Leaked Proposal ~ ATF’s New Rules Take on “Ghost Guns” By Serializing Blocks of Metal

Unfinished Firearms Receiver Aluminum Billets Istock-Leonid Eremeychuk 864735754.Jpg
Raw Unfinished Firearms Receiver Aluminum Billets,  Istock-Leonid Eremeychuk 864735754.Jpg

WASHINGTON, D.C.-(Ammoland.com)- A new proposal by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) on unfinished firearms frames was leaked onto the internet.

Stephen Gutowski on his newly launched “The Reload” website reports that it obtained documentation (embedded below) that shows the ATF plans to deal with so-called “ghost guns.” AmmoLand News sent this document to our ATF contacts. Although they could not verify the legitimacy of this exact document, everything appeared to be formatted correctly and includes changes AmmoLand News has reported on in the past. Our sources believe this document to be authentic.

AmmoLand News also reached out to Gutowski and asked him if he could provide proof that the documentation was real. He stated that he could not give up his sources but was confident that the document is legit.

“I obtained the document through a source, but no good journalist ever reveals their confidential sources who provide important information the public deserves to know at risk to themselves or their livelihood, as you know.” Gutowski told AmmoLand News.

“I can say that I am confident in the authenticity of the document.”

According to the report, any random part that the user could “readily” convert into a firearm would be subject to ATF regulations. As in the past, the document doesn’t define what the term “readily convertible” means. This term could be that any block of metal could be “readily convertible” into a firearm. In fact, the document shows that the ATF used a court case where it took the user eight hours to covert a kit into a gun. The document does highlight the need for a complete machine shop, and qualified workers to complete a firearm would not fall under the proposed rules.

The document would mean new 80% AR-15 lower receivers #ad, chunks of metal, would need a serial number and require the buyer to obtain a background check before the seller could transfer it because it could be “easily” convertible with “readily available” tools. The document demonizes the modern sporting rifle by highlighting that Eugene Stoner originally designed the rifle for military use.

The document defines a frame or receiver as “a part of a firearm that provides housing or a structure designed to hold or integrate one or more fire control components, even if pins or the attachments are required to connect those components to the housing or structure. Any such part identified with a serial number shall be presumed, absent an official determination by the Director or other reliable evidence to the contrary, to be a frame or receiver. For purposes of this definition, the term “fire control component” means a component necessary for the firearm to initiate or complete the firing sequence, including any of the following: hammer, bolt or breechblock, cylinder, trigger mechanism, firing pin, striker, or slide rails.”

The document makes claims that in the past four years that so-called “ghost guns” have been used in 325 homicides. Their definition of homicide includes justified killings as in self-defense. It does not separate out murders from the total homicides. Even if all 325 homicides included in the report were murders, this number is incredibly small. There are approximately 17,000 murders per year in the United States and that averages out to 46 murders per day. The reported small number they are trying to tie to so-called “ghost guns” highlights that there is not a problem.

Gun Owners of America is already gearing up for the fight. AmmoLand News spoke to the Director of Federal affairs for GOA, Aidan Johnston.

“This leaked document proposes rule changes that are extremely concerning to gun owners and the centuries-old practice of making a firearm at home,” Johnston told AmmoLand News. “Gun Owners of America stands ready to fight these absurd “rules” — A.K.A infringements — at every turn.”

The documentation does state that it will not contradict any previously issued determination letters. AmmoLand News could not determine if that means currently sold unfinished frames and receivers with letters would be exempt from the new regulations. If this is the case, companies would be allowed to continue selling their current product but would not be able to introduce any new products.  The document also would require the serialization of the barrel and other parts.

A bombshell in the same document is a plan to loosen regulations on suppressors #ad by removing the requirement for manufactures to serialize individual suppressor parts. Only the outside container will need to be serialized if the ATF puts the new regulation into effect.

