Preparing the next generation of Second Amendment Defenders

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The future of the Second Amendment may well rest on how well we prepare the next generation to defend it.

U.S.A. -( President Ronald Reagan famously said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” That is particularly true of our Second Amendment rights. The fact is, those who wish to enact an extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda have been working to reach the next generation of voters.

So, how do we prepare the next generation of Second Amendment defenders? This is no small question – Wayne LaPierre has been defending the Second Amendment for over three decades as Executive Director of NRA-ILA and the Executive Vice President of the NRA, and he is not exactly a spring chicken. But defending the Second Amendment is not the exclusive province of senior NRA leaders – it’s a duty for every law-abiding gun owner as well. One of the ways they can carry out that duty is to teach the children.

As the famous Whitney Houston song put it, the children are our future. In fact, the preparation of the next generation of Second Amendment defenders starts at home. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews… this is where any Second Amendment supporter can get a start in preparing the next generation to defend the Second Amendment.

This always is a delicate balancing act. We shouldn’t turn out children into political pawns, but there is also a need to make sure that they do not become the targets of undue influence from teachers. We shouldn’t be ignoring the desires of parents (especially with nieces and nephews), but we also want to make sure they are safe around our firearms.

One way is to get them junior memberships in NRA. A one-year membership is $15 and good for those under the age of 15. This will hopefully grow to a regular membership – and a start at giving them the facts to help defend their Second Amendment rights. That start must also be backed up by teaching them the basics about firearms safety – with parental consent if they are not your immediate direct descendants.

They may not be old enough to have their own guns, but it will not be too soon to teach them about our Second Amendment rights. And it’s clearly obvious that early education will be necessary. Take a look at the actions of the American Federation of Teachers – a union that purports to represent educators in this country. That union is trying to leverage their pension funds to strip away our Second Amendment rights, and they mean it. You can also bet that this union will be encouraging its members to spread anti-Second Amendment propaganda as well.

It goes without saying that it will be vitally important to keep track of how things went at school for your kids (and other relatives), and to find out what – if anything – their teachers are saying about the Second Amendment and related issues. Keeping an eye on the school textbooks is also important as well. By the time the next generation is ready to cast their first vote, you can have them ready to take their place on the ramparts – as a voter, activist, or more.

While the short-term fight for our Second Amendment rights is important, we must not neglect our future. The long-term defense of the Second Amendment may well rest on how well we prepare the next generation.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. Peggy, you have every right to be a victim. We, on the other hand choose to defend ourselves from anyone that seeks to harm us. No, we do not worship guns. Go after the criminals who make up the majority of gun-violence cases. We are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. We are NOT the enemy. YOU on the other hand, are the enemy of freedom.

    2. Peggy mason you need to chill out. I think you should focus more on gun violence from criminals than from those who are trying to keep our rights. You say get out of you life, yet the author of this article did not write it just for you. I bet the author does not even know who you are, let alone me. I’m sorry you feel the way you do and you are entitled to your own opinions. I am just saying to not be so narcissistic and think everything you read is about you. It is obvious this article was not written for you. Why you decided to read it in the first place is on yourself. Now have every right to feel that way, since currently we have rights. That is not a guarantee you will always have them, in the current climate of changing constitution law with a stroke of a pen. The same goes for all consistutional rights, not just 2nd amen related. I just emplore you to look at this from the other side. I try my best to do that myself in any belief i have. Gun deaths are bad and those responsible for murder should not get a pass. On the other hand, you should have faith that the power you want delegated to the government to regulate any law, will be in line with how the people feel. So far that has been shown many times in current history. Did you know not too long ago women were not able to vote? Do you feel that right should be removed from you because I say so. No i would think not, and for me to even feel that way, though it is my right, is a regressive and nasty. The same goes for the right of self defense, ability to demand redress of your government, the freedom of religon, the freedom to not self incriminate ones self, and the list goes on. So next time you feel the need to read an article you disagree with please do yourself a favor as well as others and not read it. Its not worth the mental anguish you are bringing on yourself. I hope you have a Happy New Years and god blesa these united states.

    3. Another example of hate speech that has no place in thoughtful conversation and discussion about OUR Bill of Rights and how to help ensure the rule of law survives.

    4. Actually where you have more guns you have less violent crime and less death juat as Washington, Jefferson and Kennedy said. This is why you have lost everything. Chicago vs the suburbs, Canada vs US, 1980 US ve 2018 US. You always lose the violent crime results.
      If you want out, you should move to Canada or Mexico, less guns, higher violent crime.

