Kali Key Bolt Action AR Takes On Draconian Gun Laws

Kali Key Takes On Draconian Gun Laws
Kali Key Takes On Draconian Gun Laws

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- It is no secret that California is a very anti-gun state. It is challenging for Californians to own semi-automatic rifles without running afoul of the law. The powers that be in the Golden State consider most semi-automatic rifles to be evil “assault weapons.” To make a semiauto rifle, California-compliant Americans have to add things like a fin to delete the pistol grips and remove other cosmetic features.

California doesn’t regulate bolt action guns as heavily as it does semi-automatic rifles. Bolt actions are allowed to have features that would transform a semiauto gun into a dreaded “assault weapon.” What if there was a way to convert your AR15 or AR10 into a bolt action gun? What if there was a way to change your modern sporting rifle into a less regulated bolt action without milling the rifle or messing with gas black.

Kali Key
Kali Key

That is where Kali Key comes in.

The Kali Key connects to the bolt carrier group and replaces the charging handle of your AR rifle. This move effectively turns your AR into a bolt action rifle. The California definition of an “assault weapon” states that the firearm must be a semi-automatic rifle with one of many cosmetic features. Kali Key is a way around this regulation.

Before we go any further, I must remind readers that I am not a lawyer or an expert in any law. Nothing I say should be considered legal advice. I am just going on the best information available to me at the time of writing. I am relying upon Kali Key’s understanding of California law and the off-the-record opinions of several high-profile attorneys, but this is California. The state is very anti-gun, and nothing says that they will not try to push the definition of an “assault weapon.” Basically, use your best judgment.

Kali Key
Kali Key

With that said, the California law is very clear that semi-automatic rifles without a fixed magazine accepting ten or fewer rounds with one of many cosmetic features are considered “assault weapons,” and possession of these guns can lead to severe criminal charges. These features include pistol grips, thumbhole stocks, flash suppressors, and telescoping stocks.

Since a rifle with a Kali Key installed is a bolt action, this means the shooter can have fully-featured rifles without bullet buttons or fixed magazines. This small change to the gun also means that Californians can safely and legally transport their firearms when driving to a free state such as Arizona to shoot. Once they get across the border, all the user needs to do is swap out the Kali Key with a standard bolt carrier group and charging handle, and then they will have a fully functional and featured semi-automatic AR.


That is the significant benefit to the Kali Key.

Since a rifle with a Kali Key installed is a bolt action, this means the shooter can have fully-featured rifles without bullet buttons or fixed magazines.
Since a rifle with a Kali Key installed is a bolt action, this means the shooter can have fully-featured rifles without bullet buttons or fixed magazines.

You can make it, so your rifle is California compliant without putting stupid-looking fins behind your pistol grip or having to modify your rifle permanently. I, for one, am all about finding ways around Draconian laws.

Another use for Kali Key is for hunting. Hunters can convert their AR10 rifles into a bolt action gun to use in states that ban hunting with semi-automatic rifles. Once again, it is a way around stupid law.

With the reasons for using the Kali Key explained, we can now get into how it works and where the company makes it and review the build quality. I will say that the company made the Kali Key extremely tough, and I don’t see it breaking during everyday use. It is also American-made, and I am always willing to pay a little more to keep my money in the country.

The Kali Key works with any AR firearm with a direct impingement gas system. One drawback of the Kali Key is that it doesn’t work with piston-driven ARs. Since most ARs are direct impingement, this disadvantage will not affect most people. Just make sure you know what AR you have before purchasing the Kal Key.

During an AR’s normal operations, once a bullet is fired, the hot gasses flow through the gas tube towards the bolt carrier group. The gas enters into an expansion chamber which pushing the bolt carrier rearward, causing the rifle to cycle a new round. The Kali Key changes this process.

Kali Key
Kali Key

The Kali Key replaces the charging handle of the AR. The Kali Key doesn’t have an expansion chamber connected to the gas system. Without this connection, the rifle cannot cycle a new round, thus removing the gun’s semi-automatic function. The operator must manually cycle the gun to extract the spent case and load a new round to fire again.

The Kali Key also works with any mil-spec bolt carrier group. The install is straightforward and idiot-proof. All the user has to do is remove the two screws and then un-bolt carrier’s gas key. The user then places the company’s gas diversion block into the same place that the gas key was located. The user then attaches the Kali Key’s charging handle to the BCG. Then it is just a simple drop-in solution.

One thing I don’t like about the Kali Key is the size of the charging handle. It is absolutely massive. I hope Kali Key decides to offer a smaller charging handle in the future, but at the same time, since this is supposed to be a bolt action solution, I can see why the company chose such an oversized charging handle. I just like the factory size of a typical AR15 charging handle or even a little larger than stock. Just not as big as the Kali Key’s design.

The company sells the Kali Key for an AR15 for $102.95 and an AR10 version for $112.95. They also offer a bundle with a bolt carrier group for $197.95 for the AR15 platform and $257.95 for the AR10 platform. It is a small price to pay to get around Draconian laws without risking jail time.

