White House Moves to Chip Away PLCAA

By Larry Keane

White House Press Room iStock-1021174468
White House Press Room iStock-1021174468

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- The Biden administration is zeroing in on repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), and White House officials are enlisting help from antigun state lawmakers to do it.

The White House released a read-out of a meeting held by Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Senior Advisor to the President and White House Intergovernmental Affairs Director, with other White House officials and ten state lawmakers from New York, Delaware, California, and Illinois. The meeting was “to discuss how states are leading the way in efforts to hold gun manufacturers accountable.”

The Biden administration is putting full efforts behind states to do all they can to undermine, challenge, and work to repeal the PLCAA. That’s the bipartisan federal law that prevents frivolous lawsuits against members of the firearm industry for the criminal and unlawful misuse by remote third parties of lawfully sold firearms.

California Dreaming

The meeting came on the same day California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a state law to allow private citizens to bring lawsuits against Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) and privately-made firearm manufacturers and retailers anywhere in the country.

“It’s time to put them on the defense,” Gov. Newsom said. “You cannot sell, you cannot manufacture, you cannot transfer these illegal weapons of war and mass destruction in the state of California. And if you do, there are 40 million people that can collect $10,000 from you and attorney fees for engaging in that illegal activity.”

Gov. Newsom’s law was drafted in reaction to a Texas law that allows private parties to sue over abortion. His assertions that MSRs and privately-made firearms are “illegal weapons of war” is dubious at best. California’s ban on MSR sales to adults under 21 was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in May. The U.S. Supreme Court sent back to the Ninth Circuit a case challenging California’s standard capacity magazine ban for “GVR” – or for a grant, vacate, and remand – following the Bruen decision that struck down lower courts’ use of the unconstitutional application of the “interest-bearing” test.

N.Y. State of Mind

California isn’t alone in passing laws to drag firearm manufacturers into court. New York’s disgraced former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a similar law earlier this year. NSSF is challenging that law. Of course, he’s also the one who infamously promoted these lawsuits against the industry in the 1990s as a “death through a thousand cuts” when he was part of the Clinton administration. Delaware’s Democratic Gov. John Carney signed a similar law, bowing to pressure to support The White House as President Joe Biden’s home state.

This is no surprise. President Biden called firearm manufacturers “the enemy” from the debate stage during his White House run. He’s also repeatedly been called out for spreading lies about what PLCAA does and doesn’t do. The PLCAA simply codifies basic tort law. Prior to the law being signed in 2005, there were dozens of politically motivated junk lawsuits chiefly filed by an unholy alliance of mayors from crime ridden cities, lawyers from Handgun Control Inc, rebranded the Brady Center, and greedy trial lawyers. The PLCAA largely put a stop to these junk lawsuits that sought to bankrupt the industry, blaming us for their failure to stop crime. Gun control zealots continue to file lawsuits to challenge the PLCAA that has even been defended as Constitutional by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It’s worth noting that nothing in The White House’s discussions about accountability for crimes committed with firearms involves actually holding criminals accountable. That’s telling when the U.S. Sentencing Commission just released a report that showed nearly 90 percent of convicted felons that illegally used a firearm were already prohibited from possessing one in the first place. None of these proposals or state laws actually enforces the law to protect communities from criminals.

This is political blame-shifting and scapegoating. The PLCAA isn’t the obstacle. The White House’s distaste for the law shows that it isn’t the law they don’t like. It’s the Constitution.

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No guns, parts, warranties, service…..and NO AMMO!!! However, there are international sources. NSSF should be coordinating this action. Where are you NSSF in supporting the 2A??


It is mistifying that the NSSF has stood on the sidelines and watched their rabid enemies take the gun industry apart piece by piece. They by their own inaction are allowing the industry they are supposed to represent be eliminated. Who does the NSSF represent?


