Trump Team Sets Up ‘Voter Fraud Report’ Website as Evidence Piles Up

Voter Fraud
Trump Team Sets Up ‘Voter Fraud Report’ Website as Evidence Piles Up

USA – -( As gun owners watch Joe Biden prepare to claim victory,  allegations of vote fraud fly around cyberspace and legal actions are being filed faster than John Wayne could pull a sixgun. President Donald Trump’s team and their allies have set up a website for people to report possible cases of fraud or voting irregularities. You can report voter fraud you personally experienced, witnessed, or found via the world web. Report everything before they hide the evidence:

At this writing, it appeared anti-gun former Vice President Joe Biden was on the verge of securing the required 270 Electoral College votes to win the election.

But there are questions about the integrity of elections in several key states, and while some news agencies have raced to dispel those concerns, many Trump supporters, including American gun owners concerned about Biden’s plans to erode their Second Amendment rights, are paying attention.

Post Office Corruption

One alarming video has been posted by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, depicting a phone conversation he had with an alleged Post Office whistleblower in Pennsylvania who claimed late ballots had been back-dated.

Voter Fraud in Michigan

There have been other suspicious postings on social media, allegedly showing how a few cases of voter fraud were perpetuated using the identities of dead people.

A similar video posted on YouTube demonstrates how alleged voter fraud has or could occur in Michigan, a state where several questions have been raised about a ballot drop that either entirely or largely went to Biden. Critics have contended it is statistically impossible for a shipment of ballots to arrive at voter headquarters and not have a single Trump ballot in the bunch. While there may be no satisfactory way to prove or disprove the allegation, this video is keeping the controversy alive:

In Plain Sight

Another video, apparently showing some vote tabulators at work in Pennsylvania, appears to allege that counters are filling in blanks on ballots. Whether that is the case or not, the video has apparently raised concerns about the integrity of the tabulating process.

Ballot counter in PA stamping the ballot as accepted then filling it out???

While all of this is happening, establishment media outlets are scrambling to refute claims of vote fraud, but they are going about it in ways that seem more like editorials than matter-of-fact reporting. For example, CNN stated in its lead paragraph of one story, “Top Republicans are defending President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and a rigged election even as some rank-and-file congressional Republicans have spoken out against the President’s latest remarks.”

The story went on to assert the president was making “false claims” that “that a count of legally cast ballots would show him winning the presidential race…”

It is not clear how CNN determined any of Trump’s claims are “baseless,” and the use of that word only reinforces the belief of many that the president has never gotten a square treatment by the American press.

The Associated Press ran this paragraph as its lead: “Key Republican lawmakers, including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, on Friday slammed President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that Democrats are trying to ‘steal’ the election, even as GOP leaders struck a more neutral tone — and others urged the White House to fight.”

Even The Guardian has gotten in on the act, declaring in the lead paragraph of one report, “In his Wednesday evening address, an increasingly desperate Donald Trump continued his assault on the democratic process by lying about widespread voter fraud.”

Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting that Republican leaders in Pennsylvania are encouraging people to “relax,” amid the high tensions in the Keystone State, one of four or five key battleground states.

Perhaps none of this would be happening, or at least the tensions might be reduced, had Fox News not declared Arizona a win for Biden on just a small percentage of Election Night returns. The news network’s jumping of that gun only made matters worse, it appears.

While all of this is happening, many people are watching Senate races in North Carolina and Georgia, which could determine whether Republicans maintain control of the Senate, providing a barrier to any programs a Biden administration might try to push through.

The “1st” count may be nearing completion, but the court challenges could be just getting underway.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Soapbox; Status: Censored.
Ballot box; Status: Rigged.
Jury box: Status: Pending.
Cartridge box; Status: Loaded.

Deplorable Bill

Same here.

Maybe a recount might work.

