What Happened to Passing Constitutional Carry in Florida? ~ VIDEO Update!

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Florida, USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Everyone is asking: What happened with the passage of Constitutional Carry law in the state of Florida?

The simple answer is Florida politicians dropped the ball for the 3rd year in a row…. failing… once again to pass Constitutional Carry.

Even after Governor Ron DeSantis publicly state he would sign a Constitutional carry bill into law if it made it to his desk this year!

So who is to blame? Turns out it is both parties. Democrats…. well we all know where they stand on gun rights, but most of the blame this year belongs to team GOP.

Wilton Simpson the Senate President, and a Republican, can take most of the blame as he has the most power to move bills, … but remember just a few years ago, he also wrote the Parkland Gun Control Bill?

Others like State Representative Michele Salzman were caught on video saying, and I’m paraphrasing… “that even though she supports constitutional carry, this isn’t the time” not the time wait..what?

If not now then when? 22 states are now on board with Constitutional Carry.

To his credit, Republican Anthony Sabatini of Florida’s 32nd district tried his best to get this passed. He has introduced a Constitutional Carry bill again this year …and for the 3rd time.

You would think, after trying to get Constitutional Carry for Florida residents 2 years in a row, Sabatini’s bill would surely be a slam dunk the 3rd time around, especially in a Legislature with a Republican majority!

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They didn’t drop the ball they purposely killed it.


That’s their playbook, like the house republicans and republicans senators picking up the repeal nfa and remove suppressors knowing it will never go anywhere when they hold minority and sleepy creepy Joe resides at 1600.

Green Mtn. Boy

It would appear that many of Florida republicans are RINO’s rather that Constitutional conservatives.


not appear ARE rinos


mules not rinos not quite a donkey but close


…as they are just about everywhere.


DeSantis’ call for the bill was weak at best “Put it on my desk, I’ll sign it”. That is not a ‘call’ it’s a cop out.


What’s DeSantis supposed to do, light himself on fire? Why aren’t you attacking Marion Hammer & NRA for killing it?

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

Sure thing, Comrade.


if your member of congress doesn’t support or votes against constitutional carry, primary them and get them the hell out of office. use that as a defining statement of their lack of moral and political acumen. fortunately mine does support it.


Did your sheriff support permitless carry?

Have you asked him why the Florida Sheriffs’ Association didn’t lobby for permitless carry?

Did he write Bobby McCallum and ask him to lobby for the legislation?


Maybe some Florida sheriffs need to be voted out of office.


we still have some billy bob control freaks in the south, but people are getting rid of them


Good. Maybe people will do a little research on Gualtieri and Judd before they vote next time.

Last edited 10 months ago by JSNMGC

Republicans are just like the democrats except for a very few. I’m registered as an independent here in Commiefornia. Republicans are too liberal.

Make them sweat for your vote.


Why not ask Sabatini re Hammer’s claims he didn’t request the bill be heard & we should thank Simpson & Brannon?

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

Marion Hammer? The NRA shill? No, sorry wouldn’t trust her at all.


Point is, it’s clearly Hammer & NRA killing Permitless Carry. Why doesn’t Ammoland interview Sabatini for the true story?


Why ignore the root cause? Sabotage by corrupt Marion Hammer-USF-NRA, lies & faux grades to protect those who blocked ConCarry. Hammer told NRA members:

“Groups attacking Pres Wilton Simpson should’ve stood in line to thank him for not hearing 14 gun control bills” Thank saboteurs? No thx. They would’ve been vetoed.

Sabatini’s bill wasn’t heard because he never requested it. (LIE!)

“Rep Chuck Brannan has a solid NRA ‘A’, true friend to gunowners & 2A.” (Who needs enemies?)

F NRAUSF. Request Special Session on Permitless Carry:
[email protected]
[email protected]

You needn’t live in FL. He knows you’re a potential donor

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

Marion Hammer is NOT your friend.