Behind the Silicon Wall, Big Tech Targets Parler,, Trump, & VCDL’s Lobby Day

ARFCOM Censored 01-11-2121
ARFCOM Censored 01-11-2121

U.S.A.-( In what can only be assumed to be a concerted effort by the technocracy, a new round of conservative purges hit social media platforms.

Twitter banned the President of The United States shortly before also banning General Mike Flynn. This move came after protestors entered the Capitol Building on January 6th. President Trump called for calm and asked protestors to go home, yet that wasn’t enough for the social media giants not to take advantage of the situation. They exercised their immense power to silence and deplatform the leader of the free world. YouTube actively removed videos of Trump speaking, claiming that they violated their terms of service.

CNN, MSNBC, and even a pro-gun advocate tried to blame Trump for a Capitol police officer firing his gun through a locked door hitting and killing unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt. These are the same people that tried to blame Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Mike Brown when the strong arm robber tried to grab the cop’s gun.

It seems like these media giants only lay the blame at the feet of those that fall on the opposite side of the political spectrum from themselves. When the cities burned all summer long, and Anarcho-communist held control of large parts of cities, the talking heads called the protest “mostly” peaceful. They repeated the day’s slogan, and Kamala Harris told the rioters and looters to “keep it going” as cities were turned into warzones.

Those that spoke out against vandalism and targeted violent attacks were called hate mongers. Big tech companies banned patriot groups while letting Antifa organize and run wild over their platforms. Leftists even blamed a Trump supporter in Seattle when a hate-filled Antifa member shot and killed him in an unprovoked attack because of his MAGA hat.

The election came, and the media crowned Biden as the president-elect before the votes we even counted. Anyone who pointed out blatant voter fraud was marked a conspiracy theorist by social media fact-checkers. These are the same fact-checkers that marked Kamala Harris’s amicus brief as fake when I posted it to Facebook without any context. This Silicon Valley giant is the same company that banned me for life when I reached out for comment on the obvious bias as mismarking my post. It is the same place that employed me for six figures before I had to quit and walk away because I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore.

Purging Begins

Now that same place has suspended Virginia Citizens Defense League’s president Philip Van Cleave without reason. Facebook has now even removed VCDL’s Lobby Day events pages.

Remember, last year, when the VCDL held their lobby day, there was only one arrest, and that person wasn’t involved with the event. The tens of thousands of gun owners left Richmond cleaner than when they arrived. There was no violence or burning of cities, yet we were the extremist.

“These social media companies are private companies and can do what they want,” they tell us. If you don’t like it you can always build your own platforms,,, right? At least, that is what the left has always told us. That is until they move the freedom goal post further left.

So that is what conservatives did. Conservatives started real free speech platforms like Parler or Gab. It was going great for a while. Then on Wednesday, The New York Times attacked Gab and blamed them for the events at the Capitol. Make no mistake; their goal is to shut down the platform because they can not control it.

Parler Deleted

Parler has been the go-to platform for conservatives who were sick of the left-wing tech giants’ censorship. We did our own thing, but the left-wing technocrats couldn’t let that happen. That is why on Friday, January 8th, 2021, Apple gave Parler 24-hours to goose-step back-in-line and purge their site of “objectionable content,” or Apple threatened to remove the app from the app store. They eventually did along with Google, but Parler was still up on the web.

They were still up on the web until Amazon booted them off their server cloud with little warning. Parler is now scrambling to find a new host. The site is currently down. The techno-brown shirts are trying to be thought police and play out Stalin’s wildest fantasy of complete control over the populace.

Parler has now taken legal action: was next to fall victim.

The attacks continued today as GoDaddy removed the popular  forum from their servers without a single warning. ARFCOM is home to one of the biggest gun communities in the world.

From today’s ARFCom press release: Backup Site [is now] Live, Switching to First Amendment Friendly Site Registrar On Monday, January 11, 2021, I received notice from our site registrar that had violated their terms of service and that would be shut down immediately. The registrar’s decision to de- platform was final and no method to appeal was offered.

It remains unclear specifically what content allegedly violated the registrar’s terms of service. However, I am happy to report that we have found a new, First Amendment-friendly site registrar and we have begun the process of transitioning to the new registrar. We expect the switchover to take up to 5 days. During that time, our famous “” URL will not be usable. Once the switchover is complete, will be fully restored to normal function. In the meantime, I welcome freedom lovers and firearm enthusiasts to visit us at our temporary URL: We will post on the backup site when the normal has been completely restored.  ~ Juan Avila, President & Co-Founder,

We can only assume that with a new Democratic administration coming in that they and their sympathizers in big tech are targeting not only conservative websites, but also pro-gun websites. Owners of gun websites are left wondering who is next and when the hammer and sickle will drop again.

