NRA’s Double-Super-Secret ‘Rescheduled’ Annual Meeting


2021 Rescheduled NRA Annual Meeting of Members
2021 Rescheduled NRA Annual Meeting of Members

USA – -( You probably heard about the NRA’s big Annual Meeting and Exhibits scheduled for Houston, Texas on September 3-5 of this year. And you probably heard that those events were canceled just over a week before they were scheduled to begin!

All this was supposedly because exhibitors were afraid of COVID-19 Delta. But did you hear about the rescheduled NRA Annual Meeting of Members on October 2nd 2021, in Charlotte, North Carolina? If you did, congratulations! You’re paying attention! Unfortunately, most of the rest of the NRA membership isn’t really paying attention, and they either don’t know that the meeting is about to happen or don’t know that attendance will be limited, requiring preregistration, which I’ve been told was already maxed out over a week ago.

The October 2 2021 meeting date was only announced to NRA Directors on September 12, just 3 weeks before the event. According to “Wayback Machine” which tracks changes across the web, the page announcing the cancellation appeared on August 25. On September 15 the Wayback Machine shows that the page changed to an announcement that “THE 2021 NRA ANNUAL MEETINGS & EXHIBITS HAS BEEN CANCELLED (sic) AND WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED.”

That statement makes the following headline announcing that registration for the 2021 Annual Meeting is open, seem incongruent, and probably an artifact left over from the original Houston announcement. Only when you read the smaller print under that headline do you see mention of Charlotte and October 2.

Finally, on Wednesday, September 22, the website was changed so that it automatically forwarded visitors to a ticketing site offering registration for the Charlotte event. On Thursday, September 23, people were reporting that the event was “sold out,” with no more tickets available. Apparently, the room the NRA reserved for their Members’ Meeting, has a maximum capacity under COVID restrictions, of only a few hundred, and the lions share of the tickets were doled out in advance to Directors and their families and friends, just as happened with the Tucson meeting in 2020. Since it only requires 100 NRA members to constitute a quorum at a Members’ Meeting, that requirement can easily be met with just Directors and their spouses.

Of course, there was never any announcement about the Charlotte Meeting in any of the NRA magazines, but a few members have reported that they received an email letting them know about the meeting. Every one of the members who reported to me about receiving that email was an Annual Member who has not yet reached the 5 consecutive years of membership required to be vested with voting rights in the Association. Maybe that was just a coincidence?

Until just a few months ago, the NRA Bylaws required that information about the where and when of the Annual Meeting of Members – a business meeting that is required by law – must be published in at least two consecutive issues of the Official Journal of the NRA (the three or four pages of inside NRA information published toward the back of each of NRA’s magazines). That Bylaw fell by the wayside after the Association failed to meet that standard last year. After rescheduling and canceling the 2020 Annual Meeting several times, they finally settled on a short-notice, shoestring meeting at a hotel in Tucson. At a subsequent Board meeting, the Board changed the Bylaws, creating exceptions for the meeting requirement in extreme circumstances such as hurricanes or pandemics, and changing the meeting notice requirements.

Under the new Bylaws, the Association is just required to meet the minimum announcement requirements of the state in which the Association is incorporated – New York – which offers several options for alerting members to a meeting. The easiest and cheapest of those options is for the Association to publish an announcement at least once per week for three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting, in a newspaper in the local area of the Association’s primary business location. So the NRA, with some five million members nationwide, is only legally obligated to let those five million members know about their Annual Meeting of Members, by publishing a classified ad once per week for three weeks, in some local Fairfax, Virginia newspaper. But all indications are that they didn’t even bother to do that.

What can members do about the lack of notice of the meeting and the limited capacity of the meeting room? Sue? That would be just another opportunity for the current “leadership” to funnel even more member money into the pocket of the NRA’s $2 million per month attorney, Bill Brewer.

The obvious first question is, why was the original meeting canceled?

Even if exhibitors were uncomfortable with the idea of attending a huge trade show during a Delta variant surge in Texas, the Association could have canceled the exhibits and other ancillary events, retaining only the already planned Annual Meeting of Members and the subsequent Board of Directors’ meeting. That would have been the easiest option and one that would have avoided confusion while providing the best opportunity for NRA members to participate in their Association’s business. Not to mention guaranteeing that they were in compliance with the laws and their own Bylaws.

