Best AR 15 Trigger – Top Five (5) Rifle Triggers Reviews & VIDEOS

The best AR 15 trigger has a smooth, consistent take-up, a light pull-weight, combined with a fast reset. For improved accuracy, a trigger sear should have a polished surface. A quality aftermarket trigger will remain rugged and safe.

Best AR15 Triggers
The Best AR15 Triggers, iStock-FabrikaCr-949369336

USA –-( Shooters get touchy about their AR 15 triggers. And for good reason. The trigger is the key interface between the shooter and the gun.

The trigger “tells” the gun when to fire the shot. The more control and confidence a shooter has in a trigger; the more likely the shooter is to get hits. And as one old saying goes, “only hits count.”

Gunsmiths have probably been doing trigger jobs for about as long as guns have had triggers. And for most types of firearms, it’s probably best to leave trigger jobs to the professionals for all sorts of reasons. But the modularity of the AR-15 means that just about anyone can easily install a brand new, specialized trigger. Changes are as simply pushing out a couple of pins, removing the original AR trigger group, dropping in the new trigger group, and pushing the pins back in.

The ease with which an AR-15 trigger can be changed is both wonderful and awful. Wonderful because it’s so easy to get whatever the trigger you want, and awful because there are so many triggers out there. So may bang-button choices make it hard to decide what is the best AR-15 trigger for your particular shooting task.

The type of shooting you intend to do the most with your Black Rifle matters a lot when it comes to choosing the best AR rifle trigger. If you’re shooting High Power or other mid- or long-range targets, a two-stage match trigger might work great. If you’re shooting 3Gun, you probably want a sport-specific trigger with a short reset and a light, but not too-light single-stage pull. This pull will help you burn through the close targets quickly, keep your stage time down, but still give you enough control to connect with shots farther out. And if your type of shooting is mostly of the tactical or military variety, with lives at stake, a robust, proven and non-adjustable combat-style trigger might be the best.

And that’s just three kinds of shooting. There are many, many more. And just about as many triggers to consider. For example, if you look at the Brownells website, you’ll around 72 different models, and growing, of Geiselle triggers alone.

So how do you make sense of it all and get the best AR 15 trigger group for your rifle? By reading and researching, and trying guns with different types of triggers. And finally getting some triggers, installing them, and shooting them a lot.

With all that to think about (whew!), I’ve made my own personal list of my five favorite AR-15 triggers. But remember, this is my best AR-15 trigger list and based on the type of shooting I prefer to do. Your best list might be totally different for all sorts of good reasons. And there are lots of great triggers out there that I just don’t have any trigger time on. There for I cannot say anything about them, like the very popular ATC AR Gold Modular Trigger. They get great reviews, and shooters seem to love them – I’ve just never had a chance to try one out in person.

My picks of the best AR-15 trigger, including a written eplination on best-of selection.

Best AR 15 Trigger Comparison Chart
Trigger Brand & ModelCMMG Mil-Spec AR-15 LOWER PARTS KITALG Defense ACT Enhanced Trigger SetTimney AR15 Drop-In Trigger ModuleGeissele AR-15 Super Dynamic Trigger SDERock River Arms National Match Two-Stage Trigger
Trigger Price$74.95$69.00$190.00$240.00$119.99
Trigger Pull Weight6.5lbs6.0lbs4.5lbs - 3.0lbscombined 3.5 lb4.5lbs-5lbs
Trigger Stage InfoSingle StageSingle StageSingle StageTwo StageTwo Stage
Trigger DetailsMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

5. Original Mil-Spec Factory AR 15 Trigger

Even though lots of AR shooters can’t wait to drop in a new trigger, there’s a lot to be said for the plain-Jane, factory original. Yes, sometimes you get a creepy or gritty one, especially if you go with a manufacturer that’s not known for mil-spec parts. Still, it works well enough, and there’s very little that can go wrong, as the design has been proven many times over. There’s not much chance it will be so light that you fire it before you intend to due to excitement, stress, or adrenaline in a serious situation.

