Americans Not Buying Gun Control’s ‘Crime Prevention’ Ruse

By Larry Keane

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Gun control groups worked for decades to impose Second Amendment restrictions that do little to reduce crime. IMG iStock 1195632653

U.S.A. -( Gun control groups worked for decades to impose Second Amendment restrictions that do little to reduce crime. They’ve used public relations campaigns, scare tactics, and rhetoric that never addresses those actually committing these tragedies.

Over the past two years, though, Americans have experienced first-hand what happens when they are left defenseless against criminals that don’t follow the law. A new poll shows law-abiding Americans have had enough of the gun control groups’ schemes and the ruse is up.

Laws Against Law-Abiding

New data from the Trafalgar Group is noteworthy, showing more than 80 percent of Americans now believe strict gun control in some of the country’s biggest cities has had “no effect” on reducing violent crime, and they even “make cities even more dangerous” for law-abiding citizens. That’s bad news for gun control groups. The good news is that law-abiding Americans are waking up to their rights.

Robert Cahaly conducted the survey and remarked the findings aren’t surprising.

“There seems to be a growing consensus among urban residents that less police, releasing criminals and failure to prosecute are making them feel less safe,” Cahaly said. “They are frustrated that unlike most who live in rural and suburban areas, city residents don’t feel they have the right to protect themselves due to gun restrictions that only hurt law-abiding citizens.”

These are the sentiments that led to 40 percent of 2020’s record 21 million gun buyers being first-time purchasers. The trend is similar for firearm purchases in 2021, which finished the year out with over 18.5 million background checks for gun sales. The first six months of 2021 saw at least 3.2 million first-time gun buyers.

Even more consequential for politicians pushing more gun restrictions is that only 10 percent of Independents believe gun control makes the current crime surge “better.” More than 30 percent of Democrats believe it, revealing a major voting constituency that was previously reliable is losing faith in the gun-control-as-a-solution narrative.

The Trafalgar poll mirrors numerous national polls showing Americans’ appetite for gun control slipping to the lowest levels in years.

Public Safety Whiplash

Americans’ abandonment of gun control hasn’t occurred in a vacuum. They’ve had numerous first-hand experiences over the past two years showing why the Second Amendment is critical even if they didn’t believe so before.

The coronavirus lockdowns started off with widespread concerns for neighborhood safety and police departments became short-staffed. District attorneys released criminals and community violence, rioting, and violent looting erupted in the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd. Calls to defund the police reverberated in cities that already imposed strict gun control. Through all this, law-abiding Americans responded by taking responsibility for their personal and family safety by purchasing a gun.

Americans have become fed up with the failure of elected officials who push gun control rather than holding criminals to account for their crimes, the polling shows. Surprising no one, the same politicians that cut funds to law enforcement and supported leniency on convicted criminals are turning 180 degrees, refunding community safety budgets, and hoping voters don’t remember.

In Chicago, Minneapolis/St. PaulOaklandSan Francisco – the list is long of city leaders who had these epiphanies and realized residents wouldn’t tolerate cutting police budgets. Los Angelinos were told by a press release that should they be the victim of a crime, to “cooperate and comply.”

In San Francisco, Democratic Mayor London Breed cut $120 million from police budgets last year only to reverse course. She exclaimed two weeks ago that, “It’s time that the reign of the criminals who are destroying our city—it is time for it to come to an end.” She made the statement while requesting emergency law enforcement funds from city supervisors.

Real Solutions. Safer Communities

While gun control has repeated the same calls for more restrictions on gun ownership that don’t reduce violent crime, the firearm industry has invested in several proven Real Solutions. The results show. For example, industry efforts led to the federal passage of the Fix NICS Act with bipartisan support that dramatically increased records submitted to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), to make the background check system work as intended. Operation Secure Store educates firearm retailers on how to better secure their inventory and reduce criminal smash-and-grab break-ins. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) data covering the first half of 2021 showed a steep decline in these crimes.

The firearm industry understands more laws and restrictions on gun ownership won’t make Americans or their communities safer. Criminals don’t follow the laws. Elected officials and gun control groups still don’t realize this even if more Americans do.

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All laws that purport to regulate, control, restrict, limit, tax or otherwise infringe on the possession, ownership, building, manufacturing, selling, buying and bearing of arms are unconstitutional, infringe on an enumerated natural right, and thus have no legal authority. The treasonous politicians who vote to pass these “laws” presume authority which was specifically denied to the government, and must be held accountable for their crimes.

Wild Bill

I agree, but the treasonous politicians are all dead. They got away with it. They lived long elite lives in big houses, with all the wealth that their positions in government allowed them to steal, and government pensions, too.
We got to work on this generation of treasonous politicians. There are plenty on the CCP payroll.


first is ruling from scotus then 2022 midterms we need a super majority in congress dissolve atf through congress defining any agency usurping law making authority as criminal chevron that

Green Mtn. Boy

Americans Not Buying Gun Control’s ‘Crime Prevention’ Ruse
Why should they as any and all gun control is Un Constitutional.