But of course, the NRA brass is not interested in members interfering – err excuse me – participating in the Association’s business, nor is there much evidence that they are worried to any great degree about adhering to the Bylaws, or the laws of the state of New York.

Instead, they canceled everything, then at the last minute quietly rolled out plans for the meeting to be held in Charlotte, leaving most members in the dark. On top of that, the location and venue they have selected are under masking and social-distancing mandates. Everyone who attends will be required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination or prior infection with COVID-19, and the number of attendees that will be allowed into the meeting room will be further limited by capacity restrictions. At last year’s Tucson meeting, Directors and their families and friends, comprised at least half, if not two-thirds, of the attendees in the main room. Some additional people were able to participate from overflow seating on a patio just outside the meeting room, with closed-circuit TV feeds, but few of those people stayed long in the Arizona sun.

I had hoped to see NRA members make a solid, loud, angry showing at the Members’ Meeting in Houston. After all, Houston NRA members formed the core of the Federation for NRA, which was the group behind the Cincinnati Revolt in 1977. Our plan was for the members to raise such a ruckus that they would wake up their derelict Directors to the destructive choices they’ve been making, and convince them to take major steps toward protecting the NRA. Major steps like replacing Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Secretary Jon Frazer, both named defendants in the lawsuit filed by the state of New York, and reorganizing the leadership of the Board of Directors, taking power away from “leaders” who have blatantly lied to the Board and NRA members, and who have been complicit in allowing LaPierre and company to rape the Association while neglecting their core responsibilities.

At this point, I see no chance of the Board doing anything at all to mitigate the coming disaster. For the NRA “the worst is yet to come.”

The New York Attorney General’s Office has made it abundantly clear that they intend to push for nothing less than the complete dissolution of the NRA, and they have built a devastating case to support that objective. The judge in the case has made it clear that dissolution of the Association is absolutely on the table, and he’s signaled that some of the claims NRA’s “leadership” and high-priced attorneys have made about their “strong legal position,” amount to tissue paper shields.

In short, the NRA is in serious trouble.

The Houston meeting might have been the last flickering hope of mitigating the devastating outcome we all see looming. With the cancellation of the Houston meeting and the subsequent scheduling of a limited, masked, distanced, and no doubt sparsely-attended (not to mention, tightly controlled) meeting in Charlotte, I honestly believe the battle to save the NRA has been lost. NRA Director Phil Journey will be virtually alone as a voice of reason on the Board, after the Charlotte Members’ Meeting, and I expect another wave of resignations from the Board within days of the close of that meeting.

If you are an NRA Voting Member (Life or at least 5-years consecutive membership), and you live within reasonable driving distance of Charlotte, I encourage you to attend and do your best to make your NRA Directors see the cultish mindset that has consumed the Board. Demand answers to simple questions like; “Why was Wayne given a $500k bonus while donations were down, membership was stagnant, Carry Guard was crashing, budgets were being cut across all NRA programs, there were growing accusations of impropriety, and Wayne admitted to having received over $300k in excess compensation,” and “Why are we paying Bill Brewer millions of dollars each month?”

I encourage your attendance knowing full well that there will be little opportunity to accomplish anything meaningful or worthwhile at the Members’ Meeting in Charlotte, but I know that a few stalwarts will be there to wave the flag for a rational approach. Your participation would be appreciated. If you can’t get a “ticket,” don’t be deterred. I believe there will be a whole bunch of no-shows, providing an opportunity for others to attend.

I expect the meeting in Charlotte to go very much like the meeting in Tucson did, beginning with a video message from outgoing President Meadows, apologizing for her inability to attend, and praising the amazing accomplishments of our Dear Leader, Wayne LaPierre. Then First Vice President Charles Cotton will take charge of the meeting, praising Wayne, and declaring that nothing that touches on anything involved in any of the various lawsuits can be discussed during the meeting, even though virtually all of it is a public record already, through depositions and testimony in the various suits and the bankruptcy trial.

