Stopping Shots Cold: ShotStop Body Armor

ShotStop Duritium armor plates
The armor company is online at connect with them on Instagram, @shotstopbodyarmor, follow on Facebook, /shotstopballistics/; on Twitter, @ShotStopLLC. Listen to an extensive interview with ShotStop Ballistics on The Mag Life.

U.S.A.-( Much like firearms and ammunition (especially ammunition), concealable armor, ballistic plates, and other protective gear such as that made by Ohio-based ShotStop is becoming increasingly difficult to locate. Purchases of soft armor, ballistic plates of all sorts, and helmets have spiked significantly over the last 90 days. To add insult to injury, the recent “once in a generation” winter storm that gave Texas, Oklahoma, and other places such a beating has also slowed delivery times to a crawl.

Part of this is a reaction to urban unrest and election results. More is in response to such ridiculous legislation as the proposed New York Citizen Armor Ban.

ShotStop Ballistics, however, is advising they are not low on stock, and that furthermore, they’re running a February special on their lightweight body armor plates and BallisticBoard backpack armor inserts.

To wit: use of the code protect2021 upon completion of an order will see the purchase price reduced by 15% off.

  • Use coupon code protect2021 for15% off
  • Offer is valid through February 28, 2021
  • Applies to any order of armor plates and BallisticBoard inserts
  • Limit One Usage Per Customer
    * While supplies last

ShotStop plates, which are noticeably lighter than many other ballistic inserts, are made of a material they call Duritium. ShotStop says,

“Our patented Duritium® technology and processes allow our advanced body armor to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than anything else on the market. Utilizing Duritium technology often results in up to 45 percent reduction in thickness and up to 200 percent reduction in weight, compared to other body armor plates (steel, ceramic, or poly) on the market at the same protection level.”

ShotStop armor plates in a chest rig + LBE
ShotStop armor plates in a chest rig + LBE

They make plates in several shapes and protective levels, i.e. shooters cut and others, including a multi-hit “Green Tip Plate” that has reportedly taken 8 rounds without penetration.

According to social media, they offer a 15-year warranty.

Shotstop Armor Plates
Shotstop Armor Plates

You can see their NIJ rating chart online here.

ShotStop’s Jason Henkel once explained Duritium in this way:

“Basically, what Duritium is, it’s a next-generation polyethylene that has an unusually high tensile strength. This tensile strength lends itself very well to ballistics and body armor projectile, basically kinetic energy disbursement. With that, we have decided to enter the market of body armor, vehicle armor, and building material uparmorment [sic], for safe rooms, for schools, for banks, for public areas.

A lot of uses for the Duritium technology, but today we’d kind of like to talk a little bit about our body armor line. The reason for this, at the end of the day, is that we want to save the lives of those who are serving to protect ours in the public; who are protecting our children, who are protecting our freedoms, our liberties. The entrance of Duritium technology is going to certainly enable that in the world.”

About ShotStop:

“Disruptive lifesaving ballistics technologies and materials for consumer, law enforcement, and defense markets.With its patented technologies, ShotStop provides advanced armor solutions that are stronger, lighter, thinner, and lower cost.”

You can learn more about the company and their armor to determine if it suits your needs online,

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I have difficulty believing any claims from a company claiming a 200% weight reduction. To date antigravity remains the stuff of science-fiction. If these guys have technology to make items with negative weight – it should have been top of the news above snow storms, power failures and everything else.


Careful Finnky,

The truth, data, and math are unpopular. People who never understood: change over base
are currently fuming at you.

You cannot reason someone out of a position they did not reason themselves into.

They will argue and then walk away.


However, if the claim is true, it would explain why the company would be interested in reducing extra inventory. They could conceivably lose the entire business if too much is stored in one place.


I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought that was an odd statement. 50% maybe?


“Tested by an NIJ accredited laboratory” but doesn’t have an NIJ rating, that I could determine.

Dave in Fairfax


If you go to their FAQ page it states that their ballistic plates are listed on the NIJ CPL list.
After looking at the prices I’m sure glad that I got my gear from Doc and Terry.