In the Harris-Biden Admin. “Domestic Terrorist” Refers To All Americans Who Own Guns


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Gun Owners; Trump Supporters; Anti-Marxists; Anti-Globalists—Are These The Harris-Biden “Domestic Terrorists?”, iStock-Rawpixel

New York – -( Gun Owners; Trump Supporters; Anti-Marxists; Anti-Globalists—Are These The Harris-Biden “Domestic Terrorists?”

The propagandists for the Democrat Party-controlled Government are nothing if not expert in the art of subterfuge, deflection, artifice, and duplicity. Turning the Bill of Rights on its head, they claim the Country will be better off once the American people just accept constraints on the exercise of their fundamental rights and liberties.

But for whom would the Country be better off: for the American people or for the Neoliberal Globalists, along with their cousin Marxists, who intend to dismantle a free Constitutional Republic and merge the skeletal remains of the United States into something truly obscene: a transnational new governmental world order akin to the European Union?

Already Biden has made overtures to Brussels, resurrecting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or “T-TIP,” an arrangement that had stalled under the Trump Administration as did the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP.

The true, if unstated, purpose of the G-7 Summit was to reassure Brussels that the U.S. was back on track to complete the agenda commenced in earnest thirty years ago—an agenda that had been making substantial headway under Obama, and that would continue under Hillary Clinton. But that agenda came to a screeching halt when Trump was elected U.S. President, to the surprise and shock and consternation of Neoliberal Globalists and Marxists both inside the Country and outside it, and no less to the chagrin of China, as well.

But with the mentally debilitated, and easily manipulated Joe Biden firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, the Globalist and Marxist agenda could get back on track. The EU would get what it wants from the U.S.; China would get what it wants from the U.S.; even Russia got what it wanted. And who was left out of the mix? The American people, of course.

But then, the Harris-Biden Administration and their cohorts in the Democrat Party controlled Congress, together with the seditious Press and social media and information technology titans haven’t bothered to ask the American people for their perspective on any of this. They really don’t care. They have effectively shunted Trump aside and they are treating tens of millions of American dissenters as potential “Domestic Terrorists” who refuse to go along with the game plan. The Globalists and Marxists will suffer no dissident thought or action. They are intent on stamping out all dissent. And this portends something serious on the horizon for the well-being of the Country and for the well-being of the American people.

With A Radical Democrat Party-Controlled Government And A Beleaguered, Besieged, Weak Republican Contingent In Congress, American People Have Been Boxed Into A Corner And Must Take Matters Into Their Own Hands To Regain Control Of Their Country?

The secretive powers operating in the Harris-Biden Administration, along with the Democrat Party have forced Americans into a tight corner. The forces that have boxed in Americans know this to be true. They did this intentionally. They have thrown down their gauntlet. They fully expect a backlash. And they fully intend to counter it.

The forces that crush have instituted a comprehensive and insidious program designed to contain and constrain dissenting Americans.

Their program must have taken shape during the early days of the transition of Government in 2021. And it is now available for all to see. The PROGRAM—really a POGROM—targeting Americans who refuse to get on board with the game plan is contained in a lengthy document, titled: National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.”

This Document, recently made available to the public,  serves a dual purpose for the Harris-Biden Administration. It operates, one, as a Declaration setting forth the raison d’être for a Marxist Counterrevolution in this Country to overturn the American Revolution of 1776, and, operates,  two, as an express and brazen threat to the autonomy of the American citizen. Never before in American History has the Federal Government professed to declare war on its own citizens. In that regard, the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” goes much further than even the infamous U.S. Patriot Act, in presenting a direct threat to an American citizen’s fundamental Rights and Liberties. See also the article on the U.S. Patriot Act by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

But who are these “Domestic Terrorists” that the Harris-Biden Administration has declared war against? In the broadest sense, a “Domestic Terrorist” is any American who professes disagreement with the Globalist/Marxist agenda.

Attempts At Obfuscation Do Not Disguise The Fact That “Domestic Terrorist” Refers To All Americans Who Actively Disagree With And Who Dissent From The Harris-Biden Agenda.

The expression “Domestic Terrorist” drags in a sizable portion of the American citizenry, at least a third of the Country, that cherishes the Nation’s founding, formative Documents—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution’s Articles, and the Bill of Rights—and takes them at face value, in accordance with the plain meaning of the language therein.

