BCM MCMR MLOK AR-15 Rail Covers Review

BCM MCMR Rail Covers
BCM MCMR MLOK AR-15 Rail Covers Review

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- BCM is widely regarded as one of the best options in the AR-15 world. Their reputation is not limited to firearms, as they also have a stellar list of parts and accessories. From rails to hand stops and more, BCM probably has what you’re looking for when tricking out your rifle. One of their most prolific accessories is their rail covers.

Design of BCM MCMR Rail Covers

BCM rail covers are small, rubberized pieces which fit into the MLOK or Keymod slots of your rail. Featuring a matte finish with a raised, texturized surface, the rail covers help insure a solid purchase on your rifle in adverse conditions. The MLOK versions are omnidirectional, covering 3.5 sections of rail with a single piece. If a segment is too long, standard scissors will cut the rail covers into smaller pieces for extra customization. Shooters have their choice between several colors to include black, FDE, foliage green, and grey.

Being benevolent overlords, BCM includes five rail covers per package, which covers a significant amount of real estate. Especially observant readers will notice that MLOK handguards frequently feature seven slots. With five BCM rail covers per package, shooters will either need to buy a second pack, or fill the remaining slots with other accessories. For folks running angled grips and hand stops, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.


Mounting BCM rail covers to your MLOK handguard is about as straightforward as it gets. One side of the cover features a larger, textured portion for your hand. The other side features small tabs, designed to fit securely inside the MLOK slots. Simply line your covers up where you want them on the handguard, then press inwards. You’ll know they’re locked in when the cover is flush with the handguard. You may feel or hear a slight click when doing so, but I haven’t found that to be consistent.

BCM MCMR Rail Covers

Want to remove your rail covers, or adjust their positioning? Easy, just pop them out using a knife, screwdriver, or similar to slide between the cover and handguard, then strip them off of your rail. Unlike many MLOK accessories, no screws are used, making adjustments a breeze.

For you weirdos using Keymod, the same steps apply.

Why to Use BCM Rail Covers

Why would someone want to use BCM rail covers? There are two main reasons in my mind. The first is again, providing a solid grasp on the rifle’s rail. Most aluminum rails are very slick, which is magnified when covered in sweat, rain, and other moisture. This reduces your control of the gun, impacting performance and access to things like lights and lasers. The texturing on the rail covers help lock your hands in place without being sticky or overly aggressive.

BCM MCMR Rail Covers
Mild flexibility allows the BCM rail covers to fit around zip ties without losing their grip on the MLOK slots

The next reason to use BCM rail covers is heat mitigation. Fire several rounds in quick succession and you’ll find your rail heating up fast. Put enough rounds downrange in short enough time and that heat can quickly turn somewhere between uncomfortable and painful. Once rails get hot, hands start to move backward, further away from the heat. It’s not uncommon to see shooters reverting to the early GWOT style of magwell grip. Hand placement like this again reduces control of the firearm and limits access to lights/lasers and other gadgets we may need. BCM rail covers help absorb heat, and get our hands off of the hot aluminum rail, keeping our hands where they are supposed to be.

Range Time

I’ve used BCM rail covers for several years. These specific covers have been on my DDM4v7 for the better part of three years without failure. They’ve seen action in courses from Jarod Reston, Greybeard Actual, and several local classes, along with my own teaching. Even when the gun gets hot enough to burn my hands, the BCM rail covers keep the pain away. I can certainly feel the heat radiating off of the gun, but at no time does discomfort set in, so long as my hands are protected by these covers. Shooting in rain and pouring sweat also proves to be no challenge for the texturing on the BCM rail covers, as my hands stay locked in place.

Previously my solution was to wear a glove on my support hand, doing my best Michael Jackson impression, minus the kiddie diddling. As someone who rarely wears gloves, this typically caused some mild dexterity issues. Surprisingly, the BCM rail covers actually mitigate heat better than the cheapo Mechanix gloves I found myself wearing.

Final Thoughts on BCM MCMR Rail Covers

BCM Rail covers are awesome. From heat mitigation to improving my grip on my rifle, they work exactly as prescribed. They’ve proven durable over the course of several years despite rain, cold, blazing sun, along with several removals and adjustments along my handguard. Plus they take being spray-painted well, so I’m always color-coordinated for my latest LARPing fantasy.

If you have a rifle with a Keymod or MLOK rail, you should have these on your gun. Retailing at roughly $9.95 for a pack of five, they’re worth more than their weight in gold.

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