ATF Makes Moves Against the Solvent Trap Industry ~ VIDEO

Cautionary Note: All silencers require a $200 tax stamp from the BATFE in the USA.  We caution U.S. readers not to begin building a silencer unless you first pay the tax and acquire the proper paperwork (form 1) in advance, before purchasing parts or building a silencer.

Solvent Traps 80% Silencer Parts
Solvent Traps 80% Silencer Parts

U.S.A. -( News broke recently concerning the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) raid at the Diversified Machine facility.

Diversified Machine is one of a handful of companies that make solvent traps. Gun owners file form ones with the ATF and then convert solvent traps to homemade suppressors. The ATF has long taken the stand that solvent traps and converting a device to a silencer are legal.

The ATF’s new, and yet to be announced, departmental-slogan for 2021 is “ATF Reimagined.”

It looks like they are reimaging our gun laws!?

Many gun owners think the ATF’s new offensive against the Second Amendment started with the raid on the Polymer80 facility, then moved to pistol braces, and finally focusing on solvent traps. Information that was obtained by AmmoLand News and confirmed with the company’s owners shows that the ATF has been moving against solvent trap manufacturers since early this year.

AmmoLand has confirmed at least five ATF raids in the past few months for one of two reasons. The ATF’s motivations for intimidating solvent trap manufacturers seem to be related to the crackdown on pistol braces and 80% frames. The ATF believes people are using these devices as loopholes to current gun laws, and/or want to discourage retailers from selling legal parts.

The first raid took place at Aegis Products in March of this year. Customs noticed a package shipped from China to the company looked suspicious and notified the ATF. The federal law enforcement agency made a controlled delivery before raiding the small manufacture. Federal Agents seized the company’s inventory. The ATF did not make any arrest but claims that the company illegally imported suppressor parts even though the parts could not be used in a suppressor unless modified by the end-user.

The ATF also executed a search warrant at another company. A man was arrested for selling machine guns and drugs. When law enforcement arrested him, they found that he owned that companies products that he illegally converted into a working suppressor. The ATF used this bust to look into the company. The company had no connection to the man that authorities arrested. Again, in this case, the ATF did not arrest anyone at the company because no one at that company broke any laws. That company requires a completed and approved form one to purchase their product. The company engraves the device before shipping.

The ATF contacted the third company because their center caps had dimples, that indicate where to drill? The ATF took screenshots of their website that showed the dimples in the end caps. Dimple marks on the end caps seem to be a common theme for the cause of a lot of the ATF raids.

ATF Solvent Trap Raid screenshot (

The ATF says that these dimples show “intent.”

The ATF also raided another solvent trap company for selling products with parts from China. Once again, they were tipped off by Customs. The ATF is claiming that the companies are violating import rules on importation suppressor parts. The parts the company imported could not be used in a suppressor without modification.

Solvent trap companies that sell products with parts from China are clearly on the ATF’s radar. It appears that the ATF is working hand-in-hand with Customs to track parts from China. The tracking of the importation of parts would explain the visit by the ATF to the owner of the“Truck Master” YouTube channel. The host of the channel works on trucks and ordered fuel filters from China. ATF agents showed up at his residents and demanded he turn over his “suppressors.” He was confused at first until agents showed him his order. He had to take them into his massive garage to show him he was working on many diesel trucks, and sometimes fuel filters are just fuel filters.

That brings us to the latest raid on Diversified Machine. Agents once again seized everything, but this time the ATF also took customer records a tactic we saw ATF use against Polymer80. This move seems to be the federal agency escalating enforcement of confusing and contradictory regulations. They are creating a minefield for small business owners. When the ATF are asked about solvent traps, all they say is that “solvent traps” are legal but do not give any further guidance to the industry? Then we find ATF posting the opposite on their own field-division website (

The ATF seems to be liberally using “intent” to initiate these raids.

Suppose a company adds terms like “suppressor” or “silencer” to their website’s search engine optimization (SEO). In that case, the ATF will use that as proof that the company is knowingly selling suppressor parts. All solvent trap companies should assume that the ATF is monitoring their sites.

While pistol braces and 80% frame are getting all the press, the solvent trap industry is also under constant ATF attack. The industry is a small niche market but does have the potential to be a massive multi-million dollar industry. Because of the small size of the market, the ATF has been able to attack these companies without considerable pushback.

Most of the companies are small mom-and-pop shops with only a few employees. They don’t have the money for the necessary massive legal defense. AmmoLand spoke to an owner of one solvent trap company who fixes metal working equipment as his day job. He went into the business of making legal solvent traps to keep his door open and keep his machines running. These machining companies have been hit hard since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the ATF is just making it worse.

Many believe the goal of the ATF is to destroy a legal industry through intimidation. With the spotlight on braces and 80% frame, they just might be able to do it. As of this writing, the ATF has yet to charge any company or person in the industry with a crime.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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It only takes ONE PERSON with backbone to STEP-UP against tyranny. If YOU fail to do so, you ALLOW tyranny to fester and matters get worse for the entire nation. Mind you, you are NOT being that of a sacrificial lamb if you are in the right! But, if you do not fight and you decide to succumb to their intimidation and fear for the outcome, then you shouldn’t have been doing what you are doing in the first place as only FREE men are willing to fight for that freedom!