Arm up and carry on


This should have been dealt with in 2016. Not to mention the last midterms. No one saw the cheating before ? Why do we have EVerify ? Every mailed ballot should have been accounted for thru that system with a unique number or barcode. Trump has himself to blame when he terminated looking into election fraud. I’m hoping he has some hard evidenc to expose the cheaters. But I seriously doubt it.


A recount of fraudulent votes? Arming up may be the only route for real justice any more.


Gee sounds like you feel that your first line of defense has been destroyed too! Just think how obummer militarized the alphabet agency’s and the garbage in many cases is still in there and not removed. People that argue the election was unfair will need to be sent to a camp for reprogramming. If we cant straighten out the mess in the court and stop this where it is now before uncle joe takes the oath with his hand on the koran we are doomed as a republic. Wil the senate be able to stop them or will executive order… Read more »


I wouldn’t trust it. If they are finding problems with the computer system then there is purposely code that has been written in to make it happen. The programmers that wrote the code, their bosses and the company should all be sitting in jail right now pending trial. None of that states votes should count.

Ansel Hazen

Perhaps a recount with guns pointed at the ballot counters. Election supervisors taken out side and lined up against a brick wall if the count shows there was previous fraud.

uncle dudley

It was only weeks ago that crazy Nancy and her minions were looking at the 25th amendment thinking about how it could be used for a president who had mental issue’s, let’s not forget what state Harris calls home.
Since shoot them in the leg Joe is in poor mental condition do you think they have a plan in place to elevate Harris by April fools day.


Nancy would love to have Crazy Joe disappear and become VP.


Liden and Kameltoe is not my elected official and if they force that they are I will be plastering my car with stickers that say, lieden not my choice not my president, my dog is smarther than your president and at least he can remember where his food bowl is.. The demonrats just declared victory. How can you win when there is solid proof of cheating. This is all B.S. and a bunch of other choice words I will not use unless I quote biden when I say ” this is a big fucking deal”. Yes he is so righteous… Read more »


North Carolina- Requested my absentee ballot on October 21, never received it in the mail at my home address. I voted in person on October 26.

Today, November 7, 2020 the absentee ballot envelope arrived at my home address, with postage dated 10-22-20. OUTRAGE.

Somebody at Post Office or Wake County Elections board has some explaining to do.

Deplorable Bill

This is the kind of thing that you hear about in places like russia and china. We learned of these things in the military and I despise russia and china for doing this to the people. Obviously we have it here in America now. What are our options? Re count, re vote or revolt. Is there another way?

Arm up and carry on

Dr. Strangelove

If they succeed in stealing this election, it will be the last one we see in our lifetime.


Joseph Stalin was reported to have said that it’s not who votes but who counts the vote.


The Voting Dead. New on AMC!


The Usurpers have it locked in. Times are going to get very bad for us. They want to get rid of gasoline so be prepared to pay high gas prices like back in Obummer’s 8year reign of terror. Biden won’t last, Kameltoe will kick him to the curb and take over so bend over and grab your ankles, she won’t use lube.

Green Mtn. Boy

Michigan GOP chairwoman says software glitch tallied thousands of Republican votes as Democrat “University of Michigan computer science professor J. Alex Halderman, a voting machine expert, told the Free Press that ‘it’s plausibly human error, but if a simple screw-up could cause these problems, that sounds like a technical design flaw.’” “’It’s natural to wonder whether similar problems could have occurred in other jurisdictions that use the same machine. Fortunately, even if the county hadn’t noticed, this would have been caught and corrected during Michigan’s normal canvassing procedures, when they compare the results to the paper tapes from the machines,’… Read more »


The fix is in. The media bias worked, the Corvid “solution/safety” hoax is a done deal and continuing, and the sheep will continue to “obey” anything without question.


I immediately went to the site to mention some things, using Google Chrome, and Norton/Lifelock web protection immediately declared it as a DANGEROUS site. I proceeded anyway and filled out the form, and submitted it, to which this “protective” software declared that no such form exists and gave me an error. I was able to submit a completed form using the MS Edge browser. Hopefully, that one won’t be closed down. But if you get blocked, use other methods and keep trying!!!

