NBC Calls Secret Service On Gun Sites Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” Products ~ VIDEO

NBC News Calls Secret Service On Firearms Sites Selling "Let's Go Brandon" Products
NBC News Calls Secret Service On Firearms Sites Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” Products

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- NBC News has confirmed that they called the Secret Service on Palmetto State Armory for selling an AR-15 lower receiver engraved with “Let’s Go Brandon.” They also called the Secret Service on two other companies selling magazines with the meme emblazed the sides.

During a NASCAR event, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed driver Brandon Brown in early October after a race. “As you can hear the chants from the crowd, let’s go, Brandon,” the reporter told Brown.

The crowd was not chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon.” The crowd was chanting, “F*** Joe Biden.” The NBC reporter statement became an instant meme. “Let’s go, Brandon” took over the internet and beyond. The chant went viral at sporting events across the country, and even a Southwest pilot got in trouble for saying the statement over the intercom during a flight.

On the internet, online stores started selling shirts, mugs, and more with the saying. The shirts became a best seller on Black Swan Tactical. The product line accounted for 25% of the site’s sales for October. For full disclosure, the writer of this article owns the website. Other sites have also seen an explosion of “Let’s go Brandon” merchandise.

It wasn’t just merchandise with “Let’s go Brandon” that had gone viral. Loza Alexander released a “Let’s go Brandon” song. The conservative rapper’s song shot to number one on the Apple Music charts beating out artists such as Lady Gaga. Other “Let’s go Brandon” songs also showed up on the top ten list.

Palmetto Armory released an AR-15 lower receiver with “Let’s go Brandon” engraved on the side of the mag well. The safe position on the lower is marked “[email protected]” The semi-auto position is marked “Joe.” And the final position is marked “Biden.” NBC News wrote a news article about the internet firearms dealers selling the lowers receivers and other items.

The article also criticized Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical for selling AR-15 magazines with “Let’s go Brandon” designs. NBC News was so shaken up by the memes on firearms that the mainstream media organization contacted the Secret Service. The Secret Service refused to comment.

Internet users took to Twitter to call out NBC News and the article’s writer, Ken Dilanian, for not taking a joke. Dilanian didn’t like being called out and double-downed on his concerns over items with the meme.

Dilanian responded to a user on Twitter by stating: “I called to ask the Secret Service whether they consider “F—Joe Biden” emblazoned on an assault rifle to represent a security threat to the president. Which I think is a reasonable question.”

When Kathy Griffin posed with a fake bloody Donald Trump head, NBC News did not call the Secret Service. When a play in Central Park shows the assassination of an actor playing Donald Trump, Dilanian and NBC did not call the Secret Service.

It seems that they only contact the Secret Service when it is a joke where Joe Biden is the punchline.

Palmetto State Armory declined to comment on the NBC News article and the call to the Secret Service.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Alan in NH

FJB and everybody that voted for him.


NBC need to be labeled a terrorist org!!!


FJB and F all the Millions of fraudulent ballots that installed him in office. As well as those who actually did vote for Dementia Joe.


Arizona, got your vaccine yet?


Did your boyfriend give a big inoculum last night, Comrade?


Well Supe, apparently you are not aware how much you need some therapy. You are fascinated with abhorrent sex practices and you have no apparent knowledge of why you get downvoted all the time. Everything with you revolves around calling folks names and referring to everyone as a homophobe; Everyone, except yourself.

Last edited 11 months ago by Oldman

Sure thing, Agent. Love you Agents whining about name calling, but you pretend not to see it when your sock puppet pals like WillTEX do it right next to your post.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r

“this little pissant ain’t even worth the time of day. He’s just a loser” -WillTEX/FordWill/Oldman

Yet here you are giving me the time of day, twice. Can’t even keep your sock names straight. LOL


So, is it still ok for me to be going around putting TRUMP stickers over all the Biden/Harris bumper stickers?


Let’s get past Trump.


trump’s a clown.


Oh, didn’t you know. Trump is no longer the president and a real clown is in office now.

Wild Bill

With a democrat in the presidency, the Chinese will not be afraid to commence war against America. With Trump in the Whitehouse, the Chinese will not attack Taiwan or the U. S.


Biden-Harris make clowns look good by comparison.

But I prefer DeSantis for 2024. Florida has the lowest covid death & positivity rates and highest job growth by far of all 50 states. No vax mandates, no vax passports, no mask mandates, everything open. 

FL let parents opt out of masks, banned quarantines for the healthy, kept healthy kids in school. School cases fell 90% from Aug-Oct.

DeSantis is a lot less talk, a lot more action, finishes thoughts, doesn’t contradict himself in the same sentence.