NSSF: Quislings “NEUTRAL” on “Safer Communities” betrayal of 2A-4A-5A-etc Praised RINO ‘deal’ cutters & provisions but kept plausible deniability (‘reservations’) “NSSF works with ATF against illegal straw purchases” “We partner with law enforcement” “Congress must get serious about enforcing the laws” “NSSF worked with Cornyn & Murphy to pass FIX NICS…resources to states, compel fed agencies to submit disqualifying records to FBI NICS so it works as intended. Since NSSF started this effort in ’13, disqualifying mental health submissions rose 270% to 6m” (e.g. VETS with file notes) Calls ATF “our federal partners”, gives F-all about 1st Principles. “Safer Communities” trashed… Read more »


Perhaps we need to start focusing on encouraging our family and friends to start stepping up, TOGETHER, beginning with their city council meetings, then the County Commissioner meetings. Paying close attention to the minutes of the past meetings and paying closer attention to the present and future agendas and then speaking out, (AFTER being fully informed of the issues at hand), Then the State and Federal levels during these “Town Hall” meetings where these officials usually feed you THEIR agenda rather than seeking the voice and the needs of their constituents. For some odd reason WE, The People have been… Read more »


It worked against “big tobacco”.


Difference was that tobacco actually harms user and sellers advertised it as safe, while doing their best to hide addictive nature and health risks.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advertisement claiming that being shot is harmless. Admittedly gun companies do not widely advertise addictive nature of buying guns, but they don’t do anything to hide it.



stop selling guns to atf, fbi and marshalls service. Stop selling guns to any fed agency….doe, irs, capitol police

stop selling guns to ANY agency or individual officer in ca, ny, ct, ma, or, dc etc..

Way past the point of wanting the gun manufacturers I SUPPORT to pick a side.


The Billion dollar question is……….will the firearms industry support the peoples rights or the tyrants power?

ALL firearms companies should STOP SELLING ANYTHING to every police agency and individual officers in those commie states. Cancel their warrantees, no guns, no parts no service.

Be principled like Ronnie Barrett.

In fact…….stop doing business in those states entirely and MAKE PEOPLE SEE THE EMPTY SHELVES AND WAKE THE F’ UP!


I wish every firearm manufacturer had the same ethics as Ronny Barrett! He told California to shove their business where the sun doesn’t shine!


No guns, parts, warranties, service…..and NO AMMO!!! However, there are international sources.


“You cannot sell, you cannot manufacture, you cannot transfer these illegal weapons of war and mass destruction in the state of California. “

Fine. All should do exactly that, including selling and transferring any weapons to law enforcement.


Both this and the assault weapons ban have been pulled. Not enough votes!


Give them time, it’s not November yet!


If they repeal we should all sue spoon manufacturers and food producers for making people obese, car companies for drunk drivers, Congress state and national for BLM activities, etc. Gun manufacturers have no liability for end users actions, especially after the end users either stole or bought the weapons approved by fbi checks! Sue the fbi for every approved mass murderer!

Also, gun manufacturers should cease ALL SALES to every government agency should it be repealed.


Congressman should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors.


That would be a lot of Soros and Bloomberg emblems!


What ever happened to making criminals responsible for their actions? Let’s include these lawmakers as well, for passing gun laws that criminals ignore and don’t work. Dems always want to blame someone but never look in the mirror.


It is a gross fraud, waste and abuse of taxdollars by passing frivolous and unconstitutional “laws”.


It is time to hold the Biden Administration accountable for its lawless actions. Let’s start with the border then start asking where and what have they done with the money taken from the taxpayers for the covid relief fund which is in the billions.
More of the same Democrats are the thiefs in the night that continue to disgrace the American way of life. The constitution means nothing to the elite political deepstate who are destroying our country.

We are being assaulted by the elected November will tell all.


ANYBODY that carries a DD-214 with the word “HONORABLE” on it and / or retired LEO’s with credentials that want to do something on the border, GET IN TOUCH! I and others have been on the Texas border for going on 11 years straight PLUS and that is after doing border ops with the two heavily failed “Minuteman” groups that screwed up EVERYTHING in the way of garnering any donations or funds to operate down here. Bu! The bottom line, if you are NOT professionally trained and have your credentials, don’t bother. See http://facebook.com/F.O.B.Harmony but send your e-mails to [email protected]… Read more »

Last edited 17 days ago by USMC0351Grunt

Beyond ridiculous. We need a regime change now that takes us back to being a republic.