At that moment the members should rise up and demand that Cotton relinquish the gavel as being biased and having serious conflicts of interest, and have the Parliamentarian chair the meeting. That won’t happen, but it should. Of course, the Parliamentarian was hired by and is paid by the current “leadership,” but he has his public reputation, certifications, and career to consider.

From there, the meeting will go into reports of the officers, where they’ll tell you what a great job everyone is doing, and what great accomplishments are just around the corner. Then they’ll finally get to Resolutions, where a few “disgruntled members” will try to express their frustration with poorly worded and confusing resolutions calling for various unspecified actions, and other resolutions calling for “No Confidence” votes against LaPierre and other “leaders.” Each of these will be met by a phalanx of Directors rising to say that the whole thing is silly, that everything’s great, and Wayne’s the only one who can lead the Association out of the bottom of this deep well that Wayne and this Board have dug us into.

Then someone will call for adjournment and the meeting will close.

Later that same day, the Board will hold their meeting. The officers will again tell everyone how great everything is, the Nominating Committee will offer a slate of candidates for officer positions, led by Wayne LaPierre for Executive Vice President and Charles Cotton for President. Hopefully, Phil Journey will then rise to nominate alternate candidates. There will probably be some argument about the nominating process, and the Board might even go into Executive Session to try to hide the appearance of any dissent within the Board. There will then be some argument about the voting process, trying to avoid secret ballots, and finally, a vote will be taken, Wayne and company will be reelected, there will be an effort made to have the record reflect the vote as “unanimous,” and the meeting will quickly be wrapped up.

That’s my prediction. I’ll let you know how close I came, shortly after the meeting.

If you’re thinking of attending the Members’ Meeting in Charlotte, be sure to go to and try to reserve your seat in the meeting. If you can’t get a “ticket,” go anyway. For the Tucson meeting, they told many people they couldn’t register because all of the tickets had been reserved, then when ticket-holders failed to show up, those people who had been turned away weren’t around to claim the open seats, leaving lots of empty chairs.

When it comes to Second Amendment advocacy groups, the NRA isn’t just the 300-pound gorilla, they are an aircraft carrier with all other groups being PT boats and dinghies. While the rest of the fleet is agile and quick, and sometimes able to lay down some serious, concentrated fire, none of them can do what the NRA can do, and not one of them is in a position to grow into that role. The NRA’s membership list alone is more valuable than all other 2A groups combined. We’ve seen how such a powerful organization is a two-edged sword, but not having them would be very difficult, so we need to try to save the Association, in spite of the foolish actions of the Board of Directors.

I think our last, meager hope will be a letter-writing campaign to the judge. I’ll keep you posted on that idea as things develop. Meanwhile, keep your powder dry, support your local grassroots organizations, and keep reading AmmoLand News.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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When an organization is run responsibly from top to bottom with integrity and transparency there’s nothing to fear from any outside allegations. Honest mistakes happen. Reputable organizations put those honest mistakes in their front window for all to see. Corrections are made and controls are put in place to ensure those same mistakes are never made again. The LOCF, LaPierre Organized Crime Family, referred to in government documents as the National Rifle Association, has nothing in common with any honestly run organization. I’ve never seen or even heard of any organization where the BOD are completely controlled by the executive… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JIAZ

Give it up, LaPierre and the incompetent board killed the NRA. The NRA is being ineffective and cowardly for over a decade.
Is time to let it die, the NRA don’t care about its members or about defending gun rights.


Yep. Some disclosure would be nice. Knox helped Knox employer Gottlieb keep their ‘good friend’ on the NRA board: ‘Libertarian’ saboteur Grover Norquist. Norquisling raises money for Vichy ‘Republican’ gun grabbers who back his ‘Libertarian’ globalist agenda: Open immigration, invasion-amnesty, 1-way “free trade”. NRA is too corrupt to fix. Fully metastasized, Stage 4.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Wayne LaPierre’s mantra, “If the NRA goes down in flames, I would have gotten everything I had ever wanted from this gig.”

Henry Bowman

Yeah, Radioactive Wayne has milked (bilked) the NRA for all it’s worth! I’m beginning to think he is a Demorat mole, he was a Dem operative before NRA hired him. A lot of NRA members don’t know that (or dont care)!!