Meanwhile in Texas, Corrupt Vichy ‘Republican’ lockdown artist Abbott is all talk, no action.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r

Just curious if you know wether Northam was wearing black face or the KKK outfit?


Get PAST Trump? He’s preparing for his second coming! He’s coming back in 2024! HE is in YOUR FUTURE! AGAIN! TRUMP will be IN YOUR FACE for the next not one, or two or three years BUT FOR SEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS! IN-YOUR-FACE! You won’t see prancy-pants coming back for a second run. (Is this where I say, “Drop the mic”?)

Last edited 11 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

You have to ask??? HELL YES!!!!!


F%&k NBC

Green Mtn. Boy

National Broadcast Communists has their panties in a knot and has clutched their pearls till the string broke,Eff them and his fraudulency/Brandon


@Green Mtn. Boy N is for Nazi broadcast commune, abc another bunch of commies and of course the original cbs

Middle finger mike

Funny thing is every time a democrap comes to the forefront they sell more guns than any republican I think the democraps are closet stock holders FJB FNbc

Middle finger mike

Well said will

Wild Bill

Yes, it is so. And biden is doing pretty well, too!

Middle finger mike

I think jo sold more than Obama when he was in I could still get powder and primers .very hard to go to therapy/the gun range these days

Wild Bill



I think Clown face Trump did more for gun sales with his ties to the “China Virus” and his rhetoric comments he spews. Sh!t I bought more firearms under his administration than all others combined!!


Ya, right. You just got out of jail and that is why we haven’t heard from you for months. Your absence made the board a lot better. If it went back to the way it has been, we would be allot happier.
So you bought more stolen guns under President Trump than any other president. Let me see. Clinton, Bush, Obummer, Trump. If you could have bought them legally it would make sense that you bought more under Trump because you couldn’t buy guns legally until you were 18 and that was during the obummer menstruation.


Damn your wife still pissing in your Cheerios?? Damn there’s counselors for that homie. Having hate is hell bruh. Your soapbox here is just that a 2” x 4” box. Lol. Dude ask the Lord to ‘Make Your Mind Young Again’ boomer. Yo old ass getting senile in your old age. Who the fuck are you to say anything about my truth?? Eat a d!ck old man!!


Democrats like you & Alec Baldwin should be banned from owning guns since you commit nearly all of the violent crime.


Dems like you & Alec Baldwin shouldn’t be allowed to own guns, since you do nearly all the violent crime. It’s one gun control I’d support, another is disarming our federales.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

you may think that Trump did more for gun sales, but actual sales data says otherwise.

Wild Bill

What guns did you buy?


What a bunch of shrinking violets who got their panties in a wad. Dilanian, we put up with your MSM BS for 4 years calling Pres. Trump a traitor and worse. Now that we throw a punch back, you run for your safe space and crybaby your hurt feeling to the USSS.

Grow up or quit your job. Your profession started it, now it’s our turn to throw it back in your face.


Once again, it is proven that liberalism is a mental disorder. FJB!


Well….after reading this story, I can tell you one thing : #FJB.


will SOMEONEplease inform NBC of this fact:

Joe Biden IS the punchline.

uncle dudley

This just proves how the major media is in bed with the democrats as if there was any doubt.


It is sad that the FCC didn’t have a bigger set of balls to reel-in the fake news as it once did…. Media: How are they regulated? | United States Government (lumenlearning.com)

John Dow

Ken Dilanian wins the prize for idjit of the week, maybe month.

I don’t think he’d recognize a real security threat if it swam over the Rio Grande and bit him in the rear.


or shot at him……


I would like to thank the stupid TWAT at NBC that coined the phrase . ” Let’s Go Brandon ” . It’s perfect and to the point FJB ! Now un bunch your panties and own it NBC . Your famous now for your false narratives . Nice try crybabies but it’s now the way we identify you and the ilegitiment demented clown in the oval office ! ” LETS GO BRANDON “


Finally a rap song I can relate too.


As I recall the fjb meme was already a ‘thing’ at several sporting events prior to it coming out at the nascar race. So the question now is, did that ‘reporter’ try to change the narrative on her own or did her minders tell her to try to deflect what all could clearly hear? Asking for a friend………………


Considering she’s been around racing, for a while, it’s reasonable to imagine that she’s hearing impaired. Either that or she had a fast-thinking producer telling her what to say.


I love it. Not everyone would post or have a sign that says the real thing that America is saying with signs on their homes and cars all over the west coast in rural towns. Let’s Go Brandon doesn’t have bad words in it and everyone is learning what it really means. It’s perfect and if it is against the law to have it on a lower or one of uncle Joes clips, then it is an infringement on our 1st amendment freedom of speech. I have been sick and tired of non-patriotic individuals burning our flag as a statement… Read more »

Country Boy

F Joe Biden
F the Democommie Party while I’m at it.
Perhaps NBC should hire blondes with better hearing?