    5. The 2A like all of the other 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights were written and exists to protect Americans from the Federal Government. The Founders knew that all Government eventually becomes a tyrant just has the bloated overreaching monstrosity Americans have today. The Libtards in America today claim that the small arms American citizens own for both sporting and personal protection are useless against a modern Police Force or Military. If that’s so why do Libtard political hacks and all the other Libtards in America want to take them away? If they actually believe Americans have no chance to resist Government tyranny with thire AR15s and hunting rifles and handguns then what’s the point of all of the legislation trying to violate Americans civil rights. Americans have a God given right to protect their lives and property from any threat that would seek to do them harm. No Government has the athuorty to deprive Americans of this or any other rights protected by the Bill of Rights and the constitution. Government tells us we don’t need guns for protection. They say just call 911. Then tell us they have no dutie to protect us as individuals. So what is the individual supposed to do to defend themselves in the moment? When seconds count Police are minutes away. In 8 out of 10 incedents Police will investigate your murder not come to your rescue. This is unacceptable to 95% of all Americans. We have absolutely no intention of surrendering our rights, lives, property and livelihoods on the alter of political correctness. Those that are both ignorant and cowardly enough to believe that it’s actually possible or prudent to outsource the protection of the most pressious thing they own, thire lives are free to do so. Americans that are so foolish to believe they can expect someone else will take care of them are free to do so. There is no law that mandates Americans to own and carry firearms.
      Benjamin Franklin wrote that anyone so foolish to surrender liberty for security will have nither. Libtards call for common sense gun laws. What exactly is a common sense violation of our civil rights? No Government or social group has this power or athuorty to do so. Technology is not exclusively for Government. Modern firearms and ammunition are included in 2A. There are no limits to the 2A. The text provides for no such limitations. The founders wrote arms of the times and in common usage by the military. It also provides for the citizens to form and belong a the militia to defend their individual states and community from any threat both foreign and domestic. Any group of American citizens can participate in an armed and regulated by local organized and lead militia to defend their communities and lives in times of war or insurrection in the absence of any federal military or lawenforcement assistance. Anyone that claims they have no need of a modern firearm and ammunition when it’s their life at steak is a fool or DAMN LIYER. When it’s your head on the block and their is nobody to save you your going to want the most powerful effective weapon available. It’s said that when your in the hole your on your own and nobody cares. It’s up to you to get out and survive. A simple fact of life is in places where guns are commonly owned and carried violent crime rates are very low. In areas that heavily restrict ownership and prohibit carrying firearms have very high rates of violent crime. If that isn’t obvious to you your a fantastic idiot. All of these large population centers have Demacrats in positions of political leadership and power. They have parts of these cities that are so dangerous that even police refuse to enter with out a SWAT team and in large numbers. Liberal politicians and empty head celebrities have a platoon of armed security teams protecting them 24/7. They live in walled and gated communities. They strut around bad mouthing gun ownership telling us the little people we have no need or right to protect ourselves. Libtards are constantly bad mouthing the NRA and anyone else that defends the 2A and shooting sports are shills for the firearms and ammunition industry. Obviously gun owners support these industries with our hard earned money. These industries provide the products we use. Why is it acceptable to support the entertainment industry the automotive industry or any other industries that produces all of the other products we purchase, but anyone that supports the firearms and ammunition industry is an asshole? The reality is Americans that own and carry firearms are the first line of defense against the evil that has and will always walk among us. These predators fear armed citizens. They do their hunting in gun free zones as do animals look for the weak and defenseless. If the majority of Americans exorsized their 2A right violent crime rates would drop significantly. Mass shootings would become very unlikely simply because the killer would be put down by his intended victims before he could fire is first round. The majority of Americans that own and carry firearms have absolutely no intention of being slaughtered like cattle in the slaughter house by a mass murder or criminal gangs. We also have the opinion that all of the smug political and social elements in America that think Americans have no such rights can go fuck themselves. If your so foolish and gutless to refuse to take the responsibility of defending yourself, that’s your session and opinion not mine. If you won’t take that responsibility that your problem not mine. I spent 33 years as a Police Officer. I saw on a nightly basis what happens to those that either can’t or won’t protect themselves. The pages of history books are full of examples of what happens when the Government dissarms it citizens. Has slaughtered them. Americans have no intention of letting this happen here. That’s why the people that lived in countries under such Government left and created the best country in the world. Americans are citizens not subjects. The people in our Government tend to forget that from time to time has do some of it’s citizens. Prohibitions of anything in America has never worked. I creates more revenue for organized crime and corrupt politicians.

