Exclusive: Young Seattleite Tells Ammoland Why He is Armed

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A 24-year-old Seattle resident tells Ammoland why he now carries a gun in the city.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- He is 24 years old, moved to Seattle five years ago from Florida, often rides the bus to work and because he has personally witnessed the Jet City deteriorate from a dynamic and growing metropolis to a city saddled with rising crime, a growing homeless population and an apparent clueless municipal government, he now carries a gun.

He made that clear during a brief interview that appeared on KOMO news, the local ABC affiliate, following a fire at a homeless camp near his workplace in the city’s Ballard district.

So far this year, the city has had more than 30 homicides (last year’s body count was 52), the police department has lost more than 250 officers to retirement or lateral transfer to other, friendlier agencies, and for Wyatt Lange, who works across from one of the city’s unsavory homeless encampments, the day he was accosted by a would-be robber was a turning point. After an interview (at 21 minutes into the broadcast) with popular morning drive-time talk host John Carlson at Seattle’s KVI-AM, Ammoland reached out.

Lange, a California native, has lived in several places around the country, including upstate New York and Florida, before coming to Seattle with his parents following his graduation from high school in the Sunshine State.

“When I first arrived here,” he told Ammoland, “I felt just as comfortable as I did in Florida and New York. But I’ve noticed more and more violence, with friends and with me, personally.”

He has had to defend himself or someone else more than once. On one of those occasions, he actually came to the aid of a woman who was in danger near a bus stop. In another incident, he was accosted by two men armed with knives, he said, causing him to draw his pistol and hold it at low ready before both men fled. Lange said he didn’t call police on those occasions.

“I never owned a gun until October of last year,” he recalled. “I bought a Glock 19 Gen 5 and a Ruger 5.56 (rifle).”

He had been trying to get a concealed pistol license since October, but because the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Department had both used the COVID-19 as a reason to “suspend” the process of accepting CPL applications over a period of several months—a decision for which there is no provision in state statute—he could not even get on a waiting list until earlier this year. Then he had to wait until late spring to submit his application, and finally in July he got his license.

He took firearms and concealed carry training at a gun range in Everett, several miles north of where he lives, near the North Precinct of the Seattle Police Department.

According to updated information from the state Department of Licensing, there are now 98,171 active CPLs in King County. The breakdown includes 76,734 men and 21,300 women. At the end of August, there were 97,774 active licenses in the county, which encompasses Seattle. Now that both the police and sheriff’s departments are once again accepting CPL applications, which require fingerprinting, the number is creeping upward with no sign it will plateau anytime soon.

Washington has the highest number of resident CPLs of any western state, more than 639,000, up more than 3,000 since Aug. 31.

Lange told Ammoland his impression of Seattle has changed dramatically.

“The quirky, beautiful, fun city I used to love is dead,” he lamented. “I used to hang out on Capitol Hill, but a lot of the places I liked to go are gone. They’re just not there anymore.

“The city has become increasingly hostile,” he continued. “People are more careful and cold-shouldered. A lot of my smarter friends have left already for Arizona, Florida, Alaska; just out of state. Almost every single time, it’s regards to safety.”

Another disturbing trend is the unwillingness of people to not come to the aid of others.

“No one else steps in,” Lange explained. “It might be a combination of (worrying about) being portrayed some way on social media, losing their jobs, potential legal trouble.  I do understand it, but it doesn’t feel right just to let evil happen in front of you. Compliance is not a strategy.”

Over the past 19 months, Seattle has lost more than 250 commissioned officers, thanks in large part to lack of support from the politically far-left city council, which seems to have sided with the “Defund Police” movement that erupted in 2020 in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis. For nearly a month last summer, anarchist protesters occupied a six-square-block area called the CHOP (for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest”) zone, including the police department’s East Precinct. With police essentially kept out of the area due to politics, there were two murders in what otherwise is a normally quiet part of the city.

Lange remembers it well.

“People were protesting, waving communist flags, dressed in all black,” he said.

Then came the attempted robbery.

“It was that moment I decided that I need to be armed,” he said.

Ammoland reached out to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office for comment but did not receive an immediate reply.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Henry Bowman

Leftism is the scourge that causes places to become awful and dysfunctional. Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe is right: physical removal is the only answer.
Conservative communities with liberty-minded conservative leaders don’t have these problems.

Last edited 1 year ago by Henry Bowman

Love that guy. He’s a true Libertarian, not a LoLibertarian.

APG member

He would not appreciate an endorsement from the likes of you…


“He wouldn’t appreciate endorsement by the likes of you…” ~APG member

If you read any Hans-Hermann Hoppe besides a meme you’d know he’d consider you a fake Libertarian. You trashed him when I cited him to you before. He makes the arguments I do about how your Left-Libertarian immigration policy redistributes & destroys wealth.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
APG member

This has caused you to digress into straight up lieing. Not surprising…


Genius Left-“Libertarian” ex-“LEO” can spell shit but can’t even spell lying. How many downvote sock puppets you runnin’, Einstein?

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Henry Bowman

My estimate is a dozen. Dirty dozen. Dirty statist dozen.

He thinks hitting you with lots of fake downvotes magically accomplishes something. Then hits me with lots of fake downvotes when I agree with you. IDGAF.

Statist fakery will be dealt with accordingly.

Knute Knute

“How many downvote sock puppets you runnin’,”?
It appears to be three. Perhaps 4.

