Elections Will Determine The Long-Term Fate Of The Second Amendment

Take Action Time to Act
Take Action Time to Act

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Second Amendment supporters are correctly focused on the upcoming mid-term elections, during which a lot of gubernatorial races, state legislature seats, not to mention the entire United States House of Representatives, and 35 seats in the United States Senate (to include the seat vacated by James Inhofe, a longtime Second Amendment champion). But there will be other races to focus on which will have long-term effects on the Second Amendment.

Those will be your local school boards. Just look at the coverage of what has actually been taught and how much resistance is going on against letting parents know what is going on. You can bet that among the indoctrination is a healthy dose of anti-Second Amendment extremism.

The good news is that it is much easier to run – and win – many local school board elections than it is for a number of other offices. The monetary expenses are relatively low and dedicated grassroots work can have an outsized effect in that election.

The stakes, of course, are the future of the Second Amendment. The fact of the matter is that Second Amendment supporters must always be looking to pass it on to future generations. Helping to prepare the next generation of pro-Second Amendment activists is one aspect of responsibly exercising our Second Amendment rights that we need to take seriously.

That said, it may not be enough to just win school board elections. In essence, it will also take a lot of involvement with your local schools, including looking over the course materials and textbooks. This is not just going to be fixed by winning one election – many of the teachers, administrators, and bureaucrats could be willing to defy the law.

Think about this: Schools get an average of about seven hours a day with children. That is a lot of time for left-wing teachers to indoctrinate students. In addition, there have been cases where parents are being actively deceived about their children in certain situations as a matter of policy.

Second Amendment supporters will have to be prepared to wage a lengthy and difficult fight in order to ensure our public schools are not bastions of anti-Second Amendment indoctrination. Part of that will be ensuring that if their children express a desire to go into education, they are encouraged to do so.

This is not to say that state and federal elections won’t also matter. If anything, they will be crucial as well, since federal and state money always comes with strings attached. But the defeat of anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box in future decades may well come down to winning the battles over your local schools.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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No, little Harold, the long term fate of the second amendment will be determined by patriots using it for that purpose. Soon.

Knute Knute

What is wrong is that harold has been bought and paid for. He lives now in Omnicorp’s pocket. For any writer, or also people that today are called; “Social Influencers”, there’s a lot of under-the-table cash available for “influencing” people the way they’re told to. Esp. so for an “influencer” around the gun world, since destroying the 2ndA is Omnicorp’s first priority. I think we’ve ALL noticed that, since they couldn’t make it any more obvious if they tried. Name just one corporate media outlet that is pro-liberty or pro-gun. You cannot, because such a thing doesn’t exist. Not even… Read more »

Knute Knute

Swinton is the one who had him pegged. I just read and quoted him. I think Swinton was Editor of the NY Times at the time, so he was in the position to know from the inside.
But thanks for noticing! Swinton won’t care anyway. He’s long ago dead. He said that ages ago. I read the quote back in the ’90s and he was long dead then! 🙂

Knute Knute

I noticed that too. He also had a stock “NRA is the greatest” closer, at the bottom of every article. Exactly the same words every time. His stock catch phrase. Again, why should he bother to write? Or think?
That too, is gone now… 🙂

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Less a Powerhouse Than a Parasite
What happened to the NRA?
J.D. TUCCILLE | April 2022 edition of Reason Magazine

Harold still defends it.

Wild Bill

Very possibly soon, but I still plan to vote and continue to prepare for the other option.


These issues will not be solved at the school board level or at the ballot box as we have gone beyond the point of no return . These issues will all be solved when the civil war ends and the corruption has been purged from our government .

Wild Bill

Respectfully, if civil war broke out, then we would have to fight our own military. They have logistics, secure comms, command structure, weaps, and tracks. We don’t even have secure comms to organize with.

Last edited 9 months ago by Wild Bill
Monkey Mouse

Once the ABC agencies are wiped out – they won’t last 2 weeks, the military would be called in, yes. The problem is that fighting on their own soil with the supply lines completely cutoff and no advantage other than air power, they will be relegated to their bases until they are starved out. I want to point out that secure comms mean nothing when you can jam all the frequencies up and down the spectrum pretty easy with the equipment already used by civilians. Lastly, many states have zero military presence other than a few battalions of NG –… Read more »


That is to assume it will be current civilians vs current military. That all military resources, human and otherwise, will remain under the control of the oppressors. More to discuss, there is our military’s success history when it comes to fighting insurgencies. No disrespect to you, Wild Bill, but the view you expressed lacks imagination.


there is a lot he is missing on this, members of nasty guard bringing home all kinds of munitions that the books show used in training , I have seen some things I had to ask how they got it home! and the answer was others were doing the same!!! so at least some parts of military is not on board with what government is doing, that is likely why they are trying to purge ,not as sucessfuly as putin , but they are looking to get rid of thinkers


Likely would not be all of the military. Also would be only a small fraction of civilians fighting against whichever portion of military was engaged in putting down revolt.

