The Lessons We Didn’t Learn from Mass Murder

Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school
Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school

U.S.A.– -( February 14th is the third anniversary of the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. If you’re like me, it is uncomfortable to stir that painful memory. I’ve studied that attack because it would be worse to see it repeated simply because we didn’t learn a difficult lesson. You might not remember, but the attack at Columbine High School was almost 22 years ago. The attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School more than 8 years ago. That is plenty of time for us to act so our children are protected. I have an uncomfortable prediction about the next mass murder. The next attack will be at a place that politicians told us was safe because law-abiding people like us were disarmed. It is time we looked harder.

Gun control is the promise that ink on paper will protect our children. That isn’t a new idea. We’ve had gun control laws for over a century. Today, we have over twenty thousand firearms regulations, and we were told that each and every one of them was the essential step that would finally make us safe.

We’re told that honest civilians should be disarmed, but the first thing we do at the sign of danger is called someone with a gun.

We were told that mandatory background checks would keep crazy people from getting firearms. That claim assumes that the government is always doing its job. The government might disarm a million honest citizens who are no threat to anyone, but that doesn’t stop the damage done from allowing a single criminal to get a gun. We know what happens next.

We saw background checks fail when a crazy man attacked college students in a gun-free zone in Isla Vista, California. Background checks failed when a crazy man attacked a prayer meeting in a gun-free zone at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Background checks failed when the murderer passed his background check despite being a prohibited individual and attacked the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Those are the clear examples where we knew the murderer was crazy or criminal before he attacked, and he passed his background check anyway.

The murderer at Parkland, Florida got a gun despite people contacting the FBI and saying the former student wanted to commit mass murder. Most of us recognize that as a significant clue.

If gun control depends on perfection, then it is doomed to fail.

We can cite example after example where the murderer got his firearm without bothering with a background check. The murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary School murdered his mother to take her guns. The murderer at Red Lake, Minnesota murdered his grandfather, a tribal deputy, to take his firearms. The political leftists who tried to kill dozens of Republican legislators at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia was a prohibited person who took his guns illegally from his father.

It now takes over a year to get a carry permit in Detroit while criminals get a gun in minutes on the street corner. How will disarming more honest citizens make us safer?

Mass murder shocks us. In contrast, the news media barely reports the hundreds of people who are shot in our failed cities every week. If we’re going to talk about saving lives, then we have to look at the ordinary citizens who are the victims of violent crime every day.

Some politicians said we would be safer if law-abiding good guys were disarmed. Is anyone surprised that their gun control laws left guns in the hands of criminals who break the law for a living? Drug gangs easily smuggle a few ounces of steel, brass, and lead as they smuggle millions of people across the border, and smuggle thousands of tons of drugs each year. Are you surprised that prohibition doesn’t work? Gun prohibition only disarms the law-abiding, and that hasn’t made our cities safer.

I want to clear up a possible misunderstanding. I’m convinced that gun control leaves us at risk. I know you might feel differently and I beg you to hear me out. I think gun control laws put our children in danger, but that isn’t because I’m different than you are; it is because I’ve seen things you might not have seen. I’ve looked into the eyes of the police officer who ran toward the sound of gunfire to save kids. That officer arrived too late. I’ve listened to a victim who was shot by a mass murderer and survived. They both begged us to keep the kids safe until the police arrived. That is exactly what the investigators said after the attack in Parkland, Florida.

It is time we listened.. before it is too late.

‘I looked at the video, and we could have stopped him if someone inside the school had a gun.’

About Rob Morse

The original article is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

Rob Morse


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I predict as soon as obiden puts forth a new law written by executive order from his desk that another mass murder will take place reinforcing how important it is that we take away AR 15s. That is always the case. They put forth legislation even when things have been quiet without any mass murders for a while and then all of a sudden it just happens. To much of a coincidence for me. Hell it even happens in other countries like New Zealand. What gets me is why should people in other countries give a rats behind what happens… Read more »


@mm44m – As I heard it, New Zealand shooter actually was a white supremacist. He figured his rampage in NZ would trigger gun control laws in the US – leading to revolt by American white supremacists – who would of course win. Thus he was attempting to bring on a new world order by manipulating us.
Silly ditze that he was, he didn’t realize that gun rights are human rights. Any pushback will be by freedom lovers regardless of race or creed. Only racism involved is coming from Democrats pushing for it to divide us.


I gave you a thumbs up. I know about the idiot in New Zealand, part of my point is that mass shootings even happen in other countries. My other point was that our government is trying to use excuses for what happened in in other countries and how other countries have gun control and use them for examples of how we should be and enact laws to make us like them because we all know how much better all those other countries are, right? After review I see where once again my fingers didn’t keep up with my brain and… Read more »

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Dave in Fairfax


The way it first came out was that he was a Lefty who figured that if he started some crap, the US reaction would result in stronger anti-gun laws for us. Then their gov made it illegal to discuss what he said or planned and the story started changing.

