Brady Gun Control Group Taking Second Taxpayer Funded COVID Bailout

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Brady Gun Control Group Taking Second Taxpayer Funded COVID Bailout. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence will soon receive a second taxpayer-funded PPP loan of $579,530, which was approved by the Small Business Administration just last month.

Last year, the gun control group received a PPP bailout of $695,000.

As soon as the funds from the current loan are disbursed, it will mean the Brady Center has cost taxpayers more than $1,274,530.

The multi-billion-dollar Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, was launched by the federal government to help small businesses and their employees who were hit hard by COVID-19. Although technically a loan, the PPP offers 100% loan forgiveness if the business adheres to basic spending criteria.

Brady spokesman Liam Sullivan did not immediately return calls or emails seeking comment about whether these funds will be used to support anti-gun candidates. However, according to SBA documents, Brady said it will use the money to pay its 56 staffers.

According to SBA: “On the PPP application, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence reported intending to use the proceeds of their PPP loan for the following expenses: Payroll: $579,529.”

According to their most recent IRS from 990, from 2018, the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit claimed more than $7.5 million in total revenue, and paid its president, Kris Brown, more than $283,700 in salary and other compensation.

The Brady Center is not the only anti-gun group to help themselves to taxpayer money.

Last year, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence received $349,700 from the PPP, which it told the SBA it would use to pay its 16 staff members.

Other lesser-known anti-gun groups have cashed in on PPP funds too.

A partial list includes the following:

  • The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, based in Washington, D.C., received $279,992
  • Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, based in Washington, D.C., received $248,900
  • Christians Against Gun Violence Endangering Our Children, based in Garland, Texas, received $85,000
  • CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund, based in Fairfield, received $59,430
  • New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund, Inc., received $57,680
  • CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund, Inc., based in Fairfield, received $48,700
  • Women Against Gun Violence, bases in Los Angeles, received $14,652
  • North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, based in Raleigh, received $13,285
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence, based in Chicago, received $6,800
  • Rhode Island Gun Violence Education Fund, based in Kingstown, received $5,248

“The vast majority of Americans do not support these groups or their anti-rights efforts,” said Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Therefore, American taxpayers should not be asked to help keep them afloat.”

None of the country’s major pro-gun organizations have applied for or received PPP funds, including the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation.

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uncle dudley

Every gun rights organization should ask for the bailout funds from the government just like what these groups have received and if they do not receive them from uncle Joe’s gang, sue the pants off the government to return the taxpayer monies.
This is a story that needs national attention.


Just another reason to quit feeding the beast.


I thought Brady was a Non-Profit….Last time I checked, my local 501c(s) were not eligible for PPP funds and had to return them.


that is only if the demoncrats dont like your group remember they selectively enforce or disregard laws so what applies to us does not apply to their friends


Sounds like a bunch of “Egg Sucking Dogs” to me! Just about as useless, too!


And what part of this is not illegal? Government is not supposed to pick and choose winners and loosers, it is supposed to be equitable and fair across all lines. This is no different than uncle Joe kamlaltoe obiden giving funds to black farmers that white farmers cannot have only in this case the black people are anti gun and the white people support the 2nd amendment.

Poor analogy I know but you can’t deny that both or wrong.

What’s wrong with America. Have we lost our minds and our spines?


It looks to me like the government chose WHINERS & LOOTERS.


These “gun control groups” ARE NOT SMALL BUSINESSES!!!!
THUS, the TAX PAYER FUNDS they are getting IS THIEFT!!!!!!!
The Governmental Office who is supporting these ANTI-AMERICAN organizations are CO-CONSPIRATORS in the THIEFT of Americans’ TAX MONEY!!!!!!!!!!