Galco’s QuickTuk Cloud Now Available For Over 45 Different Guns!

Quicktuck Cloud
Galco’s new QuickTuck Cloud IWB holster. IMG Galco

U.S.A. -( An ideal combination of comfort, convenience, security, and efficiency, the QuickTuk Cloud is a great addition to the toolbox of any defense-minded gun carrier.

Comfort is critical when carrying a handgun for defense. A holster that’s uncomfortable will mean the handgun is left at home when it’s needed most. To maximize wearer comfort, the QuickTuk Cloud uses an innovative backing plate composed of a ballistic nylon front over a closed-cell foam body. Lined with Galco’s Comfort Cloth, the plate provides padding and moisture-wicking, making it comfortable to wear for extended hours every day.

Convenient concealment is also important. While it’s easy to put on and take off, the QuickTuk Cloud remains solid and secure inside the pants during concealed carry. It includes Galco’s patent-pending, tuckable polymer UniClip for excellent concealment. The clip can be moved up or down in the corresponding holes in the backing plate, enabling the carrier to adjust the holster’s ride height to suit their unique preferences.

Finally, efficiency is key. Time is usually in short supply in a defensive situation, so we need to be able to get the handgun into action quickly. The QuickTuk Cloud’s rigid, open-top Kydex holster pocket facilitates a full firing grip for a fast draw and easy return to holster, while still firmly retaining the handgun when it’s not needed.

For an IWB holster that perfectly combines comfort, concealability, convenience, security, and defensive efficiency, look to the QuickTuk Cloud.

About Galco

Galco International, LTD is the designer and manufacturer of the Galco holster brand, the premier American-made line of superb-quality holsters, belts, and accessories. Encompassing law enforcement, military, defensive, and sporting use, the Galco brand utilizes leather, nylon, injection-molded plastic, and Kydex to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The award-winning Matrix line of holsters and accessories, women’s holster handbags, tactical slings, and hunting accessories round out the line. All Galco products are proudly made in the USA since 1969.

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Well, let me say this about the holster: should the picture for the article be accurate, the way that individuals carrying the pistol would be classified is displaying a firearm in public in Florida and a few other states oh, that do not have open carry, which makes it a crime to carry that way. Secondly that pistol is not concealed! The individual might be using an outside the waistband holster and carrying it the same way for all intents and purposes. A concealable holster should allow the weapon to be oh well I guess, CONCEALED so other folks couldn’t… Read more »