So it brings me to the question, what can we do to fight back against the tech billionaires and crony politicians that are now in charge of the country and much of the world? I am not sure, but a person can only be pushed so far.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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When AMAZON shut down parlor, I canceled my Amazon Prime account. Freedom of speech means more to me than “free shipping.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

You are correct sir. If we would all make moves like this, everyone cancel F.B. and twitter. Then our voice would be heard. But I will make a difference with you. Thank you.

Elisa Delaurenti

Same here. I haven’t cared for their politics for a long time now, but this is the last straw for me. I cancelled prime and removed all their apps from all my devices, and am suggesting others do the same asap.


as a seller of name brand products on the zon, I can attest to the entire outfit being abusive, oppressive, tyrannical, unfair, and unethical. Been fighting them foryears on some points. Their “help” lines are worse than useless, they don’t care, they think they dont have to. If I had big bux at my disposal I’d be on the search for toerh sellers with similar experiences and go after ol Jeffie Boy with a significant class action lawsuit. They violate reseller contracts they have with vendors, falsely accuse their sellers of selling counterfeit goods, refuse to even be availble for… Read more »


Same here, my first action with the Parler takedown was to cancel my Amazon Prime subscription. I can learn to live without things, not willing to live without liberty.

Charlie Foxtrot

Ammoland is hosted by GoDaddy as well. The time to have a backup plan was yesterday!


Only thing in memory that comes to mind is a story heard decades ago from
a south American, was how anarchist commies were dealt with. Had to do with a DC3, doors open, 10K ft over the ocean, and a question and answer session with those trying to destroy the country. Seems his country finally had peace and tranquilty again.


“Don’t cry for me, Argentina.”


“what can we do to fight back against the tech billionaires and crony politicians that are now in charge of the country and much of the world?”

Seriously? You have to ask that question? Our forefathers knew the answer.


You are not exactly correct when you write “These are the same people that tried to blame Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Mike Brown when the strong arm robber tried to grab the cop’s gun.” The order of events were: Michael Brown and his friends got high smoking cannabis. Brown et. al committed a strong arm robbery at a local convenience store acquiring material to make more blunts (which I am told is hollowing the tobacco filler out of cigars and replacing them with cannabis.) On the return to their domicile they caught the attention of officer Darren Wilson because… Read more »


“CNN, MSNBC, and even a pro-gun advocate tried to blame Trump for a Capitol police officer firing his gun through a locked door hitting and killing unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.” How about, when writing a piece, sticking to the facts. There is no reason to fudge on the facts to try and make your case seem stronger. In reference to the above quote there is a non-factual statement contained within it. That would be the “police officer firing his gun through a locked door” portion. Babbitt had crossed the plane of the doorway when she was shot. Does… Read more »

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Remember, after the purges come the trips to the gulags. Always they take over the same way….

Elisa Delaurenti

They’re following their nazi playbook to a T. And THIS GUY, Chief Counsel for taxpayer funded PBS, calls for their enemies to be put into camps, to have their children taken away to be “reeducated”, and for Republicans and Conservatives and Christians to die from covid so they can’t vote any more. THAT is a-o-k in the beady little eyes of the DNC/CCP nazis..


Why hasn’t the police officer that shot indiscriminately into a crowd of protesters been named ? Is he being suspended, fired, charged with murder or even investigated ? Every one of the police officers from Ferguson to Minneapolis has been doxed, vilified and condemned in the MSM – even a minor, Karl Rittenhouse, is being sacrificed on the Alter of the Left, yet we STILL don’t know ANYTHING about the Capital Hill shooter ! Seems to be a new “ Rules of Engagement “ they kill us , but we can’t kill them! I fear that the rules are about… Read more »


He didn’t fire indiscriminately into a crowd of protestors. He very deliberately took a step forward and, at very close range, purposely shot that particular person dead. His name hasn’t been released because he did what the government and the media wanted him to do. He and the other LEOs have been praised by politicians on both sides of the aisle for “keeping them safe.” I have not heard one politician ask why that LEO didn’t push her back or why one of the many other LEOs didn’t pull her back. I have not heard any politician even suggest that… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

I remember reading that the particular officer in questioni has been either put on leave or fired. I’ve also read that the door thorugh whcih he fired was locked, thus the woman could not have opened it on her own from the locked side. Many questions, and its just a matter of a few minutes more until the new Biden admin will come clean with a full report, and address the lack of discipline and judgement of the ossifer in question. Yeah, and I gots me a pet chicken can fly to the moon and back in a week all… Read more »


He was placed on “suspension” pending the investigation.