Plus, it’s non-adjustable. Many shooters fall prey to the siren call of the adjustable trigger and adjust themselves to unnecessary problems. There’s always the chance that a perfectly adjusted trigger somehow slips out of adjustment exactly when you need it most. Currently, I have three guns with factory original triggers and plans for some more of the same in the future.

These triggers are included with standard lower parts set, like the CMMG Kit, so when you’re building a rifle, they really save you some cash. And for many kinds of shooting and shooters, they work well enough.

To put it another way if you just need a truck-gun, to keep a check on hogs or wood chucks, the basic mil-spec will not let you down and maybe be your best AR-15 trigger choice because of their rock solid reliability and low price.

Mil-Spec Factory AR15 Trigger
Mil-Spec Factory AR15 Trigger

4. ALG Defense ACT Enhanced Trigger Set

A few of my guns now wear ALG Defense Enhanced Triggers. After I fired other folks’ guns with these triggers and really like them, I made the switch. They are not “match grade” triggers but are the perfected version of the standard, non-adjustable mil-spec original trigger. They have the same geometry but are made to higher quality standards and come with a specially hardened and smoothed-out sear contact surface to eliminate all grittiness. There’s also a nickel-boron coated version that adds a bit of built-in lubricity to further smooth everything out for a really nice predictable, repeatable trigger.

This is a great choice if you want the absolute best factory-original type trigger on your AR-15 rifle. Of course, it’s great because ALG Defense is a spin-off from Geissele.

If you dig around on the Internet, you’ll find plenty of positive comments from happy ALG Defense Enhanced Trigger users. These triggers are a bit more pricey than standard factory original triggers but can be had for less than $70.

ALG Defense Enhanced AR-15 Triggers
ALG Defense Enhanced AR-15 Triggers

3. Timney AR 15 Trigger Drop-In Module

I have one rifle with a Timney Drop-In Trigger Module, and I really like it. This trigger has two things going for it that the factory original and ALG Enhanced triggers don’t offer. First, it’s a single-stage trigger. There’s no movement or take-up at all. I press against the trigger, and when I reach the amount of pressure required to trip the trigger, it breaks cleanly and crisply. Second, this trigger is modular, meaning that the trigger, sear, hammer, and spring are all encased in a bright shiny yellow aluminum housing.

It’s stupid-easy to install. With a mil-spec type trigger, you have to fiddle a bit, get all the pieces-parts aligned, and then push in the pins. With the Timney, all the pieces-parts are in one self-contained unit that just drops right into place. And the Timney uses your gun’s original hammer and trigger pins, whereas some other modular AR triggers require special pins.

The Timney is non-adjustable and comes with a preset pull weight of 4 or 4.5 pounds. That is significantly lighter than the standard original trigger pull weight, usually around 6.5 to 7 pounds. While trigger pulls as high as 8.5 pounds are considered “within spec.” It also has a very short, fast reset, meaning you can quickly fire a lot of rounds without much movement in your trigger finger. Timney Modular triggers cost around $190, a bit more than ALG Enhanced triggers.

Timney - Ar-15 Drop-In Trigger Module
Timney – Ar-15 Drop-In Trigger Module

2. Geissele AR-15 Super Dynamic Trigger

Bill Geissele is one of the true wizards of the AR-15 trigger. (FYI, it’s pronounced “guys-lee,” not “juh-zell.) His SSA or “Super Semi-Auto” is one of the most popular aftermarket triggers for the AR-15. This one is a two-stage trigger, unlike the Timney. With a two-stage trigger, there are two separate stages. There’s the first stage, where the trigger comes back a bit, and you then feel a distinct stopping point. Apply more pressure at this stopping point, and the trigger breaks, which is the second stage.

While I enjoy good single-stage triggers, my favorite type of shooting is usually on my belly with either a sling or a bipod. And I find that good two-stage triggers give me the most control over the exact moment the shot breaks. I can take up the first stage, and make final checks on my breathing, position, and wind. When everything is just right, I simply press a bit more and let that shot go at the precise moment of my choosing. If I’m in position too long and conditions never get “just right,” I can let off that first stage, relax and breathe some more before repeating the process.

