CCI Blazer Named Most Frequently Purchased Handgun Ammo for 2021

CCI Blazer Named Most Frequently Purchased Handgun Ammo for 2021
CCI Blazer Named Most Frequently Purchased Handgun Ammo for 2021

U.S.A.-( CCI’s sub-brand Blazer was recently named the most frequently purchased handgun ammunition brand in Southwick Associates 2021 “Hunting & Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchases Consumer Tracking Study”. Southwick’s yearly survey compiled the feedback of over 11,000 hunters and recreational shooters.

“Once again, CCI is very proud of the continued popularity of Blazer Brass centerfire handgun ammunition,” said Handgun Ammunition Product Director, Mike Holm. “We continue to push to provide consumers with a quality product that performs as well as consumers expect it to. We are also incredibly pleased to see that combined, CCI and Blazer make up more than 14% of handgun ammunition boxes purchased. This shows the large market share that these two storied brands have in our industry.”

In the handgun ammunition purchase survey, CCI and all its other affiliate brands proved to have a strong hold on the overall handgun ammunition market. All brands combined accounted for more than 32% of boxes purchased. Across this wide range of brands and product choices, any shooter is sure to find the perfect handgun ammunition option for practice, hunting, target shooting and self-defense.

Not only is CCI’s Blazer a popular brand for handgun shooters, CCI rimfire ammunition also ranked high in the rifle ammunition category in Southwick’s 2021 survey, accounting for almost 6% of boxes purchased. When it comes to target shooting or hunting with rimfire cartridges, CCI continues to be a top-tier, go-to option for all types of shooters.


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Southwick’s in-depth resources illustrate shopping behaviors, such as where consumers buy, brand preferences, and amount spent. To learn more about the 2021 report, visit

Since 1951, CCI has shaped the industry and served generations of shooters with the most advanced offerings for hunters and shooters. For more information on CCI and Blazer Ammunition, go to Logo

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Dogma Factor

If a company can obtain the resources to manufacturer ammo at a reasonable price it’s guaranteed to fly of the shelf now days.


This is some of the crappiest ammo on the market. I always buy Norma.

Dogma Factor

Congratulations on always finding Norma ammo available for sale. Must be an experience choice as Norma is typically of the more expensive brands. Oh by the way I find that CCI Green Label 22LR is better than Norma’s match 22LR so you may want to give it a try.