I believe he’s on leave pending the government’s investigation of itself.

I don’t expect we will ever be told the whole truth of what happened. There doesn’t appear to be much curiosity from the people who are in a position to ask questions.

Charlie Foxtrot

The officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, which is SOP. An investigation into excessive use of force has been opened.

The woman climbed through the broken window of a closed and barricaded door to gain direct access to the US House Chamber. She did this while the officer was already pointing his weapon at her. It is my understanding that this was considered a secure area and members of the House were still in the Chamber.


I don’t blame John Crump for the I am not sure what we can do message, but Americans can’t live in the long term in that state. Can’t speak from the soapbox any more. Can’t trust the ballot box any more. Can’t get justice from the “jury box” any more. The options for being able to live as free Americans in the future are getting taken away fast.


After the soap box, jury box, and ballot box are gone… there’s still one left!


I think is also down

Dave in Fairfax

It’s not just you.

I just got this in an e-mail:
We are sorry you can’t get to the site right now! We are experiencing a technical outage and performing some routine maintenance. We are still here for you and please know we are working diligently to get everything back up and running. Thanks for your patience and we will update you via email and social media with the latest information.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax
Charlie Foxtrot

Yes, it has been down since yesterday!

uncle dudley

I am going to do my small part in fighting back against the restrictive overreach of these super powers who don’t like conservative thoughts or speech by simply not spending any money with any of the tech companies and all the commercial companies that have come out against any American who questioned the vote totals and the people elected to office who spoke up and objected to those totals. If more people get on board with this maybe we can get the tech nerds attention, after all they do need their butts kicked just like when they were kids on… Read more »


Vote out all incumbents, that means all incumbents. The only way a politician will listen, is if he’s afraid of loosing his job. We have the power of term limits, it’s called the VOTE.
The biggest lie the Democrats have is they have the numbers, they never did, why else would these illegal votes turn up. All the Republican votes can be accounted for.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

However, as you have seen, voting seems not to work any more. Voting doesn’t work when the other side cheats.

Elisa Delaurenti

There won’t be another “election” here. Don’t forget that old saying about soap box, ballot box, ammo box……


Best way to defeat them is from within….


Got a hundred years ? They’ve been playing the long game for over a century; infiltrateing politics, education, entertainment, the media.
Death by a thousand cuts .


Yup – that’s the way they did it. It really began early in the 20th century.


the real “wrong turn” was when that former corporate railroad lawyer decided, against the Constitutoin HE swore he’d uphod and enforce, to invade a sovereign foreign nation by using a false flag op. This, after setting a blockade of all marine shipping to/from that sovereign foreign nation, illegally. Even today that man is considered an hero. “he saved the nation, he ended slavery”. He did neither. But since HIS side won the war, they got to write the history. THAT was the beginning of the end of this “one nation under God”.


It is time to put a metaphorical boot on “big Tech’s”throat

Big George

I tried to go to Sightmark’s web for scope accessories using Yahoo’s search engine and it gave me this…
“We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.”…WTF?!


These social media companies are private companies and can do what they want,” These social media (bakeries, videograhers florists, venues) companies are private companies and can do what they want,” until one of the new priestly class determine that theyMUT provide goods/services of a type that fundamentally violates their own personal moral values, often the same values as described in the Bibles they read. THIS is the root of the problem: BY WHAT STANDARD is right and not-right established? Seems those with the money are the ones getting to call the shots these days. How is it that a computer… Read more »


In one way we should welcome their coming out of the closet on censorship. These companies have enjoyed legal protection from liability for information provided on their sites – because they only provide the medium and do not control the content. Hard to claim that they do not control the content when they ban such broad categories.


what you say here almost makes sense but the thing you aren’t saying is the content the sites were blocked for is equivalent to yelling fire in a crowded theater and five people lost their lives.


Keep getting a message saying Diamondback Firearms is unsafe and my Google browser wont let me go there.

Dave in Fairfax

KDude, CHANGE YOUR SEARCH ENGINE. Never use google anything. It looks like the present problem is a certificate that isn’t being accepted. I haven’t bothered to check but I suspect that, this being Jan of a new year, their old cert expired and the IT guy forgot to renew it. If you over-ride the security protocol, you can still get there. Not anymore. Now they’re all the way down. Plug this in as your search engine under options or setup, and remove google as one of the search engines that is available in your list. You’ll be a lot… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax
Dave in Fairfax


Yeah, the NRA *could* do something useful, but they won’t.

