What Are the Impossible Odds of 139,339 Ballots all Going to Biden?

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What Are the Impossible Odds of 139,339 Ballots all Going to Biden? iStock-Gajus

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- So let me start; my BA is in applied mathematics out of UCLA. Besides writing occasional gun articles, I use these skills every day for Green Energy Consulting.

When I saw reports that a block of 2020 Presidential absentee ballots turned up all 100% for Biden, a so-called “error” that was later corrected when called out by conservative reporters; I asked the question, is that likely or even mathematically possible?

The answer is simple NO; it is not.

So here’s why and how you calculated the estimates.

Consider a coin; you flip it, what are the odds that it would come up heads. Well, 50/50, right? The chance of two heads in a row is 25% Three heads in a row 1 in 8. The possible patterns look like this. (H stands for heads, T for tails)

  1. HHH
  2. HHT
  3. HTT
  4. HTH
  5. THH
  6. THT
  7. TTH
  8. TTT

Only one of the eight possible options is all heads. Try it for yourself.

Assuming 139,339 “found” ballots, what are the odds that they are all for Biden, one of the worst candidates for President in our history?

First off, we have to weigh the chances of a Biden ballot. All early ballots mailed a week ago from a democratic stronghold. Let’s be generous and say 90% of those ballots are for Biden. (.80)139,339

Now let’s make the math easy, how many times out of 100 ballots being pulled, given 90% of the ballets would be for Biden, would you get all Biden Ballots?

2.65 times out of 100,000. Or 1 out of every 38,000 times. Now, this is just for 100 ballots. For 139,339 ballots, the odds are just about infinitesimal. So close to zero that the calculation has 1000+ zeros.

If I use 1,000 ballots, the odds are 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000174787125172274 to 1.

Printing out the odds number for 139.339 ballots would fill the page with zeros.

Now consider this, we see lots of 10,000’s ballots bunches turn up, all for Biden in every democratically controlled state. The odds of 1,000 ballots all-for-one candidate are so close to zero as statistically impossible. (The increases in the odds are geometric, not linear, by the way.) The odds of 10,000 ballots, let alone 139,339 ballots are even worse.

We are witness to the most incredible national effort at voter fraud in American History, and the people involved have no shame or remorse. The media is complicit in not covering these issues.

“There’s more to an election than mere votin’, my boy, for as an eminent American once said: ‘I care not who casts the votes of a nation if they’ll let me make the count. ‘” — from Uncle Henry, a novel by George Creel, 1922.

If this is allowed to stand, our republic is dead.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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If we don’t hold people accountable for crime, how can we expect anything but more crime?


The embarrassing thing is is that the Dems don’t even try to hide their fraud.


That’s because they know they won’t be held accountable.


AMEN! If this fraudulent vote is accepted the GOP will NEVER win another presidential election. The Dumbocrats will make sure of it.


Same goes for GOP supporters.
They are already feeling betrayed that few Republican “leaders” are not stepping up to support President Trump now that the vote is done.

My advice to Republican Congress & Senate members:

Get out there and fight for your President! Do it now!
Fight hard, fight to win.

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Closet Bushistas will be glad to see Trump take a dump. That way they can go back to the old order of working with the likes of Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein on little games like Communist China Collusion. Manchurian Mitch and many others are making jing from Beijing. Remember this one simple truth:

Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.
John Harington


If it is statistically impossible, which it is, then Occam’s Razor applies; it is illegitimate. An illegitimate outcome in the election supplies an illegitimate president which makes the government illegitimate. The founders left us enough of an idea as to how we must handle this…

Mystic Wolf

The satan worshipping DEMONcrats said they would take the election by any means they can even if they have to stuff the ballot boxes and commit voter fraud, quid-pro-joe even said that he had the biggest and widest spread system for vote buyers ever.


