True Velocity Honored with “Guns & Ammo Innovation of The Year” Award

True Velocity has earned Guns & Ammo’s Innovation of The Year award. IMG True Velocity

U.S.A. -( Texas-based True Velocity has been awarded the prestigious Guns & Ammo “Innovation of The Year” award for their composite-cased .308 WIN round, which launched directly to consumer audiences in July and is on-shelf at many major retail locations in 20-round boxes. The round is the first commercially available product from True Velocity, which has supplied the U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, and multiple Allied nations with its advanced, composite-cased ammunition for multiple years.

“To be recognized by Guns & Ammo for our product is a rare honor that we hold in the highest regard,” said True Velocity CEO Kevin Boscamp. “Innovation is at the core of everything we do as a company and is the driving force that led us to pioneer this new era in ammunition.”

True Velocity’s precisely engineered .308 Winchester round features a lightweight composite case and is currently offered with either a 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition hollow-point boattail projectile or a 165-grain Nosler AccuBond projectile. Every True Velocity round is made in the U.S. and undergoes hundreds of control checks to achieve exact dimensions and concentricity, ensuring consistency. The use of robotics and attention to detail is on par with medical-grade manufacturing processes and delivers a standard of quality unequaled in the industry.

Composite-cased ammunition from True Velocity provides significant advantages over traditional brass rounds, including reduced heat transfer to firearms, leading to longer chamber life and decreased throat erosion. These rounds boast sub-MOA accuracy, reduced heat, and extreme consistency in muzzle velocity, thus providing serious shooters – both military and civilian – with a performance advantage.

“Guns & Ammo’s contributors, editors, and staff resolved that nothing less than ‘Innovation of the Year’ should describe True Velocity’s first commercial offering,” said Guns & Ammo Editor in Chief Eric Poole. “No production load tested in 2021 offered the consistency found in True Velocity’s .308 Winchester, which was loaded with Nosler’s Custom Competition 168-grain hollow point boattail projectile. As we know, consistency is necessary to produce accuracy, and accuracy is what True Velocity delivers. True Velocity’s composite case technology and manufacturing processes represent the first advancement in ammunition technology in more than a century of firearm development.”

“Given the proprietary engineering, science, and modern manufacturing, True Velocity can uniquely design the interior dimensions and volume of a case, which has never been achieved with conventional ammunition production,” Poole added. “This allows True Velocity to control the organization and volume of the powder stack to manipulate the burn rate for consistency and efficiency in any environment. These features, combined with inherent benefits such as reduced chamber temperature and optimized pressure curves, justify our belief that True Velocity has revolutionized ammunition.”

True Velocity and partner LoneStar Future Weapons are one of the final two teams remaining in the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Program (NGSW) – an initiative aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of U.S. warfighters through new, cutting-edge weapons systems and ammunition. The NGSW selection is expected to culminate in January 2022. Their offerings include a composite-cased 6.8TVCM round as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles designed to fire it.

Additional calibers from True Velocity will be available to commercial markets in the coming months. An official True Velocity .308 WIN product video can be viewed on YouTube.

To learn more about True Velocity and its products, visit


True Velocity is an advanced technology and composite manufacturing company based in Garland, Texas. Founded in 2010, True Velocity has more than 250 patents pending or issued on its products, technology and manufacturing processes. Initially, the company is focused on revolutionizing the ammunition industry. True Velocity products are manufactured in the U.S. in a state-of-the-art, 66,000-square-foot facility and are currently available to public agencies, with consumer products available soon. For more information, visit

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I for one am not impressed with this ammo as it’s just another step to controlling ammo in the public’s hands . Non reloadable ammo limits one’s ability to posses ammo because you purchase throw away cases that are not reusable so you are subject to the unstable market and a manufacturers supply or empty shelves in the future. I bet it will come with a hefty price tag also when they have phased out all brass reloadable cases .


stock-up on brass and primers and dont get rid of used primers. may come a time where we are all reusing primers and 22 rimfire . they want control cant take the guns take the ammo


And that’s what bothers me as well. I’ve been stocking up on brass for a year now. However, I still cannot find primers anywhere. Powder is gradually making it’s way back into the local stores and some online outlets, but not primers. When I ask locally when they might be getting another shipment, the standard response is, “when we get them…” And pretty much the same reply from the online outlets I frequent.


&70/20 rounds!


One question comes to mind, can these composite cases be reloaded by those of us who handload our ammunition?


My understanding is that so far the answer is “no.” That has actually been part of the sales pitch to the military. That their once fired cases will not be available for civilians to reload for what the government would consider unacceptable purposes.

But eventually someone might figure out a way to do it in a way that is in reach.

After all, you can reload Berdan primed cases. It’s just a royal PITA and for most folks not worth the effort.


These are being sold to the public, not just the military.

WI Patriot



Yes, they are. From the article;

…composite-cased .308 WIN round, which launched directly to consumer audiences in July and is on-shelf at many major retail locations in 20-round boxes.


No, they are NOT reloadable.