UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit

UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit
UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit iStock-506447800

U.S.A.-( United Parcel Service is terminating the accounts of gun dealers. Any packages currently in the UPS system may be “seized and destroyed.”

In a letter sent to one Florida gun dealer, Ghost Firearms, UPS said they were terminating the account because they “may be violating” laws concerning homemade firearm parts.

“We write to inform you that UPS has learned that your company may be violating applicable laws concerning the shipment of “ghost guns” to unauthorized locations,” the letter states. “In light of our concern, UPS has determined that it will cancel your account, effective immediately.”

Ghost’s owner, Joe Zatar was told all scheduled pickups will be canceled, and that he cannot reopen another UPS account or ship anything from a UPS store or website.

He is most concerned about the packages already in the UPS system, which he may have already lost.

“Please note that any package found in the UPS system determined to have been tendered by GHOST FIREARMS may be seized and destroyed,” the letter states.

“I just shipped more than $30,000 worth of products,” he said.

Zatar immediately called his UPS sales rep, who said he had no idea the account was terminated.

Ghost Firearms sells uppers, lowers, handguards and OEM parts for a number of manufacturers. They also sell 80% receivers.

“We do not ship to states where they’re not allowed,” Zatar said. “We are in total compliance. We had ATF in here just two weeks ago, and they told us we were completely legal.”

Retail giant Brownells told their customers in a Facebook post on Friday that they too were terminated by UPS.

“Heads up! UPS has made the decision to no longer accept Brownells packages,” the post states. “We are working to put an email together to send to customers who have their account defaulted to UPS, or who have open orders with UPS selected as the carrier.”

Brownells did not specify in their post the reason why UPS terminated their account.

UPS’ Media Relations personnel did not return calls or emails seeking comment for this story.

Photo courtesy Ghost Firearms

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Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

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Wild Bill

If one’s package is seized and destroyed, one has a civil claim against UPS for way more that the value of the goods destroyed or seized. UPS has created evidence against themselves in the form of their letter. UPS is foolish.


While Ghost Guns sues the shit out of UPS they need to start using FedEx in the interim. UPS says GG’s “may be” in violation of existing laws ? This BS after the scumbags over at ATF assured GG’s they were in full compliance ? I’m never going to use UPS again !


UPS has no right to destroy property that belongs to the customers.
They have to take good care of the package and not destroy it.

Dr. Strangelove

Time to dump UPS. It’s getting hard to keep track of all of the woke companies that I no longer want to do business with.

Dubi Loo

Yes it is difficult. The link is for a list (I find helpful) provided by our friends at the Citizens Comittee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


UPS is not, and should not be, in the law enforcement business,


This should be an opening for the NSSF to launch multi-lawsuits. While they’re at it, gun makers and importers could aim to use USPS. If diamond dealers and precious metal dealers trust USPS registered mail, so could the gunmakers.

Last edited 4 months ago by Wass

There are other shippers out there UPS will be sued and loss they have no right to destroy packages that someone has payed for. WOKE return to sender.


Wont be using UPS anymore, for anything.
“Get Woke, Go Broke”

The other Jim

Yes. The UPS Stock is at about $185 per share now. Strangely, when Dicks Sporting Goods destroyed $5,000,000 in inventory (rifles) and stop selling rifles (a Sporting Goods Store with no Rifles is laughable) their Stock was around $33-$35 per share; profits dropped by about 6% and their stock stagnated for a while. In August 2021 Dicks stock was about $141 and now about $78 per share. I have never bought anything from Dick’s again, but many people forget.


they sold part of the business to raise money so with this cut off of customers bet there is a startup that just transports guns then becomes big and turns brown into a shit stain on history, for now fedex is all that is left


I had a friend who drove for UPS 20-25 years ago. At the time Washington State was just starting the medical pot experiment but it had not been voted legal yet. Some indoor growers started bypassing their electric meters, not only were they growing an illegal substance they were thieving power. The utility providers and the cops needed help so what did they do? Called UPS! UPS trained their drivers to be on the lookout for multiple deliveries from “grow shops”, listen for the distinct buzz the lights transformers make, trained them how to use their olfactory skills identifying the… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Bigfootbob

I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that letter (if it’s genuine) establishes intent to commit widespread theft of goods moving in interstate commerce – conspiracy, if you will. If they follow through, even RICO charges against the executive management of the company may be possible, and the CEO and board may be doing a perp walk, shackled and in orange jumpsuits. And if they figure they’re safe from the Justice Department because Merrick Garland is the current AG and is no more interested in enforcing criminal law than some local DAs like George Gascon and San Francisco’s… Read more »


with demorags running things????


Go woke. Go broke.


Well so UPS is going to be the left arm of the ATF and seize what doesn’t belong to them, I hope they end up in court and are sued out of business for their gotta be unlawful actions, I sure will never do business with them ever again for any of my shipping needs. That is such bullshit.


Seems like a class action lawsuit as well as other actions are in order


typical left. I have the same problem searching information from google.


use duck duck go the commies have not gotten there yet


I do on my computer but for some reason on my phone whenever I change it away from google, nothing works. I don’t get all the information that is out there. I search things on google and then when I buy it, I use duck duck.

Thanks for the advice, have a great day.


your phone is android? that is google


Yep. I have been fighting going to an I phone but I am so fed up with it that I might make the change on the next phone.