“Satan worshipping DEMONcrats”??? Really? Who said “they would take the election by any means they can even if they have to stuff the ballot boxes and commit voter fraud.”? Where are you people getting this nonsense?? “quid-pro-joe even said that he had the biggest and widest spread system for vote buyers ever.” Do you have any idea what you’re saying? Quid Pro Quo isn’t Joe Biden. It’s your guy, “the Donald”. And please show me exactly where Joe Biden said “he had the biggest and widest spread system for vote buyers ever.” Again, you folks are simply making stuff up… Read more »


You have to be a DEMOCRAT to not be able to see what happened this election AND to not know WHY the mail in/late receive ballots were wanted… This election is 100% BOGUS and the ENTIRE WORLD knows it. This also WHY they fought so hard to keep Barrett form being confirmed, cause the Dems KNOW this is going to end up in the Supreme Court.
There is absolutely NO WAY this many ballots were cast for Biden, IMPOSSIBLE !
Soros/Bloomberg setup, guaranteed.

Ansel Hazen

Actually I think this is China and here is why. The night started out great, at our local GOP victory party we were all watching a feed on the net showing Trumps numbers out ahead and winning states as they came in. Then suddenly Youtube cut the feed. We couldn’t get it back. a few hours later when I got home I sat down at the computer and tried to bring up the electoral college map. I couldn’t get one. From anywhere. That search had now been suppressed. By 3 am when I couldn’t find info I went to bed.… Read more »


Possible that china released their lab built Wuhan Flu, and killed thousands worldwide, just to help dems take control of the gov? If you doubt this, your too trusting.

Mystic Wolf

Even the CBP even caught illegals coming over the border carrying backpacks full of ballots tens of thousands of ballots all for quid-pro-joe, when you have ballots coming in from other countries that is as illegal as things can get, yet quid-pro-joe wants those illegal ballots counted. This is why in the end THIS WHOLE THING is going to the Supreme Court, because of all the illegal ballots and all the dead people that voted.

Heed the Call-up

Do you have a link to the source for your claim? I would like to use it, but I need verification of that. I did a quick Internet search and could not substantiate your statement, “CBP even caught illegals coming over the border carrying backpacks full of ballots all for quid-pro-joe”.


Yeah. Could you please tell us your source for this fantasy.


There is a rich history of voter fraud among progressives in America. One of the most prominent but now disowned progressives of the post WW II era, Lyndon Baines Johnson was a master at voter fraud and taught generations of progressives how to do it. Here is a short history: https://dailysurge.com/2020/10/voter-fraud-grim-warning-from-americas-past-for-2020s-increasingly-god-less-political-scene/ Validated. You have counties in Michigan “flipping” from 60/40 Trump/Hillary to 60/40 Biden/Trump with not rational explanation and locals wondering what happened. Mailed ballots are a huge problem and are the grist for the vote harvesting mills. During the June Primary in Nevada the Clark County registrar of voters… Read more »

Mystic Wolf

When you have 150% more people voting than live in a given county you know that there is voter fraud in massive numbers. There are counties that had more people vote than live in the area, so there has been massive fraud this is why they did not want any watchers around so all the illegal votes could be slipped in.


MW – it isn’t just at the county level although that is where it starts. I saw a state by state breakdown that showed multiple states that had more votes cast – and counted – than they had registered voters. ‘curiously’ they were all blue states…………


In Thomas Jefferson’s letter of 1787 to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, postulates on the newly drafted Constitution and what it will mean. One of his statements succinctly deals with our situation today, and I quote: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

So be it. Down with the socialists.
Arm up and carry on


Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. They are spinning in their graves for what we have given way that they gave to us.


To all Demon Rat Scum of the Earth! You’re smiling and partying now. Jus5 wait until Gas is $5.00 a gallon! Joe Biden will sell this country and her people out to the highest bidder most likely China! The real problem however is, when they finish with brain dead Joe, The6 will toss him on the Dung heap and put Kumswallow in his place. Then, we will trul6 be F**ked!

Deplorable Bill

That will make pulousy vise president.
Arm up and carry on


The Covid restrictions were intended to bring about the mail-in ballots as a necessity, knowing that the fraudulent voting would be far more acceptable to Americans if it were done under the guise of, “public safety” (from a disease with a 99+% survival rate). The sheep who willingly gave up their rights, and continue to do so, will blindly continue to follow “orders”, keep wearing masks and will accept the results of this farce as they are too gullible or just too stupid to understand or realize what has happened.


