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To effectively corral a force of tens of millions of armed Americans, it is necessary to create a force of tens of millions of other Americans who have been seduced into surrendering their rights and liberties and to have them contend against each other. IMG iStock

New York – -( The circus trial against an innocent young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, is emblematic of the attempt by the Shadow Government to manipulate the citizenry into a frenzy of self-immolation.

The ludicrousness of the trial carried a message to all Americans. The message is that we—all of us who cherish the Bill of Rights and a Free Constitutional Republic—are on trial.

Every American who holds to the principles of the Founding Fathers is now treated as a potential terrorist—a Domestic Terrorist.

The puppet-masters have orchestrated an elaborate campaign to destroy the Republic and to separate the people from their sacred rights and liberties. Our Nation has been turned literally inside out by forces both inside Government and outside it, and both inside the Country as a whole, and outside it, to create mass confusion and mass hysteria in our society. Yet, we have an ace up our sleeves.

The greatest, gravest threat to forces that dare to crush our Country into submission is the continued existence of the armed American citizen.

To effectively corral a force of tens of millions of armed Americans, it is necessary to create a force of tens of millions of other Americans who have been seduced into surrendering their rights and liberties and to have them contend against each other; to waste their energies on each other. The ground of contention is a phantom Bogeyman: Race Hatred. It is all a myth, and it is nothing new. And it sprang from the mind of a lunatic, Charles Manson. But a maniac can’t convince a rational public to accept an insane delusion.

Yet, an insane Government, coordinating with an insane Press, can, for they have the resources in time, and money, and organization, and they have something more: an air of sanity.

Radical Marxist and anarchist riots are routinely portrayed as civilized or “peaceful protests”. A young man who attempts to defend business property from the wanton destruction of BLM and Antifa mobs in his father’s town is condemned for doing just that. Enraged the mob turns on the man. His name is Kyle Rittenhouse. The young man retreats, attempting to avoid confrontation. And the police and National Guard are nowhere to be seen. The young man is forced to defend his life—a clear case of armed self-defense if ever there was one—all captured on film just so there is no mistake.

The video recordings provide a classic example of the utility of a firearm, and of the right of a human being to defend his life. That is most dramatically in evidence where there are no police around, and a man must take responsibility for his own life, safety, and well-being.

The entire confrontation between a sane, rational, responsible person defending his life and a rabid mob that sought to end that life, lasted only a few minutes. Thankfully the mob lost. But rather than praising the man, the State Government actors condemned it, because the mob was acting under its auspices, bringing about the very destruction of the town that the Government was expected and legally obligated to protect, but failed to do so, requiring the courageous actions of an average citizen to take up the burden on himself.

Kyle Rittenhouse deserves commendation for his heroic actions, not condemnation.

Casting the young man as the aggressor, despite clear video evidence establishing the contrary, the Government utilizes Rittenhouse as a vehicle to attack civilian possession of firearms and to attack the very principle of self-defense. Instead, within forty-eight hours the City charges Kyle with the most serious crimes imaginable under Wisconsin law, including attempted First-degree intentional homicide; First-degree reckless homicide; First-degree recklessly endangering safety. And, just for good measure, Kyle was charged with “use of a dangerous weapon,” which, as The New York Times pronounces, with obvious glee;

“extends the maximum sentence for crimes committed while possessing, using or threatening to use a dangerous weapon. The criminal complaint invokes this provision for all five felony counts; in each case, it could add up to five years to the prison sentence for that count, if Mr. Rittenhouse is convicted.”

So, it is that a young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, has become a standard-bearer for those Americans who wish to preserve the Nation in the form the Founders created for it: a free Constitutional Republic. This young man never intended to be a standard-bearer; never wanted to be one, and never would have been one, if the mob had never come to Kenosha, Wisconsin in the first place. Kyle Rittenhouse simply wanted to protect his community and so became a symbol for the preservation of a way of life that the puppet-masters, the Destructors of our Nation, intend to upend.

It is the angry mob that the public sees the Press and, President Joe, and the State Prosecutors defending and, in so doing, the public sees firsthand the abject absurdity of the Government’s position and the audacity of its goal: to undercut the fundamental right of armed self-defense. The right of armed self-defense—defense of Self through the most effective means available, a firearm—is inextricably bound up with the right of defense.

By undercutting the fundamental right of armed self-defense, the Destructors of a free Constitutional Republic have made abundantly clear their desire to undermine the more inclusive natural law right of defense of self.

And the natural law right of Defense of Self—self-defense—is itself inextricably tied to the most inclusive natural law right of all: the natural law right of autonomy of Selfhood; the sanctity and inviolability of the Soul and Spirit.

