Gun Owners of America Issues Statement After Buffalo Shooting

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – -( Gun Owners of America (GOA) released a statement in response to the shooting in Buffalo, New York yesterday, which left ten people dead and three others wounded.

GOA Spokesperson Stephen Willeford—the armed citizen who engaged and put a stop to the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooter (who was also wearing body armor) five years ago—released the following statement this evening:

“This weekend an evil individual murdered innocent Americans in order to ‘becom[e] infamous’ and spread his hateful ideology. Tragically, politicians and the anti-gun media played right into his trap by immediately sowing division and calling for more gun control laws.

New York already has some of the strictest gun control in the nation, which failed to prevent this tragedy. Indeed, this murderer specifically targeted New Yorkers knowing that the state had virtually ‘outlawed’ concealed carry.

As someone who used a firearm to stop a mass murderer, I know that the only thing that can stop an evil person with a gun intent on doing harm, is a good guy or gal with a gun.

I desperately urge the state of New York to recognize the Constitutional right of the people to carry firearms for self-defense before the Supreme Court must force their hand in the coming months, lest another heinous attack occur!

We all mourn these senseless deaths, but I especially want to commemorate the life of the heroic security guard who fired back and gave his life defending others, Aaron Salter.

What happened to Aaron could well have happened to me. That is why I always urge those who carry for self-defense to train often and for all scenarios, including fighting back against those wearing body armor.”

New York already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet they continue to see historic increases in violent crime. Among some of their most radical policies, the State enforces:

  • universal background checks,
  • Red Flag gun confiscation orders,
  • a ban on so-called “assault weapons,”
  • a ban on standard capacity magazines,
    a near impossible to meet “proper cause” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance,
  • and several ammunition controls.

Stephen Willeford and Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, are available for interviews.

About Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over two million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

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On one of the gun forums I frequent, I asked in the thread about this shooting why the off duty officer, when he realized that body shots were ineffective, didn’t transition to taking a head shot. Rather than having a constructive discussion about the matter, people chose to mock the question and act like I had asked what the idiot gun grabbers and anti-police crowd do like “why didn’t you shoot the gun out of his hand?” or “why didn’t you just shoot him in the leg?” It’s sad because it’s a fact that since the North Hollywood bank robbery… Read more »


When you look for information on shootings in “The United States” each media outlet produces different numbers without all the facts. Search engines like google are complacent in pushing the new narrative of “Gun Violence”. A false description as violence is a human factor. This phrase is equal and as illegitimate as Climate Change both are created to project the democratic narrative of control over the masses. The mainstream media releases information differently depending on the race of the attacker. As most educated Americans know and understand black on black assaults are the highest. Democratic controlled states and cities are… Read more »


Democrats work for the global agenda.
The global agenda is socialist and totalitarian.
The global agenda demands a disarmed general population.
Each individual in the general population is expendable.
The global agenda does not care about individuals.
Listen to Klaus Schwab speak about the global vision for the future.
The democrat party works for Klaus. (And Soros)


RINOs like Oz & McCormick work for the Democrat global agenda.


However, the “democrat agenda” does.
The “republican agenda” (TRUMP republican agenda) does not.
That is the reason he is seen as such a threat.


The Trump agenda (Trump) endorses Oz, who does.

Last edited 2 months ago by Russn8r

Well, IF he wins, we will find out IF OZ does or doesn’t.
At this point we don’t really know.


Oz is a child-molesting, gun-grabbing, Turkish citizen.
Trump endorsed the POS. America LAST


I would not have voted for him because of his ties to Turkey, among other things . . . then again, I do not live in PA.


This shooter was on the radar, and the powers that be screwed the pooch again. He threatened to shoot up his high school a year ago, so why wasn’t he Red Flagged at that time? He needed to be in a Psych Unit, not loose on the streets.
His “manifesto” reveals the disturbed mind of a schizophrenic.


Another side of the results. Did you notice how quick the news was to give us the shooters name? Did you see how fast they posted his picture on the TV for all the world to see? It all took place within three hours. How long did it take for us to get the name and picture of the racist mass murdering terrorist that ran down people in a parade? Was he referred to as a terrorist in the first three hours of his action? Was he referred to as a mass murderer? Was he ever referred to as a… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by musicman44mag

The white house disinfo bitch said today “calling the buffalo shooting a mental health issue is to take the focus off the real problem, guns and gun violence”


Would like to know IF the perp was actually hit, and exactly where, to better understand body armor and how we, as Patriots, could attempt to defeat it. All headshots? He was wearing a helmet? Armored helmet? Or plastic football helmet-which WOULD offer the perp reasonably good protection again a glancing 9mm. What do we know??


I heard the store security hit the scum three times but his armor defeated those rounds.


Maybe center of mass ain’t such a great idea for every shot.

Henry Bowman

Every mass shooter in the last 25 years has been a leftist, atheist/humanist, conservative/Christian hating, MK-Ultra mind-numbed wind up robot zombie. ANY time the Dems want to pass gun control, they set loose as many active shooters as they can. This week, they’re deploying one everyday. Arm up and ARMOR UP!!


i have studied the issue myself and found that out of all the mass shootings since Sandy Hook that only one was a republican and all others had either been demoncrap or had demoncrap parents. Your comment is valid.