Knute Knute

“Hans-Hermann Hoppe, an Austrian School economist”
APG, If you had the slightest idea what the Mises Institute and the Austrian School stand for, then you would know just how ridiculous your unfounded accusations are.
Unfortunately, at your level of ignorance you are too deeply embedded in cognitive dissonance to understand your membership in the Dunning-Kruger effect.
I know, lots of big words in there. Good luck figuring out what they all mean! 🙂


I live about 8 miles north of Seattle and since 2015 have not ventured there for anything. I don’t even like traveling thru Seattle on I-5 because that endeavor is not safe. They have folk in Seattle who drop rocks and even bicycles on to the highway from overpasses. A lot has changed since 1958 when I first moved there with my parents.


I’d have carried without a permission slip from the local enforcement clowns. I did for YEARS in Florida when I lived there. It was considered a FELONY to carry without permission from the psychopathic control freaks. Oh well, I guess I was a bad boy for carrying to defend myself and family without THEIR permission. My mind said…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. And if I had been caught and brought into court I would have just started saying in a loud tone of voice SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED until the “judge” would have said to shut up or I will charge… Read more »


I was watching tv and Seattle and delta were running adds to visit. I was like I wouldn’t go visit if they were giving free transferable mp-5 with a duffle full of full mags as soon as I got off the plane.


would go for the unneutered mp5

Dr. Strangelove

Flimsy Graham!


“the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Department had both used the COVID-19 as a reason to “suspend” the process of accepting CPL applications over a period of several months—a decision for which there is no provision in state statue — he could not even get on a waiting list until earlier this year. Then he had to wait until late spring to submit his application, and finally in July he got his license.” No federal law enforcement personnel were involved in this denial of rights. King County Sheriff, Mitzi G. Johanknecht and her wife Maureen, live in West… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

4GW coming to a town near you soon! They keep it up and watch what happens…when a long train of abuses…it is the RIGHT of the people to ABOLISH. And they may do that by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. I wouldn’t want to be the bitch or her wife! What kind of imbeciles vote for such low life slime balls?


I wonder if the little old ladies in King county still clap when the preacher asks all the “first responders” to stand and be recognized for their “service?”

Saxons are being created out of people who just want to be left alone.


Other low-life slime balls. They will someday outnumber the non slime-ball population.


this illegal abuse of power buy Seattle and King County (not the only ones in the state, but we are looking at them right now) refusing to process applications to obtain mother May I Cards to exercise a basic human right should be grounds for dismissal. Don’t hold yer breath. They claim “fingerprinting” is the “issue”. Balderdash. They “print” criminals when they gt booked. If they can figure out how to do that without instantly falling over dead from the fiarytale vie russ they can do it for Mother May I Card applcants. Put on two (useless) masks, the hzmat… Read more »


That was kind of the sheriff to fingerprint you and take all your personal information and put it in a database in order to provide you a card indicating the government allows you to carry a firearm for a period of time. Since COVID-19 doesn’t harm grocery store clerks making $8.00 an hour with no benefits, but has been proven to be lethal to government employees (with dental plans and pensions), such as teachers, employees at the Texas Department of Public Safety, King County sheriff department employees, and Seattle police department employees, that sheriff really took some risks to serve… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Flimsey’s looking HOT today!


How can we lose?


I’d say the torches and pitch forks are out in force to protect state, county, city/town enforcers and military veterans.

Wait until the little old ladies figure out the people they have been clapping for in church are the tools of tyrants.


The unpermitted carrier’s risk of his life being destroyed by “LEOs” is higher than their risk by other criminals.

Why is that, Dave?

Your vote put LaPew’s “Winning Team” in position to pre-emptively surrender on gun controls & loot $Billions that could’ve saved Washington & the USA.

APG member

I would not condone Workman’s support of LaPierre, but he owes YOU no explanation. Your CHICKENSHIT efforts to get him “canceled” have failed. If you don’t appreciate his writings don’t read them. Certainly no one would pay to read your dribble…Go haunt a house!



Another low-IQ, poopy-mouth thug attack by the open-immigration ‘Libertarian’ ex-enforcer who says “ABOLISH THE USA!”

Did I say I want him canceled?

Why don’t you want anyone to know he was the swing turncoat from the reform camp who put the “Winning Team” in position to loot, subvert & destroy the NRA by ONE vote, 32-33?

You claim you don’t like LaPew, but you cover for ‘directors’ who enabled him to take NRA down & probably the USA with it. I guess you’re fine with that since you want to “ABOLISH THE USA” anyway.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

take NRA down & probably the USA with it. if ONE MAN”S vote in a private organisation can take down an organisation of FIVE MILLIONS, AND the entire USA< then things are far worse off than even you say they are. P posit the position that youare the one missing a few bricks from a ful load. I will also say, having been around and involved wiht Mr. Workman during the time and events in discussion, that much of what is now well known and out in the open was pretty well hidden for a long time. Perhaps Mr. Workman… Read more »


Fascinating. Left-“Libertarians” like you & APG shoot the messenger, since Workman won’t man up & own what he did. If it was a mistake, HE should admit it & apologize like a man, not send snippy toadies to blow smokescreens. Not a blameshifting, excuse-making Jane Fonda “apology” either. It was 32-33 to remove LaPew. ONE vote made the difference as it sometimes does in elections. “Mr Workman” wasn’t blindsided. That’s projection. There was a management review by the Finance Committee. Workman was fully informed, he was in the reform camp, switched sides at the last second, saved LaPierre, and here… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
APG member

You are not going to tell your Facebook friends on me are you!?!?! LOL! Poopy mouth? LOL! Your hypocrisy is EPIC! I reitorate, you are a chickenshit!


No content as usual = brainless.


P.S. “reitorate”?!?!? “a chickenshit”?!?!? Learn English, APG!!! Your juvenile poopy-mouth illiteracy, CAPS, question marks & exclamation points are painful even compared to other low-IQ ex-cops!!! Can you even spell “individual”?!?!?! I doubt it, even though it’s a word every 85-IQ cop memorizes thinking it makes him sound smart.


Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r