SofHold Gun Magnet Tactical Staging Tool ~ VIDEO

Sofhold Gun Magnet
Sofhold Gun Magnet

Idaho – -( Being an Outdoor Writer I obviously hit a lot of shows, receive a lot of press releases on new products, and seem to know about all of the new products hitting the market. Every January as I’m getting ready to start hitting the shows starting off with the Dallas Safari Club Conv. & Expo, then the SHOT, and then the SCI Conv. I fly out thinking well, there can hardly be any new items this year, surely everything has been invented by now.

But every year after working on these three big shows I’m always amazed at all of the new products I see. Granted, since I’ve been doing this for a while I don’t see as many new products as I did 25 years ago, but still, once in a while, I discover a new product and think wow! That’s an ingenious invention. Why didn’t I think of that? The most amazing ones are simple and yet really useful. This was my exact thought when I discovered the SofHold Gun Magnet. What an ingenious idea. Now the Gun Magnet idea is not a new one, but SofHold’s twist on this product is worth a look.

SofHold Gun Magnet

The SofHold Gun Magnet is a SUPER strong magnet encased in some heavy-duty leather. They advertise it as being useful to mount on your nightstand, bed frame, in the cab of your truck, in your four-wheeler, closet, and gun safe as a device to hold your firearm in place. And don’t forget, you could also mount one under your desk or nightstand.

The SofHold Gun magnet comes with three self-tapping screws. I predrilled my holes with a small bit so as not to split the wood on my nightstand but I don’t think that it was really necessary. I’d suggest drilling and screwing it to your desired spot with one screw and then turning the magnet level and drilling the other two holes.

The SofHold Gun Magnet is covered on both sides with a layer of thick leather and sewed together. Since your gun is against the leather you don’t have to worry about your gun getting scratched. Unbelievable but they advertise using them in their four-wheelers and claim to be able to ride in some rough terrain without their gun bouncing lose.

The SofHold Gun Magnet has a 50 lb. force so I can believe them.

A lot of people like to mount them on the wall right inside of their closet. I asked him if it’d hold an AR or a shotgun and he said of course but that it’d be better if you used two magnets on long guns since due to having an unbalanced connecting point it has a tendency to spin around and that two magnets will hold it rock steady.

I’m sure that everyone will have their own must-have application(s) but a few that interest me are under my desk and in my truck. But then upon further thought, I remember decades ago a buddy had moved to a more crime-ridden city. People had cautioned him that he ought to have a gun handily placed in every room of his house in case of a burglary. So get creative. You could have one in your living room under the coffee table, under your kitchen cabinet, the bathroom cabinet, you get my drift, get creative.

The MSRP on the SofHold Gun Magnet is $45.00. As far as designs and colors, they offer five different designs but you can also go the custom route if you want yours stamped for a personal flavor. Most of the five basic designs come in a choice of three colors but one does in six colors.

And lastly, yes, it is made in the good ole’ USA.

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