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Thanks Dave. I hope I’m not spreading misinformation, though it wouldn’t be the first time.
Do you have any more information on the NZ shooter which you could share – without running afoul of NZ law?

Dave in Fairfax


I’m not in NZ, so I don’t care much about their laws. No, I was disgusted by him at the time and didn’t think to take screenshots or print the media pages. That’s the wonderful thing about digital media, if it isn’t supposed to be there, it just disappears.

Happy Everafter

Rob Morse states the obvious, at least to gun owners who understand that inanimate objects are not the issue. It does appear that the government has convinced brainwashed a large portion of the population having them believe that fearing guns is healthy and gun owners are enemies of the state. These socialists – I’m married to one so I’ve got first hand experience – comment and reiterate and ‘follow’ and ‘re-tweet’, or whatever they call it, anything that feels like or sounds like something bad happened with a gun. It doesn’t matter that more people die in automobile accidents –… Read more »


8,395 Veterans a YEAR commit suicide!

Veteran Suicide is at an average of 23 Veterans a day that equates to over 8,395 Veterans a YEAR and we don’t hear a damn thing about THE TOTALS! THIS is the number we should be putting front and center… 8,395 Veterans a YEAR commit suicide! Now how many have died due to mass shootings?


The following is not my feelings it is a repeat of statements I have endured. They don’t care about our veterans. They feel that they volunteered to go fight in other countries to push the United States of America agenda of control. It’s all about the oil, money and power. It has nothing to do with peoples freedom in other countries. We just use that as an excuse to get our foot in the door and get the blessing of the American people. I wish they were all dead, hell, we should give them the gun to kill themselves with… Read more »


Luckily I’ve never heard that and hope I never do, at least first hand. Well, at least I live up against the everglades.


Those mass shooting numbers will be clouded not unlike the covid numbers. Our vet’s concerns are not a priority of the DC swamp scum and don’t serve their political purpose. Our vets need and deserve first up care. Unfortunately we will not see that by the current scum in DC. Biteme biden, VP kammeltoes, will shelve that thought like Osama Obama did as they have a “strong distain” for those of you who put it all on the line… Thank you USMC0351Grunt

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Ghettos in large Democrat urban centers experience equal to this count each weekend and 100″ X worse nationwide annually. However it is easier and more profitable for Democrats to blame firearm homicides on white,law abiding conservatives that obey the laws . Most carnage is from stolen firearms and committed by habitual felons of known ethnicity. But why let facts ever get in the way of emotions of democrats.


pure – I’ve said before but it bears repeating – somewhere around 100 MILLION Law Abiding Citizen gun owners committed NO crimes today yet the hoplophobes WILL still try to punish us and ignore criminals.


In reference to the last of the first paragraph I guess I am not always a, “law abiding” person. I can live with that.

Secondly the school jobs are where a lot of officers go to retire. And some of them are cowards. As was the case in this instance.


I dare say – All are cowards. Or, should be “retired” or courageous enough to “retire” whatever the personal consequences. … It is not a “crime” to become “frail; lose one’s edge” … “to be burdened by experiences that causes self-doubt”; but it is immoral to affirm you assume “responsibility for others” and then “fail to answer the call” … and hide behind qualified or absolute immunity; do whatever to preserve your pension and post-retirement benefits. … All LE collective bargaining units and their “capitalist” (self-interested, wealth building) union leadership are to blame.

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Well in 2012 I retired at 57 years of age because that is what is mandated for Federal LEO. I still had “game” but I was ready to go. Too much bullshit from the WH on down the line.


Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done. Put up or shut up.


funny you should say that I was dea in the 70s to 86 went overseas in a marine uniform AS dea saw bad police, saw good ones hide to retire. The great hiring rush after jimmy the jackass fiasco; saw departments go from 900 to 3000 in 2 years, and many of the new hires were river cops, gang members, for sale to highest bidder.You could not trust anyone in a local department I got out went back to collage

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@Superman 1 I expect you are a LE union supervisor or officer ? Or did you not understand my comment ? … And, how do you know what my experience is ? Didn’t you ever learn not to “piss into the wind” ?


They are cowards of the very worst kind.

Superman, what percentage of LE do you estimate have attitudes like you (defend your colleagues no matter what)?

It had nothing to do with capitalism.

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You’ve got that right. I live about 3 miles from that school. I used to think about moving to Parkland, but no more. I’m so sick to death of hearing about it, among other things, I don’t even listen to the local news anymore.