Dubi Loo

Try using the Brave browser. Using Brave I don’t have those issues.

Dave in Fairfax

Bill didn’t mention his browser, but I suspect that IT isn’t the problem. Brave is OK, but his issue is his anti-malware. You aren’t using Norton Lifelock, I suspect. I quit using Norton products when Pete sold the company.

Dubi Loo

DIF, haven’t used Norton in 20 years. I use Trend Micro. Not a techie, Brave & TM works well for me. I’m also on a VPN.

Dave in Fairfax

Glad to hear that the VPN worked out for you, I was meaning to ask you about that.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

A “glitch” ……. rrrrrright


No, I don’t want a recount, I say we don’t count that states or maybe precinct and all others using that software’s votes for president. We need an entirely new system. A government system. I won’t get into the particulars now but it could work. In this case the person who found the glitch should get a million dollars and that is just part of how my system would work.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

So if all these places had a glitch. That’d be what 200-300,000 votes? Odd that was just about what Biden needed to pass Trump wasn’t it?


Mr. Workman,
Thank you for another very well written and informative article on the 2020 Presidential Election and the issues surrounding it.


NORTON USERS: Norton AV may give you the following message:

Dangerous Webpage Blocked
You attempted to access:
This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.

to learn more about phishing and internet security.
Continue to the site

CONTINUE TO THE SITE, as NORTON is being a ______ .

Dave in Fairfax

AJ and Others,
Using SeaMonkey under Linux I had NO problem accessing the page. If you don’t use M$ or Apple products you aren’t supporting the enemy. Think about it. If you can start your computer from a flash drive or DVD, You aren’t limited to the OS that came on it. Also, you have better security even if you don’t have anti-malware running, if you do, you’re golden.

Dave in Fairfax

This is nothing. MLW is one of the original COBOLers. Nanoseconds all over the basement.


I just filled form and sent with success.


Another video of people just filling out these ballots by the tons and no one cares as these two women literally fill out hundreds of ballots to stack the vote.


Last edited 1 year ago by Garick

Green Mtn Boy. You are correct about the Chairwoman for the Michigan GOP saying there was a “glitch’ with the software used in the elections there. She also said on Sean Hannity, Friday night last week that 40 of the 80 some counties in Michigan used the same software that had the glitch. Also on Sean Hannity’s show Friday he received information that 30 other states, not mentioned also used the same software that was used in Michigan. Hopefully this can be investigated and if true what caused the ” glitch’ as it is referred to who those votes were… Read more »


You all sound like the people you called “liberal snowflakes” in 2016 after the trump win. Face it, you underestimated the black vote because blacks didn’t show up in 2016, and you have low opinions of black people anyway. If trump had courted the black vote, you would have had the wave, but he can only inspire racists and coons, so you reap what you sowed …

Last edited 1 year ago by Warlok11
Dr. Strangelove

Ignore the cheating, that’s OK. BTW, Trump received more minority vote than any other Republican this cycle.Your use of the word “coon” shows that you are the racist.

Autsin Miller III

Liberals ARE snowflakes there are just a whole lot of them! I get that snowflakes don’t like Trump. They seem to live in a very emotional world. Like it or not, the economy, real estate values, stock market and employment numbers have been better in the aggregate under Trump than any modern president. Let’s see if President Elect Biden or Harris (whichever it turns out to be) does as well. Actually, for the welfare of the nation, I hope so but a country can’t be run on emotion, otherwise it looks like Portland. I heard an elderly veteran that served… Read more »

AZ Lefty

Did Trump report himself and Malenia for illegally voting in Florida since he does not reside there?

Trump made a agreement with the City to get his expansion that Mar A Lago will not be used as a Residence for ANYONE