@WB is right that organization, communication and logistics would be key. If military only hears what government tells them, they would pretty much all participate with glee. Propaganda is critical.

Armchair generals talk strategy and tactics. Smart generals talk logistics. You might consider listening to @WB as he has considerable wisdom on many topics.


I didn’t talk strategy or “armchair general” at all. I merely poked holes in the our-military-is-so-awesome-we-can’t-rise-up BS that always comes up when discussing rebellion.

Strangely, not the first time I’ve gotten a “You outta listen to Wild Bill, he’s smart.” reply from someone in the absence of a reply from Wild Bill.

Hmm. Funny.

Wild Bill

What is your question?


Most of the responses here are about what won’t work or the “civil war scenario” (excluding the hotheads with their petty “I know who you are” crap.) Where solutions start is at home with the parents when children are young. That’s the time before the teachers get hold of them and they still look up to their parents. They should learn about God, that they are loved, being good to their fellow man, treating EVERYONE as an equal and the parents should impart some measure of responsibility, common sense and individuality. In my house they also learned about guns just… Read more »


I agree with you on primary responsibility, however you are unlikely to strongly influence many children beyond yours and their friends. Wonderful as having well raised children is, if majority of children are convinced “guns bad” and other nonsense – future elections will be decided from that point of view. Long term your children will not be able to fight this alone. Thus we have social responsibility to influence the schools and all the children, for the sake of our children and their rights.

Wild Bill

No one is even hinting about giving up on straitening out schools.


“Elections Will Determine The Long-Term Fate Of The Second Amendment”
Based on my observations for many years I do not think politics will provide an answer. They (the political system) are the ones who have piled debt on the country to the point that economic melt-down is the only financial solution. It is the same for the 2nd Amendment – a meltdown.



“Elections Will Determine The Long-Term Fate Of The Second Amendment” NO, NO, NO, a 1000 times NO!!!! Harry, ya’ just don’t get it. Individual Patriot’s willingness to “pledge all” to maintain a free, citizen armed America is all that did and will ensure a practicing of right to self and tyrannical defense in America. The longer Patriots allow the restriction of rights, freedoms, and liberties, the more drastic is the recovery solution. Pays me now or pays me bunches more down the road….or just give up and live in slavery. All talk and no walk has pushed the price up… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by StLPro2A

OK, Harry. I see your point. However, we have failed for so long to protect America that the system has become the seemingly insurmountable problem.

Wild Bill

And now, the Biden handlers are letting in millions of diseased and criminal illegal aliens that taxpayers will have to feed, shelter, and medically care for until they become democrat voters.


LOL aka Hairoiled


Really? Elections are important? Tell the chatroom commando stalker trolls who live here 24-7. Really? Schools are important? Your “solution” is more of the failed approach of the last 60yrs: “Run for school board.” Think parents never tried that? Fighting to tread water against inflation, “housing” costs & $7 gasoline, few can afford the time, energy & abuse to run for school board to try to fix a fatally flawed gvt-owned/union-run system. If it could be fixed that way now it would’ve been fixed decades ago when life was less of a rat race. The solution is school choice, vouchers,… Read more »

Wild Bill

As to your paragraph one: I think that he did tell everyone that reads Ammoland.
As to your paragraph two and three: The conditions existent, that you imply would, if allowed to remain, negate the solutions that you suggest in your paragraphs three and four.


More stalk-trolling. No real content.

Wild Bill

Maybe you should check what you wrote.


Maybe you should not be a disruptive, snarky, stalk-troll and address issues for a change.


You’re so clearly TEX. It’ll be funny when Ammoland whack-a-moles your latest pop-up.

Wild Bill

If you think that I am Tex, lets put some money on it. We will, both, send a check to Ammoland, then ask Ammoland to say whether I have ever been known as Tex. Then send both checks to the winner.


Don’t be coy. You know it was a reply to BruceTEX, who deleted his post as he often does, or Ammoland whack-a-trolled him again for abuse, so it now appears I replied to you.

How convenient for you to pretend I replied to you. Hey, maybe you are TEX.

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

Stop engaging him.

Wild Bill

You are right, of course.