And, what do these Documents proclaim and prescribe? They proclaim and prescribe the preeminence of liberty and personal autonomy and of the existence of natural, God-given rights that exist intrinsically in each person; rights that precede the formation of nations and of governments and make clear that the American people, themselves, and not the Government they happen to form, are the Sole Sovereign of their Nation, and that they alone have the God-given right to control their own destiny.

This presents a conundrum for the Harris-Biden Administration, which is to say, a profound dilemma for those secretive, powerful insiders who are orchestrating and choreographing the Administration’s every move.

One thing is clear: Those elements presently in control of the reins of the Federal Government do not perceive themselves as servants of the people but, rather, as master over them.

The Harris-Biden Administration, the Democrat Party controlled Congress, the Bureaucratic Deep State, the Legacy Press, and the major social media and technology monopolies have dismissed the founding, formative documents of our Country, out-of-hand, and, in so doing, have effectively declared war on the American people.

Not since the Nation’s inception in 1776, have the Obstructors of the Country come so close transforming it from a free Republic into an Authoritarian State—made all the easier through the use of information technology: technology that is capable of exerting vast control over content creation and dissemination of information, and the censure of it; technology that makes possible, the surreptitious, collection of private information and omnipresent surveillance of the Nation’s citizenry.

With Freedom From Unreasonable Searches And Seizures Essentially Eradicated, And Freedom Of Speech Under Continuous, Ruinous, Harassing Assault, Only Freedom To Own And Possess Guns Remains, Obstinately Resistant To Government Attempts To Constrain Exercise Of The Right.

Only the right of the people to keep and bear arms effectively resists systematic and debilitating attempts by Progressive and Marxist influences to annihilate the exercise of this fundamental Right. But why is that? The reasons are plain. First, Americans recognize that no other Right defines them or the Country they are sovereign masters of, as the Right to own and possess firearms. So, Americans furiously defend that Right—more so than any other. Second, firearms are after all tangible implements, not intangible, digital objects, like words. It is not so easy for Government to purloin away one’s firearms as they have purloined away Americans’ private conversations and private documents and as they have systematically whittled away at the right of free discourse and free association among Americans of like kind.

It’s impossible to take physical control over a citizen’s firearms surreptitiously. A person either has possession of them or he does not. And he will not so easily part with them. This angers the would-be Destroyers of a free Constitutional Republic to no end.

How does one effectively separate a person from his firearms without causing a bloodbath in the Nation? This isn’t simply a matter of academic exercise for the Destroyers of our Country. They are well aware that the presence of—the continued existence of—armed citizens poses a direct, imminent threat to the installment of a Marxist totalitarian State and submergence of the remains of a free Republic in a Globalist Marxist new world order. But they also know that any attempt at a wholesale round-up of firearms would result in revolt—that is to say, armed revolt!

The question is: Now that Americans know the extent to which a free Constitutional Republic is in the crosshairs for destruction, and that the Federal Government has essentially declared war on its own citizens’ sacred Rights and Liberties, what are Americans going to do to safeguard their Bill of Rights and their sovereignty over Government?

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We are better off starting from scratch as far as Congress goes. The House and Senate are 95% crooks, whether they sell their votes, illegally place insider trades, or participate in other graft and immoral acts.

We remove the scum, burn the tax code and the entire federal registry, and start over with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, while teaching our children loyalty to both and to the values enshrined by the Declaration of Independence.


Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…


“What are Americans going to do to safeguard their Bill of Rights and their sovereignty over Government?”

We will be ungovernable. Make civil disobedience the national pastime. Blatantly defy their unconstitutional edicts. Open carry, praise the Constitution and Bill of Rights at the top of our lungs, and use all necessary means to force the government to work within the limits on power that the founding documents established.


“…That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, …”


Roland T. Gunner

How about, in plainspeak, fuck that senile old idiot Pretender-in-Chief Joe Biden.


NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree.


Ilegitiment clown show Joe Biden and the Kamal toe Ho can put any label they want on gun owning law biding American citizens that don’t make it true . Just like Joe as our legitimate president. They lie and distort the truth daily . They will find the true meaning of our second amendment if they think they are going to strip us of our God given rights . W3 will all be domestic terrorist when the civil war starts and Joe and the ho can go strait to hell .