I’ll start off by saying I am a Benefactor Member. I went all in when Pete Brownell became president because I believe he is a true 2A advocate. Even a good man such as he couldn’t turn the NRA around. I’ve seen from personal experience that the majority of the members don’t care about turning the NRA around. There are just too many Butters and Fudds who are OK with a little infringement especially if they believe it doesn’t effect them. Sure, there are more members making noise now but that noise is mainly due to Wayne and Wayne is… Read more »



Commiefornia Sucks



It’s beginning to look like my lifetime membership might have been a waste of money.

Commiefornia Sucks

I let my membership expire in august. I will never renew it. Was only a member for a few years but havent seen the NRA lead any charges for my 2A rights. Im an FPC and CRPA member and will remain a member because they are the orgs leading the fight for my 2A rights. They are doing the hard legal work for me, not the NRA. People need to stop renewing their NRA memberships and let it go away for good.

Happy Everafter

NRA members keep inflating this leaky balloon; I think it is time to just let all the air leak out. If we quit paying, they’ll just go away. I did.


I have been A NRA member for 45 years but when my membership runs out in 2024 I will not renew. I have stopped contributing to the NRA until LaPierre is gone and thrown my support to SAF and GOA. It’s sad to see what is happening to the NRA but there are many 2nd amendment organizations that have stepped in to fill the void. Pick one and give them the support to continue the fight.


How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change. Not only does the NRA leadership and Board of Directors not want to change, they do not acknowledge that a reason to change exists. Nor, apparently, do the bulk of the membership Sorry, Jeff, but the NRA that was your dad’s legacy no longer exists. Wayne LaPierre strangled it, and replaced it with a simulacrum that he and he alone controlled. Now that simulacrum’s days are numbered. At this point, all that there is left to do is… Read more »


nra looks like state of new york corrupt to the core ,so the big apple is rotten to the core (thankyou Tammany Hall) government as gang


I have joined GOA and will not be renewing membership in NRA.


I’m not renewing my NRA membership as long as LaPierre is involved. I’m joining GOA, instead.

Country Boy

So how much does a ticket to this event costs? And tell me why I’d want to spend it with the NRA that has already pissed away the other donations and membership fees I’ve already paid?
Signed: Soon To Be GOA Member

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy
Charlie Foxtrot

$0 for those that are eligible to attend!


Some excellent points in this article.
There’s a reason why so many firearm related news sources like Ammoland keep talking about the NRA despite its current shaky foundation: it’s important. I myself planned to attend in Houston by booking a flight and hotel. Unlike the incredibly weak position of “LaPierre sucks! Let it all burn,” I chose to take the approach of doing *something.*
There was a time when Americans knocked the king off the hill, not sit and whine about him. It’s high time we stand up again.


Nice try on the shared delusi0n, $hillusion, or whatever. You allegedly “planned on” booking a flight & hotel, the grifters h0sed you, and you learned zip. So you call members “weak” who weren’t chump enough to see it coming. Those of us involved these last 3 decades know the corruption is fully metastasized. The committed grifters who run it will never allow loyal members to kick them out by “standing up” at meetings or voting. Have you donated to lawsuits to bounce them? I have. What’s important about NRA is that – barring court intervention – long as it exists… Read more »


I am a new 5< NRA Member at 75years of age. I have attended local NRA meetings.I am also a “renewed” Gun Owner, not owning one since my military service. I have always been a serious believer in the 2A and felt in 2019/2020 that things were out of control. The election pushed me over the edge and I armed myself and my wife. I felt it was necessary not to just “Buy a Gun”, but support financially and in person, and where possible, 2A groups. I immediately joined the NRA because it was the only group I knew about.… Read more »


SAF has its own warts and deserves your due diligence into Gottlieb. On top of their (my perception) emphasis on revenue generation, the numerous iterations e.g. The CCKRB, SAF, DRGO, JPFO seem to me to result in a dilution of effort for the actual cause. I am disappointed with their lackluster performance in Olympia WA gov’t committee meetings on gun legislation. (their own back yard; the SAF’s hq is in Bellevue WA). The NRA’s activism in WA is proportional to the strength of the efforts of their local officers and for the last few years those individuals have performed admirably… Read more »