While the language seems to make it easier to manufacture silencers by reducing the number of parts needed to be serialized.  What it also does is ban 80% silencers aka solvent traps. From the document page 26:

“These new definitions would clarify for manufacturers and makers of complete muffler or silencer devices that they need only mark each part (or specific part(s)previously determined by the Director) of the device defined as a “frame or receiver” under this rule. However, individual muffler or silencer parts must be marked if they are disposed of separately from a complete device unless transferred by qualified manufacturers to other qualified licensees for the manufacture or repair of complete devices (see Section II.H.9of the preamble).4”

More on this breaking story to follow.

Definition of Frame or Receiver.nprm .Clean Draft OGC HQS[1]

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Deplorable Bill

Tyranny. Any, ANY law repugnant to the constitution is, in fact, illegal. Maybury vs Madison. The supreme Court said that. The 2A says “the RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Past that, enforcement, judges and legislators must swear their oath to defend the people, the nation and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They are disavowing their oath and are criminal to the point of treason for doing so. Further, the RIGHT and the orders to be armed with military grade weapons comes directly from the LORD HIMSELF see Luke 22:36.… Read more »

APG member

The troubel is Americans do not agree on what the constitution means any more than Christians agree on the bible. You interpret it however you want. If the constitution was not broken from inception, it is so flawed it has allowed all the “illegal laws” you reference to be passed! “Illegal law” HA!


Nonsense. Christian (real ones) all agree that the bible is true, all sufficient, and inerrant. Trouble is, men begin to argue about things like what the meaning of “IS” is… with evill intent, and then take other ignorant folk captive along with them. Read Paul’s writings on the issues of “discussion” at his time. Also, read Jesus’ words as he reamed out the religious poohbahs of His day.. they “upheld the law” of tgiving ten percent of their dill and cumin seeds, yet put the people in bondage, were thieves, corrupt, etc. ANYONE knows what the meaning of “shall not… Read more »

APG member

Real Christians? By this you mean Catholics or Episcopallians? I’m confused. Wait YOU KNOW THE TRUTH! Perhaps god speaks to you directly? Jesus loves the USA best?


It really sucks you not knowing for sure, doesn’t it?

APG member

No, it really sucks that the elected officials/corrupted system y’all carry water for do not know…I point out the FACT that humans never agree on politics and religion and you get butt hurt! LOL!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member

I hate to point this out, but I attended Bible college once upon a time. And I can say with a fair degree of certainty that the Bible, in it’s original languages, and in the original manuscripts, is the inerrant Word of God. It was written over the course of around 1500 years, and now has been complete for around 2,000 years. There is much to suggest that some changes and intentional changes have been made, which in and of themselves can cause disagreements between people who are attempting to interpret the meaning. I myself, have found that comparing scripture… Read more »


Wow, well said. I think you pretty much put that argument to rest. I believe and with that in mind I think anyone that would argue what you said would do so just for the sake of arguing.

Roland T. Gunner

The constitution means exactly what is says; all you need is the ability to read, and basic reading comprehension. No gymnastics of logic required. No “your interpretation vs my interpretation”.


so the government works at changing the meaning of the words ,the reason was not self defense from ordinary criminals but from the government itself. these words came from people who just fought a war against their government and won the power of self determination these people who were a minority risked their lives to take power from government


They didn’t “fight a war”, they, “redressed their grievances!”

APG member

Why then have the government educated/appointed legal experts in the 9th Circut Court ruled that you have no right to keep and bear arms? Perhaps you could explain to all those Law School graduates basic reading comprehension?

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member
Deplorable Bill

Maybe those law school grads should get their money back. Either that or they are playing for the communists. It’s debatable as to which is worse but I have seen communist dictatorships err nations. Nobody who has ever had to live under communist rule wants to stay there. I have been to Germany before the wall came down. Nobody on the other side had a smile on their face. E. Berlin was run by the stazi. Those law school grads along with the progressive, socialist, communist, demoncrapic party are trying to do to America. It should be noted the British… Read more »


Do you mean the dumbasses that attempt to change wording such “bear” rather than “bare”?

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

You do realize the 9th has the most overturned cases?


So welcome to the new world of 79% receivers. A free people shall remain free. We will go out of our way to thwart government in our quest to remain free. That applies on all fronts. Guns. Property, Speech. Faith. No just is. No peas.


No Justice, no Peace should always be followed by Know Justice, know Peace.