The Kali Key is excellent for people living under the thumb of tyranny, hunters, and precision shooters. I am not sure if there is a use case for the rest of us, but since I travel a lot, I am keeping mine if I have to travel to a state that isn’t pro-liberty. I am also looking forward to seeing what Kali Key has instore in the future for the rest of us.

Learn more at https://kalikey.com/

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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I wish you wouldn’t describe it as getting around the law. That sounds like gun owners are incipient criminals, skulking in the shadows, looking for opportunities to get away with something evil. Instead, this is a helpful product, assisting gun owners reach their goal of complying with the law. We don’t yearn for lawlessness, we struggle to stay lawful. We’re complying, not getting around, just like driving the speed limit is complying, not getting around. My biggest complaint with grip fins and bullet buttons and other such compliance devices is how they render the firearm less safe. By adversely re-engineering… Read more »


If people would grow backbone and start dictating to government rather than bow to it, we wouldn’t be reading articles like this.


So you are turning you Semi auto into a straight pull bolt gun.

Not a new idea but one way to help get around some laws.

There are several ways of doing this.

This just one way that make’s it simple.

Dogma Factor

Your not getting around the law, you are complying with the law! Your not a criminal and you’re not trying to break any laws nor trying two skirt rounding laws you are simply complying with the laws as presented to you.


Just another reason for another law to infringe more of your rights. Why bother just be a outlaw.


These kinds of unconstitutional laws are coming for all of us on a federal level so what is California’s problems or Virginia’s problems or New York’s problems will soon be all of our problems. If there is a silver lining it’s that by unilaterally turning half the nation into felons for exercising their constitutionally protected rights they also unilaterally bind us together to fight back. Tyrants are usually successful at suppressing the rights of small groups (states) as is being seen now. However when attempting that same suppression across everyone the people become emboldened. It’s human nature to feel more… Read more »


This is akin to putting a bandaid on a cancer patient. I’d rather focus on wiping out unconstitutional laws than trying to dance around them.


You can’t multitask? If Bozo Biden gets his way, evil “looking assault weapons” will be banned. If that happens and this will keep an AR-15 from being confiscated… while attempts are made to repeal that law… I’m for this modification.

Dogma Factor

Just a heads up to anyone thinking about buying one, it requires the removal of the gas block on the bolt body. So to keep from messing up your original bolt or having to re-stake the gas block buy an additional cheap sacrificial bolt to use with this device. This is not something new its been around for a few years now. On the other hand If you’re really smart you’d move out of California to a free state, but only if you are a conservative. If you are a liberal please stay there and enjoy your paradise.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dogma Factor

Let’s all say it together nice and loud. SCREW KOMMIEFORNIA. See, I knew together our voices could be strong and loud and all of the USA would hear it. To bad kommiefornians are to deaf to understand what it means. Oh, the last sentence doesn’t make sense. Neither does kommiefornia. I hate that dump, so glad I escaped and to bad they screwed up Oregone just like everywhere else they go. Can’t wait to get out of here now because of Kate shit stain brown the governor and the legislature trying to implement draconian kommiefornia gun laws here. I love… Read more »


I said it fore and I’ll say it again, the only thing the ATF should be concerned with is if a firearm is full auto or semi auto, not barrel length, not number of rounds, or any accessory.
Stick to enforcing the laws that apply to criminals and leave lawful gun owners alone.


and on WHAT BASIS do you hold BATF have any authority concerning semi- full-automatic fire capability? Learn the defnition of the word “arms” as found in that pesky Second Article of Ammendment. It INCLUDES any semi or full auto mechanism. If yuo know yuor gun history you will recall that there did exist at the time of writing arms that were semiautomatic and rapid fire that certainly were “covered” or included in the meaning of that term. Anything else is an infringement, and thus prohibited per that Article of Ammendment.


Most comments below are intelligent and within the terms of the second amendment. I have no problem with new firearms items that try to be compliant with laws as they stand now. Yes, those laws are terrible infringements and violations of our 2A rights, but gun owners in those states are subject to arrest and lengthy incarseration for violations, and it could take months or years to get to a high enough court to overturn. I don’t want to sit in jail for months, and I’m sure you don’t either. SO, until the SCOTUS takes a 2A case and rules… Read more »


I have a helpful tip for any CA residents with “non compliant” AR’s or free people who must travel through our “enlightened” state. Under CA law the firearm in question must be “mechanically whole” to be considered and AW. Fortunately the state doesn’t view that as “constructive possession” like the ATF does when it comes to SBR’s etc. Just removing the BCG may qualify the rifle as not being whole. I would suggest breaking the rifle into two parts and putting them in sperate cases, and maybe even look up and print out the relevant statutes because you can’t count… Read more »


IDIOTS! Lets make something that ca is going to make illegal because they hate guns! so let’s make an easy way to help then now ban bolt guns too! Stop this shit we all need to stand up and say no!


Interesting article, sounds like it is worth checking into some more. My question is what does it do to bullet speed and accuracy. If the ported gas does not activate the BCG, does it make a difference in ballistics? It may be worth the $100 or so to find out.

Dogma Factor

The gas impulse from the tube just gets dumped into your action towards your ejector port in the upper.