Tired of being tracked every time I take my phone somewhere. Yes the tracker is off and I do not have the cloud on.


you have to put phone in rfid wallet


Maybe because you do not have your phone set in driving mode. Isn’t it ironic that the reason they don’t want us to text and drive is because it is dangerous but yet they text you to distract you from your driving? No common sense or maybe they wanted to record that you picked up the phone while driving proving that you do text and drive. There are all kinds of stuff they do with these phones we don’t even know about. My phone tells me every month how many miles I drove, how many states I was in, how… Read more »


I get the same thing when I go somewhere on vacation. I use my computer and it tells me the weather where I am at, then I go somewhere else and it gives me the weather report for where I was until I look up something to find or do in that town. Then it all changes.

I have a phone with a different state phone number. That is lots of fun too. Almost all my spam calls come from kommiefornia.


google is the default search engine for most devices today but it can be bypassed. i switched over to the Firefox browser with Bing as my engine.
i despise Google and their intrusive snooping.
Duck Duck Go is clean but lacks rich sources.

Bob K

I agree that this smells a little fishy. UPS can’t legally seize or destroy your legally shipped package, that’s plain theft. Also, are they seizing packages just because of whom it’s shipped from? UPS doesn’t rip open packages to see what’s in it as far as I know. Hopefully we’ll get updates to this story.

Henry Bowman

Doom on UPS!!


UPS is a world economic fund partner working for you to be a slave.

ups is an enemy within, a traitor to the U.S. and has signed on with the “you will own nothing and like it” nazis

don’t do business with them


from ups website UPS does not accept automatic weapons, including machine guns, for shipment, either domestically or internationally. UPS does not accept firearms (including handguns) and firearm parts for shipment internationally. UPS does not accept firearms (including handguns) and firearm parts for shipment domestically unless (1) such shipments are in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, including, without limitation, age restrictions; (2) such firearms, including any partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frame or receiver (as defined by 27 CFR § 478.12) have been identified and bear a serial number in a manner that complies with federal law;… Read more »





Another three-letter-agency.


You sure about that?


noun: rouge

  1. a red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips.
  • another term for jeweler’s rouge.

verb: rouge; 3rd person present: rouges; past tense: rouged; past participle: rouged; gerund or present participle: rouging
color with rouge.
“the makeup artist rouged my cheeks”


Lol. I thought it didn’t look right but I was busy and didn’t think it was that important and that anyone would get my point. Lol. Rogue. Got it.

Have a good one.


It isn’t just UPS that does this. Ford’s GPS navigation system can’t find firearms stores. If you head to a city and ask for directions, it gives you anything but what you ask for. In Columbia, MO, a request for Target Masters returns Target or Storage Masters. In Columbia, SC search for Palmetto State Armory and get a bank.
Try it. You won’t like it.


culture at ford is anti gun , in ww2 they produced bombers but not the weapons on them ,gm made tanks and machine guns, henry ford said he was pro rights but look at what the company did to workers no would not expect company to be pro rights


I wonder how a delivery service can accept packages and receive payment under a contract to deliver them, and then decide that it can take possession of those packages, and possibly destroy them, EVEN if a law is being broken. This sounds like something that the justice system, and not a delivery service, needs to rule on, I think.


If this is true then the most immediate action would be to cease ALL business activities with UPS and most importantly companies which do business with UPS. Of course when we buy something online, we meaning all of us, we will need to check with the seller to determine if they use UPS as a carrier, and if so, tell them we will not do business with companies which support UPS. Yes, it will create a little extra work on our part however sending a sharp and clear message to UPS in a matter as critical as this is far… Read more »


UPS just took a giant bite of liability. Have fun getting sued into the ground and made ripe for FedEx buyout.


Finally the commie UPS gets the light shown on the hammer and sickle of the Socialism Propaganda Unitos

Papa J

UPS has been anti-gun for a long time. I’m old enough to remember when they raised shipping costs on firearms. Reason given? They could not stop their employees from stealing guns that were in transit! So as usual we, the consumer were forced to bend over and ………. pay the extra charges! Thought I was gonna say something else huh?! Screw UPS!!!

Last edited 4 months ago by Papa J

UPS seizes $30k worth of product from one vendor. It sounds to me a little like interstate grand larceny. If only the FBI were not politicized and actually did their jobs.


Fake news. Just my opinion, but there are too many issues with this “single-source” letter to take seriously: (Pasted from another forum) “The letterhead on the copy I’ve seen posted on-line could easily be created by anyone on any one of a bunch of word processing programs. In my experience, a major business terminating a contract (an account is a contractual relationship) for what amounts to cause, especially with a commercial client, would write a more focused and formal letter. Typically the provisions of the account (contract) supporting the unilateral termination for cause would be cited or at least referred… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by tsimpson

Agreed- this tends to look like a phishing email; “Dear Customer- your account has issues and we have frozen access. Please click the link below (on a server located in Fuckustan) where our dedicated agents are ready to steal your info. Sincerely, The Customer Service Team”


Sorry but UPS refuses to transport firearms and only FedX will ship them from the sales point to an FFL or from a postal point to the maker of the gun for repairs. UPS has been antigun for at least 9 years that I know of since I started buying guns via the internet. They ship parts and bullets and powder but not guns.


Not here on the left coast of OreGONEISTAN, anywhere on the coast that I know of.


The article is not talking about shipping guns; it’s about gun parts and accessories…


Ok, that is even worse then. I wonder when they will stop shipping ammo or powder?