In impairing the natural law right of defense of Soul and Spirit, the Destructors of a free Constitutional Republic have made abundantly clear their desire to cripple and debase a person’s very Soul and Spirit.

The prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse made a mockery of our sacred Rights, and, in so doing, tarnished the entire System of Justice.

But the jury, fortunately, saw through the façade manufactured by the prosecutors; a fairy tale story created out of whole cloth: that of an aggressive “active shooter” waging aggressive war on innocent protestors, peacefully protesting for racial justice.

At the end of the day, True Justice did prevail in the case. It was a major case, to be sure. But it is only one case.

Two Branches of the Federal Government are teetering; at the moment the Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists have control over both, the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch. Only the Third Branch, the Judiciary has a modicum of independence, but with a few individuals on the U.S. Supreme Court and with those in control of the first Two Branches seeking to transform the Third, to bring it and the other Two under one banner, natural law rights are in danger of toppling.

On the law of armed self-defense, outside the home, the U.S. Supreme Court was expected to deal directly with it in Bruen, and the issue, as originally framed by the Petitioner in that case, was directed to the matter of armed self-defense outside in the broadest sense. But the Court redrafted the issue narrowing its focus to New York.

The Court may leave unsettled the broader issue of the right of armed self-defense outside the home, even as the illimitability of the exercise of that Right is implied in the language of the Second Amendment. Or, in light of the societal impact of the Rittenhouse case, the High Court may decide to broaden the scope of its review of Bruen beyond the confines of New York. We will just have to wait and see.

Hopefully, in light of the Rittenhouse case, the High Court will, address the need for clear instructions to State and Local Governments, and to the courts, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms does not stop at the doorstep of one’s home.

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God Bless Constitutional Americans, the rest can leave….


” Behind every blade of grass ” all know this phrase from WWII. No matter who owns the US Govt, the people can control our vast country if it gets too far gone. The real talents and bravery with those willing to keep freedom at any cost or peril are the American people not those fighting for a pension or career.


Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is claimed by some to have said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”


The liberal left has been supporting violent demonstrations and civil unrest for so long now that its difficult to recall when it was not happening. The left and media try to destroy the american people and to further divide us . However some people understand their play book now which leads to a socialist america. The corrupt media keeps beating the drum of hate & racism at the will of the democratic left. Propaganda / Opinions and lies that are told over and over continue to drive those on social media . The eight hundred pound Gorilla is the deep… Read more »


Arbalest Quarrel consistently avoids discussing the 800-pound gorilla sitting quietly in the room as if it wasn’t there.

Playing to the audience.

Wild Bill

What, in your opinion, is the eight hundred pound gorilla that is not being mentioned?


The large percentage of armed government employees who will follow almost any order. Those orders have included not enforcing good laws against certain people and enforcing bad laws against other people. Examples: Good law: It is against the law to set fire to someone’s business. Bad law: It is against the law in some states to purchase broad categories of semiautomatic rifles. When armed government employees follow orders to watch violent criminals burn the businesses of “civilians,” it is inevitable that “civilians” will step in to address the problem (contrary to USMC0351Grunt’s view). Many “civilians” are hesitant to confront mostly… Read more »


Laws can only be enforced if the political party in power and allies those appointed allow those that serve and protect to do there jobs. When a mayor calls for the police to be defunded and protest and violence go unanswered while the democrats rejoice in civil unrest all is in danger.


Laws can only be enforced if people are willing to enforce them. What laws should not be enforced: Banning of braced pistols? Requirement that all semiautomatic rifles be registered? Banning of all semiautomatic rifles? Requirement that all people who both voted for Trump and who own firearms, board boxcars so they can be taken to re-education camps? “Just following orders” is not a defense. Where do you draw the line? Have you read much history? Did you follow the recent events in Venezuela? Are you following what is going on in Australia right now? Edited to add: regarding good laws… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

and there are enough Americans that will shoot back with 50 bmg or similar ,so i doubt it ,the big spread from Europe and Australia is we have guns, and when the government has been wrong in the past people have stepped up. bureau of land management got shit sandwich,people remember waco will never let government pull that shit again


Will (“TEX”) – 11/24/21:

“WB,this fool likes to bait people so they will respond to his nonsense.That’s his MO. Then he lays out a long winded,nonsensible bunch of crap like this.”

Reply to Will (“TEX”):

You never explain why you support one group of people who enforce gun control laws. You just make uncivil comments (which are not called-out by your tribe members who pretend to oppose uncivil discourse). That behavior is similar to selective enforcement of good laws.

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

Your pet foul-mouth sock puppet, WillTEX/FordWill et ilk.
How’s the organ grinding business today?


Talking to yourself again, Wild Bill?