Streamlight Launches New Laser Models of TLR-6 Light

SIG P365XL Streamlight TLR-6
Streamlight is expanding the TLR-6 line to include support for the Hellcat and the Glock 43x/48 MOS/Rail. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A. -( Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced new laser models of its ultra-compact TLR-6 rail mount weapon light to fit best-selling subcompact handguns, including the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the GLOCK 43X/48 MOS/RAIL.

The company also launched a Non-Laser version of its TLR-6 for SIG SAUER P365 and P365 XL subcompact handguns. All the new models are designed to securely attach to the rail and trigger guard of subcompact weapons and to maximize visibility and targeting capability in a variety of concealed carry, home defense, and tactical applications.

“Our popular line of TLR-6 weapon lights continues to grow with the addition of more laser-equipped models to fit a variety of popular subcompact guns,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “These newest light/laser models not only offer targeted bright light, they also feature a powerful red aiming laser to enable users to more readily identify a potential threat before taking action. And, the Non-Laser version of the TLR-6 for SIG SAUER P365 gives agencies with non-laser policies and other users an ultra-bright weapons light option for the handgun.”

Each of the new models delivers 100 lumens and 2,000 candelas over a beam distance of 89 meters and features a parabolic reflector that produces a balance of beam and peripheral illumination. The laser models offer three lighting modes: LED Only, LED/Laser, and Laser Only, with operating run times of one hour for the LED Only and LED/Laser modes, and 11 hours for the Laser Only mode.

The new lights are powered by two (2) 3 Volt CR-1/3N lithium coin batteries. They feature an integrated battery door that permits batteries to be replaced while the light remains mounted on the gun, eliminating the need to re-sight the laser after a battery change.

Each light is manufactured from durable, impact-resistant engineered polymer and is IPX4 rated for water-resistant operation as well as impact-resistant tested to one meter.

The TLR-6 for the Springfield Armory Hellcat is 2.33 inches long, the TLR-6 for the Glock 43X and Glock 48 RAIL is 2.12 inches long, and the Non-Laser TLR-6 for SIG SAUER P365 measures 2.5 inches long.

The TLR-6 for the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the TLR-6 for the Glock 43X and Glock 48 RAIL have an MSRP of $187.43, while the Non-Laser TLR-6 for SIG SAUER P365 has an MSRP of $131.30. Each comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All rights reserved. GLOCK is a registered trademark of Glock, Inc. Streamlight has not sought endorsement of this product from Glock, Inc. Springfield Armory® is a registered trademark of Springfield, Inc. Streamlight has not sought endorsement of this product from Springfield, Inc. SIG SAUER® is a registered trademark of SIG SAUER, Inc. Streamlight has not sought endorsement of this product from SIG SAUER, Inc.  

About Streamlight

Based in Eagleville, PA, Streamlight, Inc. has more than 45 years of experience making tough, durable, long-lasting flashlights designed to serve the specialized needs of professionals and consumers alike. Since 1973, the company has designed, manufactured, and marketed high-performance flashlights, and today offers a broad array of lights, lanterns, weapon light/laser sighting devices, and scene lighting solutions for professional law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications. Streamlight is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. For additional information, please call 800-523-7488 or visit

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My Question is – From All of the REVIEWS of this SIG 365XL – Being very accurate Why Does it Need A LASER / I have seen the Tests of Accuracy And its Pretty Good ( 12.20. 50 .95 yards ) It Hits a 8″ inch Steel Target !!


How about because the laser has absolutely nothing to do with the pistols accuracy. Lasers are just one more tool in the toolbox. You probably will never have need of it but if you do find yourself in that position you’ll damn sure be wishing you had it. Think about being in a situation where you are physically unable to make a traditionally aimed shot or it’s too dangerous to expose yourself while being shot at. The ability to just reach your gun around your cover and put the dot on the spot is a game changer. As I said,… Read more »