It has NEVER been about crime preventing or “saving the children”.


no, no, sure it is. really. for real.

WI Patriot

I’m my own “crime prevention”…


My wife tells me I am being paranoid and crazy, because I used to let her do all the shopping, while I either stayed at home, or in the vehicle. now I do not let her go without me being by her side, even though she carries. I still go with her like a body guard, with my situational awareness on high alert. as it has brought my wife and I closer, because we do things together more. she still thinks I am overacting, and I just tell her look at all those people, that have just went out for… Read more »


Whenever I see one of tose stupid cartoon signs on a door I just ignore it. MY state REQURIES signs declareing a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone be of carefully prescribed form, colour, and position. Those circle through the Glock signs are NOT compliant thus are meaningless. It is not any offense in this state to ignore those things and walk on. Many other states are the same. Know whether yours is. Concealed is concealed……… if no one “makes’ you you are not armed. And no one cares abut your presence… until the dirtbag breaks a number of REAL laws pulls… Read more »


Please,GeorgeFloyd’s death was NOT a “tregedy”. Nope. He madehis own choice to ingest all that fentanyl and meth. Te tragic part of his exit from this world is that the life of an nonest hard working and caring police officer was ruined. As if Floyd was not content with destroying his own live, but had to destroy someone else’s along with him.
But Floyd was not completel responsible for Chauvin’s destruction. Nope. tat took some hard work from the city prosecutores and lhying attorneys/witnesses they hired. SOMEBODY had to “pay the price”.


LoLibertarian authority-fellating BS. Chauvin’s a PoS. You don’t get to kneel on necks & kill folks begging for life just because they’re high or bounced checks.

The tragedy was far bigger than Floyd. The culture of cowards who stood there & did nothing, and of you & Ted Cruz who cover for these “honest hard working & caring police officers”, resulted in dreams & lives looted, burned & destroyed while your precious “serve & protect” BLUE JFOs Just Followed Orders, and in $Billions donated to racist thug Black Lives Matter.

Same authority-fellating culture yielded Daniel Shaver’s murder by cop

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

Oooooh, burrrrrn! Look at the sock-puppet-coward vote-down. Too dimwitted and guilty to dispute, so just DV.

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

There are rotten apples in all forms, did get his just desserts, maybe a couple of others for not stepping in!!!!!!


oh, by the way, i down voted you.


like i said to tio, chauvin was following dept procedures and he was not kneeling on his neck from what i’ve seen/heard. floyd was a lifetime drug abuser and criminal, he is more at fault than chauvin. if floyd hadn’t ingested drugs, if he hadn’t passed a bad check, if he hadn’t resisted arrest… if you follow the laws of civil society, you usually won’t have a problem. armchair quarterbacking and back seat driving are easy to do. how many times have you interacted with a criminal? like i told tio, not all cops are good, not all cops are… Read more »


don’t know the totality of chauvin’s personnel record, but how many times were complaints made against him. chauvin was following dept procedure as far as i know. floyd was drugged up and had committed a crime and was resisting arrest. it is the totality of the situation that made it what it was, not one person.
leo’s, being a subset of the population are going to have bad members in their organization. just as the general population has criminals in it.


All gun control with the intent of “controlling/reducing/preventing” crime is flawed simply due to the premise that “This new law will…….” It’s to be a LAW………criminals by definition are law BREAKERS. So tell me more about how a law will stop law breakers and not harm those who abide by laws. It’s illegal to steal but it doesn’t stop thieves. It’s illegal to murder but it doesn’t stop killers. It’s illegal to sexually assault people but it doesn’t stop rapists. Why then would anyone think that making guns illegal stop those who would use them for criminal activity from doing… Read more »


It worked all according to their plan. Now the sheep will beg for a police state. All out surveillance. Prosecute anyone for a suspected crime, thought police. When will the sheep learn ? They will turn over their guns just as fast as they bought them once they feel safe. Or threatened by Govt confiscation.

Mike the Limey

Gun control hasn’t been about reducing crime for decades.
It’s all about increasing the government’s ability to control The People – something they can’t do at the level they wish to so long as The People are armed.
Gun control’s ultimate aim is the near total disarmament of the nation.


Never was about reducing crime. It was always about increasing crime — by government.

Arizona Don

Restrictive gun laws have been passed, in the United States, for over a hundred years now. Not even one has ever done what it was supposedly passed for and that was gun crime control. Those who have an IQ over single digits know exactly why that is a fact. Those restrictive gun laws only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens not the criminal’s. All restrictive gun laws do is make the vulnerable even more vulnerable including law enforcement.   These socialist marxist democrats know restrictive gun laws do not work to curtail crimes. However that is not their goal. Gun confiscation from law abiding… Read more »


“Our ATF partners.” -NSSF