Henry Bowman

I’ve had my reservations about SAF’s ability to get things done, so I’ve concentrated my membership and my donations with GOA and FPC. I used to be an NRA Lifer, but back in 2007 I disavowed and resigned my life membership over the NRA’s support for an anti-gun bill that they gaslighted their members into thinking was pro-2A. The NRA has been and continues to be the worst possible choice for gun owners who want to keep their Rights intact. I honestly think that Radioactive Wayne will ride the NRA all the way down to ground zero like Major Kong… Read more »

Knute Knute

You don’t think he’ll pop his golden parachute at the last minute? I do. I think he relishes the idea of appearing to go down with the ship… but then pull his prepared escape out at the last second!

Knute Knute

That’s what I’m hoping for! It would tickle my cold old heart immensely to watch him make a big splat!

Knute Knute

Now why in the hell would the censorbots disallow that comment? Is it the word “cold”, “old” or “heart”?

Knute Knute

That’s what I’m hoping for!

Knute Knute

Well, that piece worked.

Knute Knute

It would tickle my cold

Knute Knute

It’s the word “would” in combination with the word “tickle” that is disallowed for some really stupid NON reason

Knute Knute

Nope. Those two words cannot even exist in one comment without activating the censorbots.

Knute Knute

OK, I’ll try it this way.
I’m hoping that will happen. I’d enjoy watching Wayne make a big splat.

Knute Knute

Smoked that one past the bots!


Clearly, you just weren’t patient enough, They ALL showed up eventually.


Thanks for the Info about SAF…I will look closer….


Alan abused saf resources to keep ‘close friend’ Norquist on NRA’s board. ‘Libertarian’ Norquist stumps for VichyCon gun grabbers who back his global agenda: open migration-amnesty, 1-way ‘free trade’. Knox backed him too

Alan pushed total ‘bckgrnd chks’ after Sandy Hook

Lackey Dave was the swing ’97 turncoat who gave NRA to the ‘Winning Team’ that looted $Bs

Norquist’s ‘Libertarian’ coauthor Lott lobbies to bar us from buying drugs from foreign pharmacies. Says there’d be no drugs if we don’t have to pay 10x what they pay overseas. Pharma subsidizing him has ZIP to do with it-not.

NOT our pals

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

“When it comes to Second Amendment advocacy groups, the NRA isn’t just the 300-pound gorilla, they are an aircraft carrier with all other groups being PT boats and dinghies. While the rest of the fleet is agile and quick, and sometimes able to lay down some serious, concentrated fire, none of them can do what the NRA can do, and not one of them is in a position to grow into that role.” But the commander is determined to scuttle the carrier despite anyone else’s best efforts. Do we waste our time fighting our way to the bridge of a… Read more »


I’m having a hard time trying to find out if the NRA-ILA is tied into the AGs law suite? Or maybe its not because it’s a different entity? Just want to know where NRA-ILA contributions go.


Thanks for the information. It’s really hard to get good information these days.


Maybe we should get the GOA, CCKRB, SAF, DRGO, JPFO to join together as one, to fight our battles, and do away with the NRA all together. And start with officers that answer to the membership including their pay. The NRA has some vialabile attributes, ie training and range insurrence. But as a whole, it just gets worse and worse. My dues are good for a couple of years, but I will not be renewing. The NRA smacks of near criminal activity in their recent activities.


At issue the NRA became a select member boys club that has missed the mark for most payed upped members. They have forgotten the basic rules of membership one for all for one. Today a group such as the NRA is vital to gun owners unfortunately those in charge act as politicians due in washington. I one asked if my family could book time at the center while on vacation they flat out said no. That is 6 of us who are members one now passed away who was a life member.


How is the NRA-ILA tied into the law suite? Or maybe its not because it’s a different entity? Just want to know where NRA-ILA contributions go.


