Umarex Steel Force BB Gun Review


Umarex Steel Force
The author really enjoyed the Umarex Steel Force BB Gun. IMG Tom Claycomb

U.S.A. -( The Umarex Steel Force BB Gun is an awesome airgun. How can you not love it? It is an AR-looking wanna be AND it can fire 6 round bursts. Yes, you heard me right. Six full-auto bursts. How cool is that? I’m big-time into airguns but this is one of the coolest ones that I own.

But it all gets even better. It has a sight like on the Ruger 556. But despite all of this my first group was ½-inch. Wow, for a BB gun that’s unbelievable. I had to rub my eyes and measure it again to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.

Umarex Steel Force BB Gun

To operate the Umarex Steel Force BB Gun is easy. First, remove the magazine. Pop off the side panel of the mag. It is held in place by small prongs. Press in the side and slide it off. You will see a small Allen wrench which you will use to remove the piercing screws on bottom of the mag. Put a drop of oil on top of two 12g CO2 canisters and insert them into the gun. Then, screw in the two piercing screws using the Allen wrench. When it punctures the canister you will hear a small amount of gas escaping. Screw it down tight and it will stop.

Now replace the mag. Slide the front sight back and load BBs into the reservoir. It will hold up to 300 BBs. Pull back the BB Follower and shake the gun to load it up with 30 BBs. The airgun is now loaded and ready to fire.

It has safety like a regular AR. Flip it up to fire and flip it over one more notch and it will fire a 6-round burst. Normally I’d say that CO2 is not adequate for hunting with. In fact, I always say that but in the case of the Umarex Steel Force BB Gun, I want to try it on a pigeon hunt. I think that if I get up close to a pigeon roosting in a barn that I can knock one down if it is on a 6-round burst. Plus, it wouldn’t shoot a hole in the tin roof. I went out shooting it again today and at 15-feet I got a ¾-inch group on a 6-round burst. Spitting out BBs at 430 fps I’ve got to think that’d definitely put the hurt on a pigeon roosting up in the rafters. (I didn’t get any other groups like that though).

I think it’d also be a blast to hunt rats in a barn at night and hit the 6-round burst option, how cool would that be? Hmm, what if you spotlighted at night for them? I talked to a guy that spotlights for rats around barns at night in Africa.

The MSRP on the Umarex Steel Force BB Gun is $128.35 and as is usual, we will finish with the specs:


System: CO 2 airgun
Caliber/Ammo: .177 cal. (4.5 mm) BB
Velocity : 430 FPS
Barrel length : 7.5″
Length: 24.4″-28.2″
Weight: 3.37 lbs.
Magazine capacity: 30 BBs
Dangerous Distance : 325 yds (297 m)


The new Steel Force is a 6-shot burst M4-style BB machinegun that makes shooters smile. This addition to the Umarex tactical line-up has practical applications for training but is also geared for recreational shooters. The Steel Force’s magazine houses side-by-side CO2 cartridges. The BB reservoir above the handguard holds 300 shots. The gun operates in single action or in full-auto six-shot bursts, and all of the features, from the safety to the charging handle, all work as they would on an M4. And that may be the most useful feature of the new Steel Force. While experienced shooters will feel right at home with the gun, its collapsible stock makes this the perfect way to safely introduce younger shooters to the AR platform.

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