FOAC Public Statement Clarifying Position on 80% Gun Parts & Sales

AR15 Polymer 80% Receiver Kit
AR15 Polymer 80% Receiver Kit

Pennsylvania – -( Public Statement clarifying our position on behalf of the officers / BOD of Firearms Owners Against Crime.

I am writing to clear the air about the most recent confusion surrounding the press release of 3/15/2021 titled “Rep. Amen Brown, Eagle Arms, Polymer 80 Kits and Violent Criminals”.

Firearms Owners Against Crime has not, is not, and will not advocate, promote, or support the registration or banning of any gun part, accessory, unfinished lower, parts kits, kit gun, magazine, or any piece of plastic or metal.

Although FOAC supported and supports Eagle Arms as a private company that made hard and unpopular policy decisions about their own shows, we will not standby while insinuations are made that cast a shadow of doubt upon our unwavering belief that the 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Sections 21 and 25 of the Pennsylvania Constitution shall NOT be questioned or infringed. Firearms Owners Against Crime supports law-abiding American’s right to purchase parts, kits, accessories, unfinished kits, etc. using cash or any form of payment that the seller and buyer agree upon.

Firearms Owners Against Crime is a non-partisan political action committee focused on advancing the rights and liberties of all Pennsylvanians and we pride ourselves on the fact that we actively reach out to all Legislators in an effort to educate them about firearms, the law, and the Constitutions of PA and the United States.

FOAC President, Kim Stolfer has been working with Legislators from both sides of the isle for decades helping them write, sponsor, and support pro-liberty and anti-crime legislation. We the officers and board support him in this effort without hesitation.

I pray that we can learn a lesson from this experience and recognize how quickly many in the 2A community had turned on “one of our own”, whose actions and deeds and dedication to Liberty cannot be questioned. When we disagree, let us as a community reach out to one another and discuss issues rather than lambast one another. If we as pro-gun / pro-liberty advocates and organizations do not learn to work together we may not be able to survive the oncoming anti-gun / anti-liberty onslaught that is on the horizon.

Firearms Owners Against Crime will NEVER support registering parts kits commonly known as “80% lowers”. FOAC was very vocal about this when AG Shapiro tried to attack 80% AR Lowers in 2018-2019. Firearms Owners Against Crime will NEVER support the classification of a piece of plastic, polymer, or metal as a “firearm”. We spoke out against this practice when then-President Trump signed the bump stock ban. Firearms Owners Against Crime will always support the “policing of our own” and speak out and fight against the expansion of government intrusion into the lives of law-abiding citizens.

We urge our fellow Pennsylvanians to focus their energies on urging their Representatives to support Constitutional Carry, Strengthening Preemption, Eliminating PICs, and adding disparity of force to the “Castle Laws”.

It is my hope that these statements clear up any potential concerns or doubts about what Firearms Owners Against Crime is about and what its officers, board, and members stand for.

Yours in Liberty
Klint Macro
2nd VP, FOAC

Firearms Owners Against Crime

Firearms Owners Against Crime is a political action committee registered in the state of Pennsylvania dedicated to reviewing candidates in strict favor of pro-2nd amendment policies.

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We (a subset of American firearm owners) will not quietly standby and watch yet another “firearms rights” organization promote and advocate for even more restrictions on Americans’ rights. We did not insinuate that FOAC advocated, promoted or supported the registration or banning of any gun part, accessory, unfinished lower, parts kits, kit gun, magazine, or any piece of plastic or metal. We can, and will, question Kim Stolfer’s comments that he made in an interview with John Crump. We resent your declaration that he cannot be questioned. More than 2,000 people were shot (with guns!) in Philadelphia in 2020. Putting… Read more »

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Hey, somebody has to, “make the spice flow.”


Little free market economics in places like this. Theft of taxpayer money and redistribution that results in a low quality of life.



It’s unconscionable for a firearm rights activist to blame firearms. Everyone realizes that improving the culture in high crime neighborhoods is difficult, but ignoring the real problem and pretending the problem is firearms, enables the anti 2nd Amendment crowd.

Amen – get out there and work with community leaders and “do something” to encourage people to make different decisions. If you need a list, please inquire.

Heed the Call-up

A lot of nice, late model vehicles for such a run-down area.


It has been that way for as long as I can remember everywhere in the country I have lived or visited.