Good grief, Jeff, give it up: “none of them can do what the NRA can do, and not one of them is in a position to grow into that role” Do what? Endorse the military veteran, Ron DeSantis who not only supports red flag laws, but encourages their use? The problem with the NRA goes well beyond Wayne, the directors who he bought, and the bad bylaws that make it all possible. You and the other people who want to “fix the NRA” refuse to say what it will look like after it’s fixed. “we have to save the… Read more »


The military veteran, Ron DeSantis, loves to tout his military veteran status and his NRA “A” Rating:


Here’s the military veteran, Ron DeSantis, encouraging people to use red flag laws: What happens to the pink-haired niece who fabricates a story about her firearm-owning uncle who doesn’t support Biden? Nothing. What happens to the uncle (if he’s not an enforcer or a politician)? Armed government employees will pound on his door a 3:30 in the morning screaming and then point guns at him and take away his guns. He then gets to hire a lawyer (no public defender will be provided for fighting red flag enforcement actions) to prove he is innocent of a crime that wasn’t… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

That’s the best case scenario. The enforcers may just shoot the uncle (due to “officer safety” concerns).

I mean, why not?

The only thing that matters is that the armed government employee goes home safe at night, right?

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

There is an easy way for them to go home safely at the end of their shift. It starts with respecting the rest of us and continues with policing their own. Don’t knock down ‘uncle’s’ door at three in the morning. If you absolutely must speak with him, do so at a reasonable hour and in a respectful/reasonable manner. Far as I’m concerned home invasion is not OK. Wearing a uniform and badge does not change anything. If ‘Uncle’ successfully defends his home he has done nothing wrong even if non of the thugs makes it home. If ‘Uncle’ or… Read more »


The right way to fix the problem is through legislation. Enforcers should stop fighting that legislation.

They do not understand their alternatives. They have it in their heads, they get to choose between:

  1. Not obeying orders and possibly getting fired; and
  2. Obeying orders, keeping their government job, and still being respected by the community.

Those are not the two choices available to them.


While I really admire DeSantis for his conservative management of the State ..The lack of recognition of the “Red Flag Danger” is extremely concerning.

Country Boy

IMO the NRA board members are not actually trying to save the NRA…they’re just lying to save thier cushy well paying jobs/positions, so they can continue to milk the membership of their hardearned$$ like a fat cow.

Henry Bowman

Right! They’re contibuting to the problem, not fixing it. Actually let me correct myself. THEY ARE part of THE PROBLEM!!


Meaningful state SAPA laws should have been coordinated at a national level. The NRA was perfectly positioned to do this, but they didn’t. The state legislators need help. A lot of the better pro 2nd Amendment legislators are just regular guys who have no legal background and are not good at logically making an argument.

There are no NRA state coordinators who NRA members can contact to discuss SAPA legislation efforts.

Since at least the 80s, the NRA has been a top down, send money and STFU organization.

Now you want me to write a letter to a judge? No.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
Henry Bowman

GOA coordinates nationally for state laws and has state coordinators; but not every state has a coordinator! You may want to look into whether your state has one, assuming you’re a GOA member. I’m a lifer and I’m tossing my hat into the ring to be a state coordinator for Minnesota. Until or unless we have a civil war or revolution to restore de jure constitutional government, I want to do a LOT more than just stay up on issues, donate, and comment here. I would hope that anyone else who can commit to the cause would step it up… Read more »


Jeff, did the NRA do one thing to help Wyoming pass meaningful SAPA laws that held WY enforcers accountable?* No – they did not. As a result, the WY sheriffs, the WY Highway Patrol, and they WY police chiefs were successful in working with Moms Demand Action and Anytown for Gun Safety in defeating the legislation. *By removing not-so-qualified immunity if they called the BATFE because a “civilian” did not follow a future federal law to require the registration of semiautomatic rifles. Without this law, WY rural sheriffs will do exactly what the rural sheriff department did in McLennan County,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Hey jeffy,

Stop preaching to the choir you self-serving blow hard and go offer your (cough…cough..) unique and lofty expertise to help her put the skunk, Li’l Wayne LA P U in prison.

That is the only thing you can do to help (save) the nra.

Anything less than that from you shows you to be nothing but a carnival barker blowing your own horn.

You are really no better than the skunk himself.

Do something constructive.
Go help jamse put the skunk in prison.