I can’t take credit for this, but I totally agree. I’M A “BAD” AMERICAN: I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American! I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary, be it Democratic or Republican!,,,I’m in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!,,,I think it is still your right to own a gun and to use it in defense of oneself and his/her loved ones,,,I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything.,,,I believe that if… Read more »


back to 3% fighting the government


Back then, the 3% didn’t fight the “government,” they fought armed government employees. It is no different today. Members of parliamment did not come to confiscate firearms then and today Democrat politicians are not going to be arresting anyone for not registering their semiautomatic rifle. There are military veterans who are now enforcers (federal, state, county, & city/town) who can’t wait to play the role of redcoats. The national guard (even in “red states”) will follow orders (just like they did at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Katrina). Spend some time on C-SPAN and watch the Senate hearings on Ruby Ridge… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

I know why you get so many down votes. You watch C-SPAN, fake news, that’s why you need to stop watching C-SPAN. Your getting to believe their lies.

Lock and Load!


C-SPAN is fake news? It’s a platform for congressonal meetings. You believe the senate hearings (the actual hearings – senators questionng witnesses involved in the Ruby Ridge incident) are fake news? You believe the congressional hearings (the actual hearings – senators and representatives questioning witnesses involved in the Waco incident) are fake news? There isn’t much better direct-source information available than listening to the victims and government employees answer questions under oath. I think you are confused. The down votes come from that subset of government employees who don’t like hearing facts and/or opinions that differ from their opinions. Many… Read more »


The only domestic terrorists are those who are currently occupying the white house.

Henry Bowman

They should think twice. If they want to make us out to be terrorists, then we have no incentive to refrain from terrorizing them!


Excuses to utilize their red flag mantra

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Today is April 18, 1775. It is almost midnight. Prepare accordingly.


I personally don’t care what some anti American thinks about me or my fellow Americans because we exercise our rights, God Bless America.

WI Patriot

So be it then…


Folks, if you are looking for something positive to do in order to advance liberty here is one idea for you from a very active and vocal liberty warrior. The Patriot Academy offers free courses in Biblical Citizenship and Constitutional Law appropriate for non-lawyers. Of course, no one reads the Constitution or Bill of Rights in law school but that is beside the point. These courses delve in to the real, documented and footnoted history of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. If you are a novice this will open your eyes. If you are like me, a guy with… Read more »


Being a Vietnam Veteran and retired LEO I never thought I’d see the day
when I would be labeled a “Domestic Terrorist.” If it weren’t for all us Domestic Terrorists (their definition) there would be no USA.


Toss up on what horrific time period we are about to enter inside the USA.
Is it to be 1930’s Russian Bolshevik madness and death or 1930 German Nazi/Brown Shirt era leading to WWII ? Democrat Party and Globalist are pushing very hard on American’s tolerance and patience. BP


Truth Justice and the American Way These words will surely be missed by those Americans who love their country. Sadly those in elected working in Washington have sold out our country to the Great Reset , Agenda 21/2030. Nothing new the media on all levels has been a tool of the gobalest since the seventies. Today what you view on the networks or cable can not be trusted as any image is now able to be faked and broadcast into your home. When they portray grandpa lying dead with his grandchildren crying after he refused to give up his old… Read more »


Yet, WHERE is the outrage?


People can put labels on me all they want. All I know is that “I’ve gotta be me.”
Young people missed out on the life we older folks knew but they can still get a taste through video.

I’ve Gotta Be Me – Sammy Davis Jr. – YouTube

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

Just because I’m quiet does not mean I’m not capable of great violence against anyone who choses to attack my way of life.


Anyone who supports and will defend the Constitution of the United States of America, from all enemies, foreign or domestic is now a Terrorist according to the Biden regime.

Lock and Load Patriots. The Geheime Staatspolizei of this unlawful and Unconstitutional Regime, will soon be breaking down our doors.

Bring it Bitches!


biden threaten the citizens fighter planes and nuclear weapons in his talk about gun control.


Don’t bet on it.


But, according to Biden’s comment on Wednesday, not a real threat because the Feds have F15s and nuclear weapons…


Yes, our, “president” openly threatened us with nuclear force. THAT is an act of war, is it not?


New World Order. Simple as that…


I am gladly a domestic terrorist, now!

Dogma Factor

Plus anyone who speaks against their administration!