So would this apply to ALL blocks of metal since with the correct tools one could conceivably ‘make’ it into a ‘firearm’? Never mind the amount of time and effort involved in that endeavor. Nah, ‘lots’ easier for a criminal to just steal an existing gun. They (the bats) are ‘trying’ to stop criminals, aren’t they”
BTW, what about chunks of plastic (polymer)?

Autsin Miller III

This would be hilarious were it not for the possibility that it’s true. I’m surprised they didn’t require micro-stamping while they are at it. Seriously, you have to wonder how these folks manage to function at all in this world. And they breed!

Ryben Flynn

AFAIK, only 2 gun companies make their own lowers from scratch, either billet or forged, one is Colt. The rest all buy 80% forgings from over a dozen forging companies and do the finish work. All those forging companies will either go out of business or have to get a FFL to make the 80% lower receivers.


those other companies purchase RAW forgings, not 80%. they are not the same.

Miserable Wretch

You should see the ATF’s response to mounting a fleshlight to a pistol brace.


So…would that make it a fully automatic fleshlight? Asking for a friend…

Last edited 1 year ago by Tackleberry

The ATF should have been dismantled a long time ago. Why we put up with this unconstitutional crap is beyond me?


I think we need the ATF but we need to change it’s mission as well as what is controlled. This pistol brace bullshit is just that, sound suppressors is the same thing, it’s not a silencer, you still hear a bang and bump stocks are ridiculous. If you can afford to spend a ton of bucks in one afternoon burning up ammo on what ever you are shooting at, that is your prerogative. I on the other hand appreciate your wasted brass that you are not going to reload and will gladly clean it up for you just to have… Read more »


The solution is simple.

Simply find a distributor of aluminium products, and acquire forty foot lengths of extruded bar stock of appropriate outside dimensions. You now have enough raw material that COULD be for any number of things, but COULD also be made into probably sixty or eighty receivers.


Schhhhh. Don’t say it too loud because if they hear you, obiden will make it a government controlled item with a serial number stamped on the bottom that will be tracked until the raw material has been made into something else requiring pictures of what it has been made into for proof and a government employee will have to come buy and verify it unless you pay him/her the under the table fee and then you can pass on that part.


Since when does the Second Amendment prohibit citizens from owning arms that can have military applications? It isn’t there to guard the nation against invading deer and quail. The infringements are endless, and they are brazen. The government wants unchallenged control over the citizens.

Deplorable Bill

Tyranny. There is a legitimate, righteous, legal and very final penalty for those who commit tyranny. Doesn’t matter if they have a badge or wear a suit in congress the penalty is the same.

Arm up and carry on


What’s this about serializing every part of a suppressor???
I have a Dead Air Mask, and only the outer tube is serialized. The baffles and end caps are not serialized.

Country Boy

The ATF/Democrats are trying hard to ID all guns, their owners and buyers, what they own and where they live for the end means of total gun confiscation.
This isn’t going to end well.


The ATF is getting sillier and sillier every day.


That definition would probably include the AR upper receiver with the BCG in it.


I wonder what the ATF is going to do when they discover that you can convert cars and / or their parts into weapons of mass destruction?

Or that one of the most common household explosives can be made out of flour, sugar, acetone, petroleum jelly, aluminum foil and toiled bowl cleaner?

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Kerosene and Borax
Diesel fuel and Borax
Jet Fuel (JP4) and Borax


Funny how you said that and I thought, gee that sounds so familiar, then it hit me. USMC training. We all carried borax to clean our brass etc.


I propose these clowns at the BATF read the constitution, especially the part about ” Shall not be Infringed ” . If these idiots need help with compression then they need to refer to thier third grade teacher for help understanding the written language.


So the billet block is going to have a serial number? So if you mess up and take it off or deface it by accident are you are in violation. Most states have laws about removing or defacing serial numbers on a gun. Not sure if there is a fed statue on it

Get Out

Wow, one gun control scheme after another. Won’t be long before you’ll need a BGC anytime you purchase new springs, pins, wood grips or any firearm related component to repair or improve your firearm.


where does the proposed ruling require barrels to be serial numbered? im not seeing that.