Ghost 30 EDC Backpack – Review

If you're in the market for a suburbia backpack that can also cover your EDC, then check out the Alps OutdoorZ Ghost 30 pack.
If you’re in the market for a suburbia backpack that can also cover your EDC, then check out the Alps OutdoorZ Ghost 30 pack.

U.S.A.-( Obviously in today’s world you need to carry if you plan on surviving and being able to protect your loved ones. Especially more so now than ever before since a dysfunctional faction is trying to defund the police departments around the country. You’re on your own more so now than ever before. And as if that isn’t bad enough, the few violent protestors that did get arrested, your Vice President worked hard to bail out. Unbelievable. So it’s not if you carry, it is how are you going to carry.

There are a plethora of options to carry. Fanny packs, IWB, on the hip, shoulder holster, ankle holsters 5.11 Covert Vest, and the list goes on and on. Alps Mountaineering recently released their new Alps OutdoorZ Ghost 30 backpack with the intent to provide for a good EDC backpack option in suburbia situations.

ALPS OutdoorZ Ghost 30 EDC Backpack

The Alps OutdoorZ Ghost 30 backpack is a non-tactical-looking low-key pack. It is designed so that anyone observing would assume that you’re just a normal little yuppie wearing a backpack. Little will they know that it is a backpack specifically designed for EDC. You will not draw any attention to yourself when wearing it as far as alerting anyone that you are carrying.

But it is a large enough pack so you can use it for your everyday pack needs. In the main compartment, there are slots so you can carry two laptops. And on the outside of one of the pads is a pile so you can attach your hook & loop holsters or hold extra magazines, a flashlight, or whatever. Another item you may want to attach is a large can of pepper spray. I also always carry large zip ties in case I need to secure someone(s). One on each wrist and then tied together and likewise on the ankles and they’re out of the fight. I always carry these when flying.

To retrieve your EDC, unzip the pouch on either the right or left side right under the pad that sets along your back. You can unzip from either side to access your pistol(s). Inside of the compartment, there is a pile on both sides to allow for attaching your hook and loop holster in numerous positions. There is room to attach more magazines than you probably own. Your EDC will not be accessible while wearing the pack so If you smell trouble coming, slip the pack off of your shooting arm so you can unzip and retrieve your pistol.

Now we’ve covered the EDC options let’s see if it will also double as your everyday town backpack. As stated above, it has not one but two laptop sleeves in case you a real little computer nerd. And then extra room in the main compartment for your papers and other work items along with a few zippered pouches to hold miscellaneous items. It is also hydration compatible with ports on both sides.

I like that it has a rainfly. In the mountains, we know that in the course of our adventures that we’re going to get rained and snowed on but it also rains in town and if you’re packing along your laptop you don’t want it to get wet. And, it has a compression strap on both sides to tighten down your load. To keep the pack discreet, they purposely left off any web MOLLE but on the inside of the top flap, there is some.

On the top flap is a small lined pouch to hold your sunglasses or I guess anything else that is semi-fragile. A unique design-they have a raised 1-inch pad along the perimeter for added protection.

Check out this pack for carrying your work items and EDC around town. I think it’s going to be a functional pack for use around town. In fact, I’m about to use it to run three laptops down to the computer shop. The MSRP for the ALPS OutdoorZ Ghost 30 is $129.99 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

ALPS OutdoorZ Ghost 30 Specifications

  • Ambidextrous concealed carry pocket will accommodate hook and loop style holsters
  • Rugged, lightweight Cordura fabric
  • 2 padded laptop sleeves for versatility
  • Front panel that is lined with loop fabric for attaching accessories
  • Additional storage in top lid
  • Padded sunglasses case pocket on the top of the pack
  • Hidden daisy chain
  • Interior pockets for extra magazines and writing utensils
  • 5 interior zippered mesh pockets easy storage
  • Side pockets with compression straps
  • Unique full-access zipper path
  • Hydration compatible with two side-outlet hydration ports
  • Includes rain cover

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