That happens only when DEMOCRAPS count ballots. In the ‘2016 election there were numerous states where the fat cow received over 120% of the votes cast (an impossibility) and the GOP received none. That is FRAUD a specialty of DEMOCRAPS. No one was prosecuted because dictators never prosecute themselves. These crooks expect the USA to believe we elected an OLD SENILE CHILD MOLESTER AND A CONCUBINE.


First… exactly where were “over 120% of the votes cast (an impossibility) and the GOP received none.”??? That is pure B.S., and if you heard that somewhere, it was probably on Fox (State) TV.
The only dictator that this country has ever seen is the current resident of the White House!
Where do you get this stuff? What is your twisted source of information?

uncle dudley

The entire election needs to be held again with no mail in votes allowed except for absentee ballots that are requested by registered voters, no mass mailing allowed of unsolicited ballots.


You can not change the rules after the election!
All those millions of people who voted by mail… Their votes should just be thrown out? That’s absurd!!

Deplorable Bill

It should surprise no one that the demoncrapic socialist communist left would and likely DID DO THIS considering all they have done in the past 4 years alone. We may see a shooting civil war yet. I wish I could say anything other than that but facts are facts.

Arm up and carry on


I’ve been a Democrat my whole life. I do NOT personally now a single Socialist or a Communist, but in this country Socialists and Communists are allowed to live and express themselves and vote. I’m not sure what country you’re living in, but, if you live in the U.S., someone should have told you this before.


Yeah. It certainly sounds like “a shooting civil war” is exactly what you’re looking forward to.
Some people should NOT have guns!


In the case of the hoard of ballots, all for Biden, without votes for other candidates or propositions, it should be easy work for a skilled documents examiner. Repeated identical manner of filling in the circle and the same amount of pressure applied to the paper would indicate a “rush job” performed by a small group of partisan activists.


just want point something out on that coin toss versus the bullet vote biden ballots. These are apple and orange comps. In the coin toss, after you finished the toss, the cycle is over and done, like it never existed. Therefore the next toss is still 50-50 and can be heads. Cycle is over, and then next is 50-50 odds for heads, and next is heads and next is heads. You can have infinite amount of heads in a row and the next coin toss would still be 50-50..As to the ballots and the astronomical odds, that is true; since… Read more »


Your comparison is total BS. Comparing the ballots vs the coin flips is absolutely comparing apples to apples. Each coin flip is equivalent to each ballot cast. After the flip or vote cast, the process starts again. If you pick up one ballot, the chances are 50/50 for each candidate if you only consider the main candidates (if considering all candidates, even lower). When you pick up the next ballot, the chances are the same. You can look at it in the totality also, if you make the coin flip 139K times or you can vote 139K times.


That’s a pretty twisted theory that you’ve raised there!


First, exactly where did 139,339 ballots come up all for Biden? Second, “we see lots of 10,000’s ballots bunches turn up, all for Biden in every democratically controlled state.” Exactly where do “we see this”? You’re starting your argument with two gross falsehoods, which simply make everything afterward, unreliable, at best, and grossly false, at worst. If you’re going to make these kinds of claims, please state exactly where they took place. Are you sure you’re not “The Donald” in disguise, who continually states “I heard that…” or “Some say that…” Sorry, but that kind of claim just doesn’t hold… Read more »


No one on this platform went through these histronics when N.C. and T.X. was found to have voter suppression, targeted like a laser, at minority voters, but now that those minority votes are being counted, all of a sudden you “true americans”, don’t want americans of color’s votes to count. Now we know why, you are afraid of our power, but we have just shown you the consequences of underestimating us. Maybe you conservatives should listen to black american’s concerns, before you lose both the racial majority, and the political monopoly in this country. We are growing and UNIFYING against… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Warlok11
Don in 805

I rarely respond, but you do know that DJT got the highest % of minority votes since 1960 for any Republican? That in many communities he won the Hispanic vote? Do you know that more than 5 MILLION more African Americans voted for Trump in 2020 that in 2016? That means Biden needed to get 15 MILLION more votes that Hillary did just 4 years ago! The fact is that increase in voters is statistically impossible.


Your ignorance is appalling. Prevention of illegal votes is not voter suppression. Conservatives have no problem with legal votes, just illegal ones.