There was a Deputy Sheriff on the school grounds with a gun. But, he had “no duty” to protect any one or any group of students or teachers / administrators – Only “society”. … That is he was there for “show” / a “political prop”. I am glad you wrote the above essay. … However, I would offer additionally “our common culture” is non existent. “Government” has become a religion to too many – alleviating “the believers” of any personal responsibility for themselves: there is always some else who is at fault, and evil does not exist except in inanimate… Read more »


THERE IS NO PROTECT AND SERVE that went out with us dinosaurs now it is attack political opposites and sivis


The reason the powers that be want us the law abiding citizen disarmed is because, when the SHTF the criminals will not be the ones that fight for freedom. They will do what criminals always do, sit back, and wait for the most opertune time to do their evil deeds. Which is to rob, kill, rape, and take advantage of the defenseless. History tells us this is true!


“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”



that image heading this piece has always bothered me. What if they had NOT fully cleared and verified the area? What if the guy who took this photograph had instead been a BGWG? Note thetwo officers.. they are watching the kids. The kids are safe and obedient, if not confused and maybe scared. THEY DO NOT NEED WATCHING. Where are the eyes everywhere else, searching for signs of another or a new threat? But the “leaders” are watching the kids for compliance as they dutifully march onward……. And the kids are indanger purely because of the “hands on shoulders of… Read more »


Fortunately we have faced little true terrorism within this country, with notable exceptions of 9/11/01 and Oklahoma City bombing. First was a planned and coordinated attack while second was just (AFAIK) two people. Current techniques are (barely) OK for facing uncoordinated lone-wolf attacks by nut cases — but as you point out, woefully lacking if we ever have a planned and coordinated team attack on any public venue (not just schools). What you described would not be a big step up from the sterotypical IED attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan with a small bomb to draw in first responders, followed… Read more »

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I didn’t see it in any of the other comments but IIRC the first two victims at Isla Vista were murdered with edged weapons – yet the only outcry by the lame stream media is over the ones murdered with a gun.Nah, not a bit of selective outrage or bias, move along, nothing to see here.


Solution = become a criminal.


Arny – I suspect your comment is tongue in cheek but in a bizarre sort of way you get a point – it seems that the criminals are in a ‘special’ class where the laws – especially the ;gun control’ ones – simply don’t apply to them, only us mere mortals.

Rebel VA

It is my opinion and probably most of you here that these politicians don’t give a damn about your safety, they only want to control the masses so they can do whatever the hell they want with you! What you are seeing now is a precursor to absolute power if it is allowed to continue. nuff sed!


The key way in which Government FAILED miserably that resulted directly in this Parkland shooting was that the perp had committed at least four felony offenses, and was charged with NONE OF THEM. Had he even been charged with one of those four, he’d not have been able to purchase that rifle. Same with the Sutherland Springs church murderer. He had at least FELONY CONVICTIONS< and a Dishonourable DIscharge, NONE of which were reported to the NICS database.. because two different Air Force desk jockeys failed to take the three minuts of their pweshis time to make the report to… Read more »


ZERO “mass” shootings during Trump admin. These shootings only happen when gun-hating IiberaIs are in charge. Makes you wonder why.


There were over five dozen “mass shootings” during the Trump administration: These are the numbers wil does not care about because they are inconsistent with the narrative created by the media, politicians, and the race industry. The media will give weeks of non-stop coverage when a white person shoots multiple people and then they show the numbers (in aggregate) of all the “mass shootings,” leaving the impression that it is white people who commit “mass shootings” at a higher rate than other races. wil was rolling with this narrative until I brought up the facts and then he said… Read more »


Don’t forget that media hypes violence as it is probably the most sexy thing they can show. Meanwhile heart attacks kill more than 30 times as many as all homicides put together. (250k vs 8k).

As you say – don’t argue with numbers, they are just besides the point. Point is whatever I say it is – and I get to say what is important. \sarc

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‘I looked at the roulette wheel on the video and knew we could have won if we were placing the bet’. Makes just as much sense.


It’s always easier to criticize and mock. All one has to do is open one’s mouth.

I’ve run into your psychobabble posts elsewhere on this site; you’re like all the tards posting similar smart assed quips on Breitbart and other Conservative discussion boards.

What you don’t realize is that well adjusted people recognize that this is a desperate way for a neglected and abused child to get attention, right, boy? Posting as “Superman” helps emotionally, right?

We’re all laughing at you!


People that believe your kind of stupidity are the real problem, your inability to understand that being able to protect yourself and others when confronted with a person that is determined to inflict as much damage and death as possible is dangerous. It’s the demwitted/demoncrat mind that makes the rest of us unsafe, the adults in the room have to not only deal with the criminal and killer mind but we also have to deal with the dangerous/naive demoncrat mind as well, you have a lot of growing up to do if you plan on living up to that screen… Read more »