    6. You are weak. Weak mind, body and soul. Leave my beloved country, and find another that will take in feeble people. Xoxo

    7. You are in support of noone but gun manufacturers and are doing nothing but promoting more gun violence with your hateful posts. Get OUT of my life, you gun worshipping, perverse POS’s.

      1. Get out of your life? Lady…I think you may be lost. This is People say positive things about firearms here. Take your emotion driven war against our rights somewhere else…

        1. @Actual American, et al. Peggy ” the paid propagandist” is in the right place, and has gotten many responses, which will result in a better pay check for them. Peggy is not really Peggy and may not even be anything that the writer purports to be. The writer is just doing what the daily sheets tell them to do.
          This is just manufactured outrage.

      2. Actually where you have more guns you have less violent crime and less death juat as Washington, Jefferson and Kennedy said. This is why you have lost everything. Chicago vs the suburbs, Canada vs US, 1980 US ve 2018 US. You always lose the violent crime results.
        If you want out, you should move to Canada or Mexico, less guns, higher violent crime.

      3. Mentally ill demoncrats should relocate themselves to
        unarmed totalitarian paridises – try North Korea,South america, Africa? Dictators always looking for slaves and useful idiots.

      4. Pegy Mason you are no more than an ignorant Leftist who would leave children to pedophiles, women to rapists and slavers, and the elderly to be prey for criminals. Go ahead, hide behind someone else’s gun, and you do, and leave the poor to fend off the criminal element you support with your anti-gun rhetoric.

      5. No, you are completely incorrect Peggy Mason, and I believe you are smarter than your emotional post would indicate. Civilian gun manufacturers do not “promote violence.” What utter nonsense. Manufacturers of civilian arms promote self defense, the shooting sports, and hunting – all of which are noble and 100% legal. Ownership of civilian arms is a right protected *directly* by the US Constitution, and self defense is a right given by God that is additionally protected by our Constitution. If you want guns out of your life, start by protesting leftist Hollywood celebrities who make their huge bankrolls from violent movies, and don’t buy a gun. However, I f your choice is to not have a gun, it should have no impact on my choice. My choice is guaranteed by the Constitution. Furthermore, civilian gun owners are not the problem – leftists and criminals are. Criminals with guns will not read or follow your ideal laws and restrictions. Ever. And when leftist judges sentence criminals for gun crimes they go easy on the vast majority of them, letting their violence continue. If you research this topic, you’ll see that gun rights organizations like the NRA have strongly supported much longer punishment for criminals violating weapons laws. But leftist politicians write laws weak on crime, even gun crimes, and leftist judges sentence gun criminals to much shorter time periods than they should. In countries where civilian gun ownership has been eliminated, even more assaults with weapons take place, typically using blade weapons, by criminals who often attack women, the elderly, those less strong, and those overwhelmed by gangs. A gun, on the other hand, makes one capable of defending oneself using a great equalizer, no matter if you are a man, woman, older, frail, or outnumbered. Hunting promotes conservation and places true organic meat on the family table. The shooting sports are exciting and celebrated in peace around the world, as seen in the Olympics and many other national & international shooting competitions by most nations on earth.

        I suggest you respect the US Constitution, and the Constitutional rights of others, no matter your own choices in life. If that’s not something you can tolerate, then you are free to leave the United States, revoke your US citizenship, and live under another nation’s laws & flag. That is, if you are even a US Citizen to begin with. If you are a US Citizen, then vote for Conservative or Libertarian legislators and judges, and protect our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Remember: our Nation was founded, and has developed, based on the principle that all men are created equal. In addition, American’s founders and present day American patriots believe that living by our God-given rights protected by our Constitution, we are free to the pursue happiness defined by our own choices, as long as we don’t adversely affect the Constitutional rights of others. Nobody can take those rights away from you – not even the Government, which is why our nation’s Constitution is worded the way it is.

      6. You’re ignorant Peggy. There is no such thing as “gun” violence. Guns don’t aim and pull their own triggers themselves, people however do these things. We have a PEOPLE problem and not a gun problem so try to stop drinking the far left koolaid and learn to use some common sense if you have any. Humans have used everything available to them including their own extremities, rocks, sticks and etc to harm others since the beginning of our species. So banning firearms won’t do a damn bit of good to protect people.

        Lastly, grow up and learn some respect for our country’s constitution and your fellow man. Our rights are more important than you and your “feelings”. Plus, your behavior is abhorrent and if you don’t like the constitution then get the hell out of the country. At the least if you don’t like these articles you should, I don’t know, NOT READ THEM?!

      7. sweetie – put down the crack pipe and make me a sandwich
        Stop neglecting our children. Will ANOTHER rehab work
        The last 6 didn’t. Stop wasting our savings on crack PLEASE

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