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

So how does one avoid being tagged “Assault Marine” by AFT? Signed, 0311,0369, 0302. Semper Fi


Their ignorance in assaulting your freedom is not avoidable, but your pro-active counter-assault and lawsuit against the agency and the agents determines just how bad you want YOUR freedom? YOU FIGHT BACK! You put it in a civil court arena WITH A JURY of 12 “witnesses” to their unlawful acts and you expose their illegal and cowardly assaults on YOUR freedoms, rights and liberties. Realize that the mass majority of the 2nd Amendment crowd in this country are apathetic, scared little bunny rabbits that will surrender their firearms at the sight of a badge, and once THEY get pinched, they… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

The first revolution was started for far less severe things than what we are seeing and enduring now.


YES! THAT is because back in the day, they didn’t raise a bunch of apathetic little bitches! Well? At least 3% of them weren’t?

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt
Ansel Hazen

And that’s all we need again today sir. 10 million or so Heavily Armed Noncompliant Sons Of BitcheS would be more than enough. And I bet we wouldn’t even have to cross a frozen river on Christmas.

Yes, I mean HANSOBS




Trump should shut the ATF down as his last act !!


The ATF, continues to do all it can to tread on our 2nd Amendment, by deliberately causing confusion in their rulings. They illegally make laws without the consent of our Congress or Senate, in direct opposition to our Constitution.


They illegally make laws without the consent of our Congress or Senate,

without the consent? ATF have no place MAKING law in any case, with/without the consent of the Congress.
ALL LAWS shall be enacted by the CONGRESS. Those critters, in theoiry at leas,t are accoutable to WE THE PEOPLE. Unelected overpaid stupid bureaucrats are NOT.
Time to reel in the soviet goon squads.


Jan 6th got the politico’s attention !!

uncle dudley

Since all these parts came from China maybe Joe and Hunter weren’t getting their cut from the manufacturer.
Simple fix, don’t allow China imports, after all they did give us the covid-19.


We are now seeing clear examples of bureaucratic anticipatory repression as a result of Coup 2020. The nefarious operators within our federal and some state bureaucracies take the Coup as free license to operate against the Constitution and the written law. They even twist unconstitutional statute to even more unconstitutional meanings. As individual citizens we must Just Say No. The latest effort here in my liberty loving county is to declare ourselves not only a Second Amendment county but now to move on to declare ourselves a Constitutional County. This measure simply shows how far down the cess pool of… Read more »


what’s next, flashlights. a form1for PVC and pipe fittings? what can’t be “repurposed”.


I collect worn out or defective truck and large car rear axle shafts. High quality strong steel, and already nice and round. With the right lathe, rifle barrels are easy.

See, I can repurpose just about anything. I’d LIKE to start repurposing ATF agents. But I can’t for the life of me figure out what they might be GOOD for.


Geez, this is so out of control. Why doesn’t the left take the same attitude about SBR, rifle caliber pistols SBS, sound suppressors and anything else like they do drugs. They say the war on drugs is a waste of time and money and it is their body and if they want to take drugs it is their business not the government that is intruding on their rights! In the mean time, they are in favor of destroying their body to the point that they are worthless to society and dependent on tax dollars to support them in addition to… Read more »

Paul O.

The left knows what they’re doing. Drugs and booze result in an impaired easy to control populace. That people suffer, die or need to be state supported is of no consequence. The public education system does not teach independent critical thinking so that people will only be able to think in slogans and demand more free stuff because they are victims.

Guns represent a threat to their control. Therefore, they must go. Simple as that. The new Biden/Harris regime is communist and the 2nd Amendment (as well as most of the rest) are in their sights.

tool truckin' 2A-lovin' liberal junkie

I, for one, take offense to this generalization, sir 😛 I am a left-leaning democrat, a heroin addict, an entrepreneur with a successful business, a home owner, a pro-2A gun-lover, and definitely not a useless husk that is a drain on the system. There are those of us drug addicts who are wholly capable of being a functional member of society, whilst maintaining a chemical dependency (a needle-based one, at that) whose cost is exacerbated by the war on drugs. Now, if only the ATF and the DEA would go the way of the Dodo, we’d all be a lot… Read more »


The government telling me that I can’t do something is tyranny, especially from bureaucrats.


This is just another weaponized government agency against the American people, just like the I.R.S.. What is the reason for making it so hard to have a muffler on a firearm anyway. Why is it illegal for a car or truck not to have one? Money, Power and Tyranny!


The land of the fee. You can have anything you want as long as you can pay the Bureaucrats.


There is zero problem with crimes committed with sound suppressors. Anyone who has used one knows that they do not “silence” the firearm, and studies show that although the decibel level is lower (i.e. safer) for those near the suppressed firearm, the sound level is the same at 25+ yards; that is because the suppressor only mitigates the sound of the powder exploding, which is what the shooter hears, but does nothing to mitigate the sound of the sonic “crack” caused by the bullet traveling faster than the speed of sound, which is what people downrange hear. In a country… Read more »


Are ANY of these solvent trap cpmpanies registered FFL’s, or are ATF just getting way out beyond their given authority? since when do all machined parts fall under the “authority” of BATF? Timeto reel in the rogue soviet aparatchik storm troopers.