The reason demonkkkrats want gun control is because they are afraid of themselves.

Henry Bowman

Totally agree, but the lone Republican – if it is who I think you’re referring to – was a lifelong democrat until just 2 months before the crime. I don’t count immediate re-registrations as valid.


This clown was a self-described eco-fascist/socialist.

Racism cannot eliminate racism. It only leads to more racism.

In this case, eco-communist racism led to eco-fascist racism.


0nIy Bernie Ghoetz or Paul Kersey can stop a shooting whiIe it is in progress. PoIice onIy show up to draw chalk Iines around the dead bodies. It is up to the Citizen on the scene to step up, or they will be Iying down in bIood.


Biden seems to always jump on a plane to meet with the victims who can help further his political agenda. I am sure he feels the Buffalo shooting was because of the gun and Not the shooter. Idiocy at its finest!!!!


I think we all know why Biden is in such a hurry to get to Buffalo He is going to trash firearms and White people. Not just the shooter but the entire White race.


What about his disconnect at Dover Air Base with the bodies of our Service Members killed in his Afghanistan Failed Withdraw, looking at his watch as to look like a bother to be there, He is lower than WALE DUNG!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!

Henry Bowman

Not even a president, tbh. Certainly NOT mine, or Snake Plissken!


Where was Aaron Salter’s backup?



Neither party have the power to deal with loan-wolf evil intention, this young man drove several hours to do this evil deed…nobody was able to read his mind accept God himself who allows free choices of evil or good and this idiot decided to kill blacks and create more damage to gun loving American rights


HOW did this WANTON TERRORIST obtain a weapon?!?!


I am awaiting for SCOTUS to state the ANTI-GUNNERS’ TECHNIQUE of making CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY —- IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and MUST be STOPPED! Then I will OBTAIN a holster!


New York is a JOKE. They have virtually every gun control scheme available and still have violence with firearms. Perhaps one day, one enlightened New Yorker will figure out it is not the tool but the user who perpetrates the crime. Hard to believe these dolts can’t see beyond the far left BS.


The dolts already have an answer: “The Congress must enact gun control throughout the states”. Sorry, but we all know, American gun rights will always be held suspect every time there’s an atrocity. Gun rights organizations must always battle, without giving any quarter to any pol or media, the knee jerk tendency to conflate us with criminals.


New York communist / politicians responsible for Buffalo shooting death toll

There, fixed it.


News reports now confirm that this mass shooting is almost a replay of the Nicolas Cruz case in Parkland FL. Law enforcement was well aware of previous threats to a high school by this clown; he was subjected to a ‘5150’ or mental health intervention by directed hospitalization and no action was taken to bar him from possessing firearms. Progressives are very good at ignoring the obvious when they must confront difficult challenges of personal responsibility. It is far easier to blame ‘the system’ or blame society when individual accountability is the real issue. In this case an over legislated,… Read more »


Gun free zones create target rich environments for criminals with evil intent . This is proof of that. New York has failed its citizens with thier hollow gun laws !


Gun control failed. Maybe NY should try banning murder?

Patriot Solutions

Just another false flag (they’re ALL false flags, every one of them) of which many more are coming, especially in crime sanctuary locations.

Yawning now………..


You can print whatever you want there is no condoning what the shooter did in that Buffalo supermarket. Evil and violence is not stopped by signs laws statements after the fact.

Evil people exist in the world yesterday, today. tomorrow always. Could this person have been stopped by a legal gun owner we will never know. Did NYS gun laws there red flag law work here no.

Laws will not stop a person who is intent on committing a violent act on fellow citizens.
Prayers for the families who lost loved ones


gun free zones make for killing fields


True, so why does the NRA insist on poison-pilling every “carry” law in the nation with “gun free” zones?


Because Wayne is still there and he doesen’t care about the armed citizen inly filling his pockets


the shooter chose the site based on gun control laws that benefited him ,disarming people makes them victims


You can not explain the position to democrats in their sanctuary run cities.With most issue raised buy anti gun organizations and state & county run programs it’s all about the money. How much they can collect by infringing on are constitutional rights while the law they pass do nothing to save any lives. They have come to understand the those of us who are in the shooting sports are capable of coming up with the fees that are imposed. Those pandering to the % of voters that expect due diligence from those they supported helping their candidate get elected.Will alway… Read more »


In this particular case every measure was taken by the State of New York to disarm the law abiding citizens victimized. No reasonalble or lawful measure was taken to disarm this clown long before he could do damage. He was previously hospitalized for mental illness evaluation when he threatened to shoot up his high school. Does Parkland come to mind? There is a pattern here that should be evident to informed observers. When you do a ‘5150’ on a nut and take no action you are failing the public trust. So it goes in Buffalo, so it goes in Parkland,… Read more »


I agree with you statement on this guys mental health all the information was in place. If it was not a gun it would have been some other weapon of choice.


We can put blame on all of our GREAT LEADERS as to why each one of these Mass Murders happen, they chose to not clean up the Mental Institutions, they just closed them, thus making it almost impossible to get help or a commitment to do through testing on these people that really need help! Also, the doctor/patient relationship stands in the way of treatment, as the doctors don’t want to push for a committal, for fear of being Suwed for a committal! This all falls back on many of these shooting that everything was on the books, and nothing… Read more »