Rep. Buddy Carter On Why We Must Win the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections ~ VIDEO

Field reporting by Rob Pincus.

Georgia – -( From earlier today at the Epic Shoot 2020, hosted by Big Daddy Unlimited on November 11th, 2020, Congressman Buddy Carter lays it all out on why winning U.S Senate races in the state of Georgia are so important to defeat the socialist wave from sweeping over America.

Representative Buddy Carter (GA) explains the unprecedented importance of the Georgia Senate Runoff Election on January 5th, 2021, and the role that the Second Amendment community will play in winning this race for America.

This election will decide the balance of power in the United States Legislature and be instrumental in determining the short term future of the way our country is governed.

Get out the Vote!

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Anti-America activists from Kalifornia, New York, New Jersey and Maryland are flooding (moving) to Georgia, registering as voters and voting. Then, there are the millions of dollars from Hollyweird, Bloomberg and Soros at play in Georgia buying election officials, vote counters, votes, etc. We see in Pennsylvania and Georgia there are about ONE Republican poll watcher to TEN democrats ‘counting'(making, changing) votes. Too busy to be a poll watcher? Just…too lazy? Or…’Let someone else do all the heavy lifting then I can join in on the win or complain if it is a loss’ you thought? Americans will get what… Read more »