Steny Hoyer Calls For A Gun Ban At The US Capitol

How "Safe" Are You? The House of Cards That is Gun Free Zones, iStock-490657417
Steny Hoyer Calls For A Gun Ban At The US Capitol, iStock-490657417

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is calling for a ban on firearms at the U.S. Capitol.

The anti-gun Democrat is using an incident of controversial Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina being caught in an airport with a firearm for a second time as an excuse to call for the ban. On Tuesday, the 26-year-old Representative was caught by a TSA agent at Charlotte Douglas International Airport trying to bring a loaded 9mm pistol through a security checkpoint. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department cited Cawthorn with “possession of a dangerous weapon on city property.”

Last August, another TSA agent busted Cawthorn for the first time at Asheville Regional Airport with a loaded firearm. Hoyer claimed to be distressed about Cawthorn’s legal troubles over carrying loaded guns through airport security. The Maryland Democrat claims those incidents prompted him to call for the U.S. Capitol to become a gun-free zone fully.

Washington, DC has a “shall issue” policy concerning concealed firearms permits. Although average citizens are banned from carrying a firearm on federal property, members of Congress can and do carry guns at the Capitol building. Democrats have long pushed for these rules to be changed. Anti-gun Democrats raised the alarm when it was discovered that Republican Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebart would be carrying a gun at the Capitol. Hoyer’s letter seems to be the latest effort by Democrats to get the rules changed.

“I hope that you and your Capitol Police Board colleagues will move swiftly to adopt proposed changes to Police Board Regulations Pertaining to Firearms, Explosives, Incendiary Devices, and Other Dangerous Weapons… to reflect today’s security challenges,” Hoyer wrote to Capitol Police.

Hoyer also wanted to know if the Sergeant-at-Arms’ thought “the Capitol Complex ought to be made a fully gun-free zone.”

This communication is the second letter Hoyer sent to Capitol Police trying to make the Capitol a “legal gun-free zone.” The last time the Congressman used a tweet of a meme that Republican Rep. from Arizona, Paul Gosar, Sent out. The tweet was an anime of Gosar fighting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden.

Hoyer claimed he saw this tweet as a threat against AOC and Biden instead of the joke that Gosar intended. Congress censured Gosar and removed him from his committee positions. Hoyer demanded the “inclusion of language clarifying that firearms are prohibited from committee spaces… Capitol complex dining halls, restrooms, and all other spaces outside of Members’ personal offices.”

Hoyer claimed that armed elected officials are a threat to public safety. He claims to believe that armed members of Congress would be an actual danger to visitors, police, and other politicians. Most gun rights advocates think that Hoyer is using the Cawthorn incident as an excuse to ban guns at the Capitol.

“This matter concerns the safety and wellbeing of every individual who serves in Congress, who works in the legislative branch, who visits his or her representative’s office, who tours the historic U.S. Capitol, and who stands guard here as part of the Capitol Police or other law enforcement agency,” Hoyer stated.

Cawthorn and U.S. Capitol Police didn’t respond to AmmoLand’s request for comment.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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He can request it the constitution says sorry Steny. I have been told never to listen to a democratic politicon as they speak out their ass and crap with their mouths.


I would donate to Cawthorn but he voted for The Big Steal on 1/6. Claims the swamp’s after him but raises $ thru WinRed, which is owned by the “Republican” party & run by Ronna Romney-Delecto. 4% of every $ helps elect RINOs.


Downvoters love RINOs

Bill B

If they ban firearms at the capital thenf that should include disarming the capital police too. Vermin like Steny Hoyer should be deprived of all armed protection if he wants to deprive others from carrying to protect themselves.


This is b/c the typical American is so dumbed down to fight real tyranny they will accept the indoctrinated paradigm of quasi pseudo elected politicians even though it’s already been proven as fact POTUS’s are selected not elected & that the sociocultural norm & intelligence quotient is so low that in this way no politicians will ever face any justice or harm for they’re criminal actions. That’s the precise azimuth path this so called Republic Democracy but really managed by EL-ite class which hides itself sun rosa as aka “Mob Rule” is on. It’s all rigged & has been that… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by Tank

Bunch of pussies!




Downvoters are Oathbreaking POPs: P-words On Patrol.


I already thought it was illegal for us commoners to enter the capitol with a firearm. Did something change or is Steny blowing hot air again?


Will be glad to give MY protection up when ALL Capitol Police and personal protection details are disarmed… Your life, Steny, is NOT more important than mine! ELITIST P.O.S.


Absolutely! Ashley Babbit would be alive today if this were so.


Incessant complaints by the non-gun side. Just wear your weapons up to the point where you are challenged and then more of you do it the next day. It will not take long.



Hoyer is another of the anti-Constitution Leftists who infest the Congress. He represents a district in Leftist Prince George’s County, Maryland which helps explain why someone of his ilk gets re-elected. To note, he was the same way when he was in the Maryland state legislature.

Bill B

He is like so many others that have been there for decades, they are like rotting fish, they need to be thrown out! When are we Americans going to get a gut full and demand TERM LIMITS???

uncle dudley

Why is Hoyer so worried about about a person exercising their god given rights, does he have a guilty conscience or is he just a chicken shit?


I believe it’s a little of both, possibly a little more of the latter because of the way he behaves. Or maybe we should say Chicken Little because everywhere he looks he sees a crisis.


This supports my continuing thought that Steny Hoyer has been a walking talking dolt since his birth.

Green Mtn. Boy

And WTF is a Steny….


Another term for dildo.


“Last August, another TSA agent busted Cawthorn for the first time at Asheville Regional Airport with a loaded firearm.”

A secondary issue here is elected officials who are not trainable.


Banning firearms on government property means that a person has to choose to either interact with their government OR exercise their second amendment right. And, if gun bans worked Steny Hoyer would also be calling to ban Capitol cops from being armed because they wouldn’t need firearms since it’s a gun-free zone.


does that include the capital police who have a history of shooting/killing people, or will they get a carve-out?

Green Mtn. Boy

Wouldn’t it be more useful for the nation to ban Steny Hoyer instead.


or demoncrats in general

Patriot Solutions

Steny is another one of Satans freemasons, LMFAO.

He’ll be triple vaxxed and *boosted* too.


Last edited 19 days ago by Patriot Solutions