Magpul 2022 New Product Announcements, Day 4 ~ VIDEOS

USA – -( Magpul new Products Day Four, we’ve got the Easy Button for your replacement ejection port cover. Our new DAKA pouches got really light and really packable. And we’ve got our next generation of flight gloves that are made to take extreme heat; they are not just for aircrew—though they’re great in the cockpit.

Magpul Enhanced Ejection Port Cover

The Magpul® Enhanced Ejection Port Cover is a drop-in upgrade designed to provide an improved installation process, physical strength, and corrosion resistance over the standard USGI ejection port cover. Traditional stamped-steel ejection ports are malleable, prone to corrosion, and require tools to install. The Enhanced Ejection Port Cover snaps into place easily without having to remove your handguard or barrel nut, wind any loose springs, or adjust small e-clips. Constructed of impact-resistant injection-molded polymer, it is corrosion resistant and will not bend or deform from impacts.

Magpul Enhanced Ejection Port Cover
Magpul Enhanced Ejection Port Cover


  • Durable, injection-molded polymer construction with corrosion-resistant components
  • Installs easily in seconds
  • Will not bend or deform from impacts
  • Direct replacement for USGI ejection port cover

Colors: Black, FDE, ODG

Price: $14.95

Web: Enhanced Ejection Port Product Page


Magpul DAKA Lite Pouch, Small, Medium, Large

The newest addition to our popular Magpul® DAKA® line, the Small, Medium and Large DAKA Lite Pouches were designed to be lightweight and highly packable while retaining the strengths of our original DAKA pouches. Made from a lighter, more flexible nylon material, the DAKA Lite line is intended for use where you need flexibility and weight savings over a more structured storage solution.

Our DAKA Lite Pouches are meant to carry everything from electronics to emergency equipment and are easily packed into larger storage containers like your day pack, hunting bag, or travel duffle. The versatile design makes them perfect for backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and lightweight vehicle organization.


  • Made of lightweight and extremely packable 70D TPU-coated nylon
  • Strong RF welded construction that creates permanent, impenetrable seals
  • Easy to use YKK® AquaGuard® water-repellant zipper with injection molded zipper-pull
  • Carabiner attachment points

Web: DAKA Category Page


Magpul Flight Glove 2.0

Building on the advancements our Magpul® Flight Glove made to traditional Nomex® flight gloves worn by military aviators since the 1960s, the Magpul Flight Glove 2.0 adds an updated fit and modern materials to create a superior tactile and protective solution to a “government issue” solution. They include ambidextrous, three-finger touchscreen capability and they excel during any high dexterity task where protection is needed, such as welding or working on engines. The back of the hand is built from a combination of Nomex® and Kevlar®, offering flash-resistance, flame, and anti-static protection.


  • Flash-resistant Nomex® and Kevlar® back of hand for flame and anti-static protection
  • Durable and soft one-piece goatskin leather palm and finger construction for enhanced feel and control of firearms
  • Ambidextrous three-finger touchscreen capability and excellent flexibility and dexterity
  • Gauntlet coverage extends past the wrist Colors

Colors: Black, Coyote, Sage

Price: $59.95

Web: Flight Glove 2.0 Product Page

About Magpul

Magpul was founded in 1999 with the intent of developing a simple device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from this original product called the Magpul. Over the last decade Magpul has continued to grow and develop using much the same mission and process with a focus on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency.

To understand Magpul, one must first understand the root ideas that form the foundation of our company culture and design philosophy. These core principles have allowed us to maintain a course true to our original mission, and help explain how and why we do the things we do. Visit:

For more information on Magpul visit their website at

Magpul logo

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American Patriot

So far not too impressed with what I’ve seen…..


Nice though if you want to change your cover for whatever reason, without having to remove the handguard to pull the pin, and it’s fairly inexpensive.