Good luck with the surgeries, follow the instructions.


been using the duck for a few years now. Their ad blocker works well, they are fast, can find anything, don’t often promote any one site above others, and they purportedly keep no record of searches, nor do they report to anyone, in particular gummit. Theyseem toweight relevance of serach terms above popularity of any given site. Ride the duck, and stop gaggingon thegoog. I despise thepoeple running goog anyway. Right along wiht the zon. Been off the zuckbook for a couple years now, and don’t miss it.

Elisa Delaurenti

I second what Dave in Fairfax says…. just switch to DuckDuckGo. Google is evil.


You and I are not going to defeat them. But lets just do a mental exercise and say that by some miracle we do and T has a second term and jails all the bad guys… Why would you even want to go back? To what? Income and property tax, mountains of gun laws, inter generational welfare, federal reserve / fiat currency, DEBT, unending useless wars…. I could go on and on. No, we need a continent of many small switzerlands with like minded folks. Blue hives go their own way no F’s given. 1776, its really that simple 1776.


Ok, I should have typed this on a word document rather than having to type it several times and this is the last time I hope. In the face of all that is happening, we need republican everything. We need to show that we can beat the demonrats at their own game and we have proven that we can do it. Chipotle the mexican food company that AOC tried to boycott, gyms that were being closed, restaurants that were kicking out republicans I think it was the red barn or red chicken, something like that etc. are all places that… Read more »


The Demoncrats have ALREADY succeeded in dividing and defeating us.
America has grown fat and lazy, too dependent on “free stuff “, Walmart and the Internet, for all their earthly needs . Even or churches are as empty as a politicians promise.
We have forgotten God and the morality this country was founded on and he is a jealous God ! ( see Sodom and Grahmorra for further instructions)


Republicans and democrats are opposite sides of the same coin…heads they win, tails we lose. McConnell is no better than Schumer neither is a friend to American citizens.


We have had state sponsored assassinations already, many more to follow. Our divisions are represented by two competing cults fighting for hegemony. The cult of the Left is centered on idol worship of Marx and Satan. The cult of the Republicans is a personality cult worshiping Trump. Those of us caught in the middle maintain our strict adherence to our Oath of Citizenship or Oath of Enlistment. We honor and abide by the Constitution and Founding Principles. We must draw right thinking people away from Trumpism and bring them back in to their natural home of Constitutional Originalism and Natural… Read more »


OK we got your number RHINO divide and conquer.


This is ALL Going to Change – Globalist Are being taken out – Cabal Is being arrested And headed for GITMO ! Dnc Leftist – That Have Committed Illegal Activity of any Kind are also getting arrested Heading to GITMO – Our President TRUMP and The AMERICAN MILITARY LEADERS of Our Country knew What was Coming ! And needed a Figure To help them REGAIN OUR COUNTRY, FAITH, CHRISTIANITY, TRUST From the American People! Soon There will be a Announcement from Evidence That CCP INTERFERED with OUR ELECTION – Among Government Servers as Well !! Which by Definition Means WAR!… Read more »


Dude stop. Nothing you’re saying makes any sense.


Are you sure that LEOs (a large percentage of whom are veterans), supported by active military,* are not going to be the ones enforcing the gun laws created by the Democrat politicians (with some support of Republican politicians)?

Have you researched the political views of the majority of military leaders above the rank of Major?

*Support = providing equipment, consumables, training, and advice, like they have before.


Wow, that was quite the binaca blast of random nonsense and wishful thinking.

Dave in Fairfax


Either you are delusional or trolling. Are you an American, your wording suggests otherwise.
No Globalists are being taken out, No Cabal is being arrested. No one is headed for Gitmo. NG USMC and SF have not been deployed to several key cities. The EBS will not be explaining it. To say that you are advancing is conspiracy theories is doing an injustice to the tinfoil hat. Your word pattern is best described as “raving”.
Please seek professional help.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

Tis the season, of in sanity
Fa la lala la… la la la la

Charlie Foxtrot

Someone got sucked into the Q universe. Seek some help!


the takeaway of that insurrection is censorship?

nobody saw some idiot wailing away on a police officer WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG!
no outrage about that?
what about blue lives matter was lost on the mob of terrorist?


its kinda long…but im sure you aren’t saying ANYTHING that happened last Wednesday at the capital was ok.


I wasn’t there and there is a reason for that. If I were there I would not have went to the Capital building. If I had been there I would have been carrying a gun. Which brings me full circle.


As far as watching the movie it is a choice like everything else in life. I recommend it.


ill try to watch it this weekend but you and I both know that what happened at the capital was wrong. watching any movie regardless of content will never change my mind, if you don’t like how OUR government is run you vote. if your candidate loses then you have to suck it up and hope the next election works out better for you.