One of my scoped, bipod-equipped ARs has a Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger, which is pretty much a Geissele SSA only with a funky-shaped flat-faced AR-15 trigger blade. It looks like a tiny chopping implement sticking down from the receiver. The flat trigger surface is very easy to press against. Both stages are light and very distinct. I enjoy shooting at little bitty targets far away with my scoped, bipod-ed AR rifle with this trigger.

Of course, two-stage triggers can slow you down a bit if you’re trying to shoot a lot of rounds very quickly, such as on a 3Gun stage. But I enjoy precision shooting the most.

Geissele Triggers will run you from just over $200 to over $300, depending on the model.

Geiselle Super Dynamic Enhanced AR15 Trigger
Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced AR15 Trigger

1. Rock River Arms National Match Two-Stage

The very first trigger upgrade that I personally performed on any AR-style rifle was to drop a Rock River Arms National Match Two-Stage trigger into my DPMS LR-308. All these years later, I still love that trigger. Again, I went with a two-stage because of the type of shooting I prefer to do with the LR-308. My shooting style is on my belly, with a bipod or sandbags, at little targets a long way off. The Rock River feels a little heavier than the Geissele SDE in both stages. The Geissele has a standard-shaped AR-15 trigger blade. But for a match-style two-stage trigger, it works plenty good and costs around half of what a Geissele does.

The RRA Two-Stage AR15 trigger I installed was even less expensive. I bought it for under $100 from another shooter who tried it, didn’t like it that much, and opted for a more expensive trigger. If you’re a newbie when it comes to installing aftermarket triggers and want a target-style trigger in your AR, this might be the way to go. It’s not the best match-style trigger out there, but it’s plenty good, especially for the money. If you install it and like it, you can keep shooting it. All the while, you continue researching or trying out other types of triggers. And if you decide to sell it, you’ll always find somebody else happy to buy your second-hand Rock River two-stage trigger.

The Best AR 15 Trigger -Rock River Arms
Rock River Arms – AR-15 National Match 2-Stage Ar15 Trigger

Making Informed Choices on what’s the Best AR 15 trigger.

When upgrading to your best AR 15 trigger, don’t just go out and drop a couple of hundred bucks on the trigger that everybody else seems to like. Carefully consider what kind of shooting you intend to do the most. Think about what type of trigger would best suit it. If possible, shoot your friends’ rifles with different triggers, and get a feel for what works for you.

Then, go out and get that trigger, install it, and spend as much time as you can at the range and in field, enjoying every single shot.

AR 15 Trigger FAQ’s

What AR-15 trigger is the best?

The best AR 15 trigger has a smooth, consistent take-up, a light pull-weight, and a fast reset. For improved accuracy, a trigger sear should have a polished surface. A quality aftermarket trigger will remain rugged and safe.

Is it worth upgrading the AR-15 trigger?

Not always. Upgraded triggers are great options, but the stock mil-spec trigger has “very little that can go wrong, as the design has been proven many times over.”

What is the best weight for an AR trigger?

The go-to mil-spec trigger pull weight is 6-7 lbs.

What is the lightest trigger for an AR-15 rifle?

One of the lightest commercially available AR rifle triggers is the Timney AR15 Calvin Elite Trigger Adjustable Trigger. It offers a crisp take up and zero-creep down to a 1.5-pound pull. 

Which is better, single-stage or two-stage rifle triggers?

For fast fire situations, the single-stage AR trigger is the go-to trigger type. For precision long-range shooting where you can take your time to make the shot, the 2-stage is the way to go with its great adjustability.

Why use a flat trigger for your AR rifle?

A flat trigger surface is very easy to press against. Both stages are light, very distinct & deliver a snappy fast action.

Are all AR-15 triggers the same?

The simple answer is NO. There are a variety of AR triggers, and all have subtle differences. In general Ar15 triggers fall into two categories, One-stage, and two-stage. See the article above for extensive details.

What is the fastest AR-15 trigger?

The fastest AR-15 trigger combines a lightweight pull with a short pull distance & a short reset. A shooter must pull the trigger quickly & have it reset back fast, to be pulled again just as quickly.

Thomas Conroy is a firearms aficionado and writer who lives in the Midwest.

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