I understand this is recorded in Pa. However, much of what I see also exists in Baltimore City.


Is that 2000 homicides or total deaths? In either case it is clearly a local issue, not justifying changes for those of us living ordinary lives. If those are all homicides, Philly has ~3 times as many homicides as Chicago. If two thirds are suicide the number is roughly the same as Chicago.
Does this mean Chicago is no longer head & shoulders above all in homicides? Guess I should google city populations as straight number is meaningless – it’s rate that’s important.


Over 2,000 shootings (actual number was about 2,200) – not homicides or deaths.

499 homicides

More of the shootings would have also been homicides, except the people shot were rushed to the hospital and were attended to by some of the best GSW surgical teams in the world – free of charge (the cost was paid by other people).


I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Mexico (not recently) – but nothing I’ve seen there compares to this squalor. Why would anyone chose to live somewhere like that?

Laddyboy comments that parts of Baltimore look like that. Isn’t Baltimore the city with the highest homicide rate in the country? No surprise that city also has rotten sections.


I have to question FOAC’s commitment to the rights of US citizens when they publish this sentence:

“Firearms Owners Against Crime supports law-abiding American’s right to purchase parts, kits, accessories, unfinished kits, etc. using cash or any form of payment that the seller and buyer agree upon.”

I don’t think that statement is the truth.


This sentence is a MISSPEAK. When an organization wants to form a REGISTRY, they ARE ANTI-Second Amendment which makes them ANTI-Constitutionalists or COMMUNISTS!!!!!!


ALL of the legitimate 2A advocacy groups I know of are not ‘against’ anything. They are ‘for’ the 2A.

FOAC gives away it’s leftist, astroturf leaning with that name alone. These types of undercover gun control groups have popped up and started ‘controversies among gun advocates’ and made noises that the press love.

Like ‘Hunters for gun control’ this FOAC group is just another Bloomberg (or other gun control group) smoke screen.

Don’t believe a thing they say.


Over the years our simple 2nd Amendment rights have been attacked from every corner. I can not obtain or carry my weapons in my every day life without fear of harassment or prosecution. FOAC is reducing my ability to fight crime by their actions. I do not need them.



Listening to the FOAC leader he speaks just like a politician.

Heed the Call-up

Like an anti-rights politician.


@E: DOUBLE TALK!!! It all DEPENDS on what the word “IS” — is! (I believe this “IS” came out of presiDent Carter’s mouth) It appears that ‘stofler’ must be using the “NEWSPEAK” dictionary in the book “1984”. What words USED to mean IS not what they NOW MEAN!

Heed the Call-up

Stofler claims to be in support of the RKBA, yet this statement is posted on his site: “Legitimate vendors at these events support what Eagle Arms is doing.” Sorry, those that believe in our inalienable rights do not agree with your statement. It seems he is stating that those vendors that believe in our rights are somehow not legitimate? If you do not agree with his statement, what does that make you? He wants the 2A community to agree with him, so as to not “turn on one of their own”. If he believes in the statements he posted on… Read more »


Careful, bud. Klint Macro says Kim’s actions and deeds cannot be even questioned.

Commiefornia Sucks

boycott eagle arms gun shows!


Seems to me FOAC has lost their way. I say this only by using the words of their name, Firearms Owners AGAINST Crime. You see – a gun, 80% or 100%, doesn’t commit a crime; PEOPLE commit the crime. I have yet to see any of my “mean” weapons go out and commit any illegal action! Perhaps I just taught them well as I myself am not inclined to break the law so they are not inclined to go hurt people or such. Basically, if this group were in fact against CRIME they would be pushing for things such as… Read more »


“Firearms Owners Against Crime” is about as deceptive a name as “Black Lives Matter,” implying that if you don’t join, you don’t agree with the hidden statement in the name. What a load of horses**t.

I am so sick of cliques and groups. “We,” “they,” “us,” “them,” blah blah blah. If you need me, I’ll be under the Star-Spangled Banner holding a copy of our constitution. Don’t need me.


@JN: “horse**t? Do you mean HORSE APPLES?? or HORSE MANURE??

Chip Saunders

Too late to clarify anything now. He already stepped in it. Trying to scrape it off his shoe just spreads it around.

Commiefornia Sucks

cancel these fools!


I wonder if groups like FOAC have read (with understanding) The Constitution of the United States, particularly the 2nd Amendment?