Hybridlight Mammoth Tactical Light Review

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U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I recently became acquainted with the HybridLight company and have grown quite fond of a few of their products. Today I want to cover their light which they named the Mammoth. Here’s the four areas where it is going to fit into my world.

1. Camping-It will be a great light to use while cooking and while performing camp duties.
2. I will be a great light to use in my tent. If you use a Coleman lantern in your tent at night and tip it over…. The hot lantern will automatically burn a hole in the nylon fabric. Then there’s also the danger of getting asphyxiated.
3. It would be a great light to have for night fishing. It would last all night. And if you’re on a multiple-day fishing trip no biggie, it will get recharged the next day when the sun wakes up.
4. It would be a great light to have when changing a tire in the dark or while working on your truck.

For holding it in position, which is nice if you’re by yourself, it has two magnets on the bottom so you can stick it on your truck while working. For use in your tent or while performing camp chores, it has a fold-out hook on bottom so you can hang it up or dangle it by a string. It also has a flex head that bends 120 degrees so as to be able to point the beam in the right spot where you’re working.

At first blush, I thought that it may be a little long and a little too heavy for backpacking, but then I compared it to my favorite high beam flashlight, which is 9.2 oz. The HybridLight Mammoth is only 8.5 oz. so I guess I will be taking it backpacking with me, especially because it has so many great features. Such as you can charge your other electronic device off of it. Think about how many electronic gizmos we use now. Cell phones, cameras, GPS, 2-way radios and other lights, etc.

To charge the HybridLight Mammoth, you have three options:

1. Fold-out 2-prong 110 V ability.
2. Micro USB for rapid charging.
3. Solar panel.

How cool is that? To charge other devices, just flip up the tab on the front to plug in the cord. Oh, and after it has been charged, they claim that it will hold a charge for 7 years!

To operate the light is simple. One push of the button and the main light panel turns on. Click it again, and the flashlight beam turns on (Located on the head of the device). You can run the main panel for up to 18 hours which throws out 400 lumens. The flashlight can run for 35 hours, throwing out 150 lumens.

The MSRP on the HybridLight Mammoth is $69.95, and as is usual, we will close with the company comments.

“The Mammoth Multi Light is a versatile, rugged, and multifunctional workhorse that’s perfect for all the grease monkeys or outdoorsmen out there. Equipped with our rechargeable design, its always ready for you whether you recharge this beast with solar or direct power.

Its water resistant and the LED shines incredibly bright at 400 lumens. The juicy 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery can provide up 35 hours of light as a 150-lumen flashlight and up to 18 hours as an area light on one full charge (that same battery holds a charge for 7 years, so don’t worry about putting it on the shelf).

You can also charge your mobile devices with the USB port. It features a Micro USB port for rapid charging or you can simply use any light source to keep your Mammoth charged through its built-in solar panel.

Lastly, the Mammoth includes a built-in and retractable 110/220 wall plug for charging while at home.
The Mammoth also has a rotating magnetic base and a 120-degree “flex head” allowing total access for when you need light the most. This bad boy is 9” in length and 8.5 oz”.


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Tom Claycomb

Tom Claycomb
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Looks like a cool light. No link? It would be helpful to know where it’s made, likely China. Amazon has ’em slightly cheaper.