the trash and gets us back on track or there will be a civil war because Americans are not going to give up there liberty, rights and freedom so we can become a communist country. Not happening on my watch.

Trump 2020 for a safer America


  I do believe we are already in a dark time in history for the country and the world. Our freedoms are being plucked daily by those in the ruling class. Never in history have so many governments around the world responded by locking down their people.      We now understand that the virus was out and about as early as September of 2019 and Americans who got sick were told that they were not sure of what illness they had . I was one of those folks sent to the hospital tested for pneumonia and sent home to get well. That took all of… Read more »


Very powerful editorial, filled with every adjective and adverb ever put together in a single arguement. I’m on your side but this article was overkill. I guess your mission is to challenge the minds of undecided voters, however most if not all of us here are on your side! An article such as this has to reach the general public otherwise you are just preaching to the choir. There are only a few days until the general election, readers, get the word out!!!!!


Just waiting for the call.


The truest Axiom for this election next Tuesday is this:

“It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”—Joseph Stalin


WTF??? Ammoland has become the Facebook/Twit of Conservative/gun sites??? Took 14 days to”approve”and post my comment below. Who made Ammoland/Workman the arbiter of free speech? If I wanted to be censored, I’d post on Facebook or Twitville. Anyone else being “approved” this way? WTF????


EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!! My message for years. Read, expand, and use and spread my following comments. Arbalest Group should have been writing Trump’s speeches. He has squandered his “Bully Pulpit” as sitting President with his childlike rants rather than to openly warn the masses of what is happening to America. The following quote describes the traitorous behavior of Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Schummer, Feinstein, AOC, Nadler, A, Damn Shitt,…..and Republicans like the late McCain, Romney,……and, billioinaires Soros, Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Google leaders, Facebook founder Zuckerburg, et el, et el. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the… Read more »