Capn Dad

Let’s Go Brandon!


Well, now I gotta order one from PSA.


SOME people NEED to GROW UP!!
What is on the receivers is called; “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
LET’S GO BRANDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


………. and FORK YOU……. NBC.

Middle finger mike

Just vote for me and I’ll spend the rest of the budget on powder primers bullets and cases that’s what i want to hear fu$k jo biden

Last edited 11 months ago by Middle finger mike

Hmm, it isn’t likely that they’ll like Palmetto’s next offering – “Potus Shatus”.


Ley’s Go Brandon!


AS Judge Schroeder said: “The price paid for having a free press is a lot of irresponsible and sloppy journalism.”


how mad would they be if a truth in media law was enacted,same attack they are making on second

Wild Bill

Yes, intentional misinformation in the media does not have to be the price of having a free press.
We could have a truth in media law; license reporters, journalists, and editors; and require yearly ethics classes, to include exams. This is doable because the First Amendment does not include the Right to gather news.


We already DO have these regulations… Title 47 of the U.S. Code it’s just the apathy of the American people have allowed it to wander off into space… Much like this president and it’s administration.


“I’m telling my Dad you’re calling me names.”
My Dad is the FBI and you’re gonna get it.

Ah, free enterprise at it’s finiest.

Last edited 11 months ago by Cruiser

Journalists need to be put in camps

Wild Bill

Yes, and billed for their stay!

American Patriot

NBC is just Pissed that one of their reporters created the meme and they’re not profiting from it…..


snoop dog (the azzclown) did a “rap video” where he actually SHOT a person who was dressed and made up to look like Pres. Trump. When the F’in secret service or the crooked fbi decide to enforce the laws fairly and equally, they can “investigate the lets go brandon meme. Until then. Let’s go Brandon, and your whole Brandon administration.

Ms Pro 2nd Amendment

A Full on Retarded monkey that is what this PUTZ from NBC is!

“When Kathy Griffin posed with a fake bloody Donald Trump head, NBC News did not call the Secret Service. When a play in Central Park shows the assassination of an actor playing Donald Trump, Dilanian and NBC did not call the Secret Service.
It seems that they only contact the Secret Service when it is a joke where Joe Biden is the punchline.”
NBC NBC News Fire the retarded monkey! Hey Ken Dilanian Lets Go Brandon! and Ken Get Bent!


The democrat nazi gestapo will raid Palmetto and jail them without a trial along side Jan 6 patriots.

Pa John

Correction: Look at the TV ratings for NBC NEWS, and I am capitalizing NBC NEWS on purpose so as to differentiate them from the rest of NBC’s various corporate enterprises. NBC NEWS, going strictly by their own simple hard viewership numbers in a nation of some 331 million people, is no longer “mainstream” by any reasonable definition of the term. Not even remotely close. The vast majority of Americans simply do not look to them for news anymore. As briefly as possible for context – there are any number of relatively obscure YouTube channels, many of which you have likely… Read more »


wonder how many people who never heard of palmetto state ordered one , they never complained about the ones that have cold dead hands, oh yea that is what they want. I wont cry when they go off air . and only fox and pbs are left pbs is so left they pulled a nova program about 1918 flu (what made the 1918 flu so deadly) that had the findings of what did and did not help, one finding masks helped spread the virus big surprise they pulled it the other big lie is the numbers the 1920 census has… Read more »


That first amendment just gets in the way for NBC apparently.



N word
F word
Everybody says those words to themselves.
The euphonium s most stop.

Wild Bill

“The euphonium s most stop.” Say again, over.




You gonna start an orchestra?

Autsin Miller III

Sir, I believe you meant to type euphemism, but my question is why? Let’s go Brandon is a legitimate way to express discontent while maintaining a modicum of civility don’t you think?


Yup. Communicates the sentiment, yet remains family friendly. Perfect. Or, mo’ beddah, PLUPERFECT Long m it infst the airwaves, internet, nd every other spect of the “public space”. At least until well after Biden and his handlers are removed from the public stage, along with their perverted influence and ideas. One of the battle cries of the War for Independence era was a slap in the ugly mug of George Three the Kid King, the source of all the nsty stuff happening on the west side of the Puddle. That battle cry was this: NO KING BUT KING JESUS. Georgie… Read more »


Is there anyone who understands this that would be willing to translate?


He just discovered that it wasn’t a gold-plated toilet.